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VIC A current afair: speeding motorcyclist on Frankston East link Fwy 6/10/11

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by robsalvv, Oct 7, 2011.

  1. Did anyone see the bulletin on A current affair about the motorcyclist recording him/herself doing 250km/h on the freeway? He/she youtubed it.

    At least the article only gave shit to the one motorcyclist rather than all of us.

    Any thoughts?
  2. I wanna turn up my speedo healer to display 300kph at 80kph and ride through the Sydney harbour Tunnel at night, speed up the video a bit and see if they bite.
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    Must've been stuck in third :p
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  4. My thoughts were that A Current Affair didn't have much to tell last night...

    Yeah the guy was lane splitting over 150kph in moderate traffic hitting 250kph and a few times passing in either emergency lane...
    They also showed donuts in utes and sedans but with no confirmation that it was same person although same youtube account...
    Then they filmed showing this to a top cop and a road expert... blah blah blah....

    One good thing I suppose was that it seemed to be all about this individual rather than branding all riders and it was also clear that this person doesn't seem to have been caught yet....

    You would think showing this will encourage more of the same by some rather than deter....
    Better not showing IMO....
  5. Yeah just like Dawn Frasers Foot thingy, no proof it works and she is getting paid so better not to show it, it was just a big advertisement.
  6. Yep I saw it, What a f@$%n fool.
    I've been a deer hunter for 40 years, and same thing , a few bad apples, and your all branded the same,with more restrictions placed on the lawful, which only the lawful will follow.
    With deer hunting now, and especially within the ADA (Australian Deer Hunting Association )It's finally getting through to fellow hunters that you need to report these fools to the authorities, instead of turning a blind eye.
    Sure we all love the speed and abilities of our bikes,and push it, but we also have our families out there also.
    OK. had my 2 cents worth, anyone wants to get up in arms over my comments then your probably the ones we need off the road .
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  7. I did....Not a good representation but oh well....
    Those who missed can see it here:

    Select Hoon Video shock from list of videos on right..
  8. I would like to add another thing that came to mind....

    That how typical is it to have this sort of rubbish plasted on TV right in the middle of a lot of pro motorcycle efforts (smidsy push, Blackburn submission, enquiry into motorcycling, etc...)
    I sometimes wonder if MURAC, TAC, Vicroads, etc have some sort of input into the timing of some of this so they can continue and justify their ways over the people putting in their alternative submissions...
  9. i lold watching that because i've done worse....
  10. and they appeal to the public to identify the person

    so all the cars he passed - no one took the rego plate because they were not offended ?
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  11. You can stop wondering, TAC definitely use the weight of their advertising budget to induce media outlets to run complementary stories. Very often it comes in the form of a press release which is published almost verbatim.

    Most government departments, and many corporations, work in this way. TAC has a huge budget so it has a lot of power. Vicroads and VP have much less, and MUARC none, but TAC will push their barrow for them.

    FWIW I don't think the story in the OP is a TAC plot this time, probably just coincidental and thought to be newsworthy. It happens often enough.
  12. Is it just me or did it really not look like his speedo matched his approaching/passing speed relative to the cars?

    Compared to Ghost Rider clips and err uhh an educated guess, it really looked like he didn't get past 150.
  13. Good idea - make sure you get overtaken by cars when it shows 300
  14. More race tracks should get more of these hoons off the streets. No one wants to travel 2 hours to the closest race track, and no one wants to spend exuberant amounts of money to do a few laps.............................the government wants to demonize but wont provide enough places to cater for people who want to hone their skills and enjoy their machinery....................

    What does the government do instead?.................close down race tracks and make it difficult for people to start up a track through planning restrictions.................
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  15. So the ADA have asked you all to be a bunch of dobbers?

    I agree that if the laws get tightened up all are impacted - I'm not an advocate for the Hoon laws - despite the Hansard references Justus has put up showing the justifications from the pollies for the laws. I think the laws are an example of populist politics of the edges to justify increased powers - it's a slow march towards turning anything remotely unbeige into pariah status.

    The greatest danger to road users is the other sheeple road user - not hoons. Having said that, the rider has broken a bunch of the more reasonable well meaning road laws and my guess will be most likely dealt with soon. TMU is super focussed on Frankston hoons.
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  16. if the act of speeding kills which has been told to all of us many times, then why didnt he die?

    u mad TAC/VICPOL? haha.
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  17. Coz the unmarked patrol car couldn't get close enough to pull a u-turn in front of him.
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  18. I was thinking the same thing...he alive FOOL!
  19. Hey I have an idea, maybe you could just shoot them. Cuts out the middle man and you'd actually be shooting at something that shoots back. Just food for thought.
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