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Featured A Current Affair (Ch 9) - the "war" between cars and motorbikes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bjpitt, Feb 4, 2015.

  1. ACA is about to have another BS story on the "war" between cars and motorbikes tonight...

    I hate ACA, but I will watch it just to remind myself what a crock of sh t this show is.
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  2. If anything its the war between cyclists (lycra brigade) and everyone else!
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  3. HAH! They dramatise it by showing Russian bike crashes at the end... Was that meant to fool people into thinking thats the streets of Australia?
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    Do people still watch free to air?

    For what its worth Tracy Grimshaw is a beast! I spew in my mouth a little every time I see her rancid head!
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  5. Yep, looks like they spent two minutes researching for that segment....
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  7. Mate the sad thing is that yes, it does fool the great unwashed that actually watch and believe this drivel!!
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  8. Sounds like the typical overhyped load of shit that ACA normally airs. I'm with Jaytee on this one its those MAMIL's up here in the hills that are complete cocks riding three, four and sometimes five abreast uphill on blind fecking bends.
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  9. That was ACA I thought I was watching another episode of worlds worst drivers "Russia"
  10. Anybody got a link to the video? I don't normally watch ACA (or TT for that matter).
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  11. Sounds like* perfect material for Mediawatch.

    *I'm not going to waste time watching it myself.
  12. All the motorcycle crashes were from overseas, on the right hand side of the road. The only one from Australia was that media guy, but that was a scooter.
  13. Just a little counter to the anti Tracy Grimshaw coments.They did a story a couple of years back about Tracy getting to know Whaine Gardner,and him convincing here to get a bike lisance.She then signed up for a Track Day at Eastern Creek with Whaine showing her the ropes.So out she goes and does a resonable job as a newby hitting 140 down the straight.And it ends with Whaine doubling her on a lap with a mic on for her comments.The comments ended up her screaming her lungs out.Wish I had keep the tape,its great veiwing.
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  14. Grimshaw is a puppet, she just gets told what to read.
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  15. I watch free to air, but not commercial... Except for footy and cricket.
  16. Sort of a side track little rant here - but don't you hate the fact that 7 and 9 have both entended their news slots and actually advertise what will be on them the day before. FFS, that is not news! "Tomorrow on the news...." Bullshit!

    Mini-rant over, thanks...:banghead:

    FWIW - don't watch any of it, just see these bloody ads when watching cricket/tennis!
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  17. Dunno about the new bloke, but the previous MW presenter was a fully fledged motorcycle-hater. He'd swallowed the TAC/VP/DoJ handbook and could recite the it word for word and bullshit stat for bullshit stat.
    As long as you've got the media going to opportunistic (and vindictive) organisations like these, they'll always come back with a hostile viewpoint.
  18. That show is rubbish. But what's worse is the vast amount of people that watch that show and buy into it!