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a current affair lemon laws tonight

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by stanga169, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. wont name them but if your looking to buy a bike or anything else from a shop next to bikemart that may have an italian connection think wisely
    not a good look at all
    but then again it is a current affair

  2. Wife called me in to watch the segment when she saw the motorbike.

    The editing kept cutting the guy's answers off at inopportune moments, or jumped in mid-sentence so you had no idea of the pretext to the statements that we then got to see. In short, if you want to make someone look bad, put them in an awkward situation (like this was) and then edit the crap out of their replies.

    I honestly have no idea what the sales guy is really like, other than the editing work made a really obvious effort at trying to portray him as the bad guy. He might be, or he might not be, but f*ck it was obvious that CA was trying hard to make him look like a sleaze.
  3. No offence to the guy who bought the car, but come on...

    A Citroen?
  4. thats what i mean by "its a current affair" who know what really happened
    but where there is smoke there is fire to use a really inappropriet pun
  5. See that's why I feel like I've become smarter for NOT watching ACA.

    It's all so goddddaaaaaammmmnnnnnnn crrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaapppppp.

    The guy might suck or it might be complete bullshit, no smarter after having watched ACA that's for damn sure :LOL:
  6. A1 Motorcycles in Ringwood won't be happy to have their storefront on screen.
  7. free publicity for BIKEMART who are great by the way
  8. I know at least 5 people that have had troubles with A1, me included, 6 months to get stock i ordered only to have it be the wrong part, and have other parts just forgotten about!

    Also went there for advice when first buying a bike only to be told "How long is a piece of string" to every question i asked by Glen and told to come back when i have some money and he'll find me a bike..
  9. So am I the only one who laughed at the owner for buying a Benelli then being outraged by the wait on parts?

    Seriously... :roll:
  10. i dont think laughing at the owner will help. Not knowing the full situation but im tipping if u paid a lot of money for something which u thought was ur pride and joy{which im tipping is most of us bike owners} would u want all ur mates or fellow bike riders taking the piss out of u . I think not
  11. its traditional to take the piss out of owners of exotic bikes.
  12. Derick used to frequent this forum and from meeting him a few times i dont think he is a numb nut.The bike is more than likely a shit heap and his comments are more than likely true,i hope hegets it sorted then sells it.As for A1 when i was looking for a bike they tried to sell me a 98 zx9 that he said was in perfect condition (with a really noisy cam chain) at well over what the bike was worth.So after a chat said no thanks and bought my bike elsewere
  13. I would like to have seen that story as I purchased an Aprilia Tuono from that store in April 2008 and it was back in their service area for 6 weeks. After i got it back I had it for 2 months and then it started doing it again. Well, they have now had it another two weeks and are reluctant to give it back to me as they do not know what is causing the problem.
    It will happen, go away for a little whilel, then happen again.

    I have bought the lemon of the century.
  14. hmmmm, I pretty sure I saw your bike on one wheel on it's way down to PI!
    :p :p

    Just joking of course, on a serious note, did you check the kms before you took it in?
  15. I completely turn off when it becomes apparent that the journalists/documentary-makers are doing that kind of thing to a story.

    Editing a discussion to take things out-of-context.
    Lies through omission (and closely related, implying the "truth").
    Leading questions.
    Emotional language.

    Basically anything that was ever included in the Frontline TV series.

    I don't care how much of a genocidal madman they really are (or aren't) - You can do anything with manipulative editing, and I've seen too many 'documentaries' where history itself was rewritten just to ruin one person's reputation for a 'good story'.
  16. Knowing the history of Derek and the Benelli - his problems were understated. It never made it out of the store to the first set of lights before it was back in the shop for a major warranty claim. It's had to have major surgery several times and is actually much worse than was stated.

    Still, you buy a lemon-coloured bike what do you expect? :p

    Similarly - Citro(e)n is French for lemon - personally I think they were tempting fate... :LOL:
  17. While its nice to know if there are any 'dodgy' stores around, I wouldn't trust ACA or Today Tonight to tell me whats dodgy or not.

    Garbage shows that push biased crap on idiots too stupid to think for themselves.

    I always loved that scene in frontline, they go to get footage of a 'dodgy' guy, who then opens the door wide and invites them inside to discuss the matter they wanted to interview him about. Back in the editing room "Now look he opens the bloody door for us here, thats no good!"
    "Yeah but watch this...we play the footage backwards......Bam, the bastard slams the door in your face!"
  18. The worst thing about ... well, the entire state of the world, really... was that the only difference between Frontline and ACA or Today Tonight is that one of them is listed in the TV guide as a satire. :?
  19. I didn't see the article but if they interviewed someone from Bikemart as an "expert witness for the prosecution" you can bet the publicity wasn't free.

    Most articles on ACA are sponsored by someone even if the financial transaction disappears.

    Watch next time they do an article on obesity (for example). You can bet they will have on an expert from a particular company that supplies weight loss pills or fitness etc.

    The broadcast commission needs to look closely at these article and make the program declare any sponsors and enforce it.
  20. And don't forget the number of times they've run articles about how great the latest "miracle cure" is - only to expose it as a scam 6 months later.

    A good example was that "the secret" BS they were promoting at one stage as the greatest thing ever - Channel 9 even devoted an entire block of prime-time to a special on it. Only a short time later ACA was running articles about how the promoters had lied and deceived people out of their money (conveniently overlooking their role in its promotion).

    Even more interesting is the fact that TV execs. obviously have so little regard for their audience that they don't think they'll notice - which for the most part is probably true. Explains why ACA/TT are still running, advertisers know anyone dumb enough to watch those shows must be gullible enough to buy anything.