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A curious observation

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by TRA, Jul 28, 2011.

  1. After 10 years of riding bikes and scooters in peak hour traffic, I have become immune to being cut off. Its pretty much a regular occurance, and not it does not really bother me. Depending on the situtation, I usually either give the finger or death stare unless I get some sign of an apology from the driver.

    One thing I have noticed however, is that often a car will cut you off, so you get on the horn to get the drivers attention. Then they see you, you look at them, they look at you and then they keep merging? WTF? And to top it off they are sometimes trying to apologise whilst they keep merging into you?

  2. There was another thread here that summed up the average motorist's attitude:

    "Do you think your time is more valuable than mine?"

    Pretty much says it all really.
  3. ha TRA I was just about write a thread like this myself - as a daily commuter I am often able to shake this off but today an old tool in an aurion decided that if he looked at me and merged into me it would be fine because I would move. The game of chicked started and I had to concede. Eventually managed to get beside the guy who said that he didn't see me nor hear my horn. I seriously need to purchase some weapons.
  4. It's a Sydney thing. This happens at least once a week to me because I commute on multi-lane roads. My theory is this:

    In Sydney as a car driver you need to be a little aggressive to change lanes. You take half a gap. Put on your indicator and "force" the car at the rear to make room for you. Mostly it is fine, but it has become part of the driving culture in Sydney.

    Now along comes a bike. Initially you think it's half a gap, so away you go. Then you realise it's a bike, but you've got to get over right? So you keep going. That's the way it's done.

    The thought that you've put the motorcyclist into a life and death situation never enters your head.
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  5. I really WANT to agree with you, but i already hate myself for having the thought. (trying to understand this cager mentality.)
    That said, this isn't all true. I've had the few moments of 'oh shit' cager faces when they've realised they were about to merge into me (i always see them ahead of time though) and they quickly shoot back into their lane.
  6. yep get those too, just trying to explain the ones that don't get back in their lane.
  7. We have them in Melbourne as well. Typically they just keep looking straight ahead even when (because?) they know you are there, or as in my case, even when I am sounding my 139 dBA air horn.

    You have to catch them out with the air horn so that they think they are about to merge into a truck. That gets them to go back to their lane. :demon:
  8. where'd you get the horn?? I want one.
  9. When ever I am in the car i have the same mentality (as in push myself into a gap), you just need to be aggressive in Sydney traffic...but...I've never merged into a bike and am always aware of all vehicles around me at all times. Probably because I ride too.

    Lucky for me though I don't have to deal with peak hour traffic on my commute.

    Edit* I'm also aggressive on the bike as well, I will push myself into any gap i think I can get away with and then some :)
  10. just on the topic of being aggressive in sydney traffic and the use of horns, does anyone find it better just to rev the engine really loud to get the drivers attention? obviously its probably not as good as using the horn (i mean thats what the horn was designed for), but ive found it alot easier just to rev loudly whilst holding the clutch in (or maybe its just more fun?) - and it does work too...at times
  11. Revving only means aggressive where as the horn can be taken as aggressive (unfortunately) but can also be taken for it's intended use and that's warning of danger/hazard.
  12. Revving your engine only conveys that you're pissed off, sounding the horn as David says communicates a warning, and letting loose with an air horn conveys "GET OUT OF MY WAY NOW!".
  13. Here you go. There's an idea. :D
  14. ^ thanks but do you have anything in a sideways mounted WMD?
  15. TRA I'm not pulling the piss here but you probably need to change your riding style. Being cut off or merged into is not a regular occurrence for myself or the crew I ride with, it's something that happens to other people.
    You can't change the cagers but you can change yourself, I know it's not what you want to hear but it's well worth a look and some consideration.
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  16. I bought mine from eBay seller onlineautopart, which is really onlineautoparts.com.au They seem to remain the cheapest, but lots of places sell them. Just google "Stebel Nautilus Compact Car or Bike Air Horn Black 12volt 139dB" or similar and you will find lots.

    Make sure that you get the COMPACT unit, and that it is 12 Volt, as there are 24V and larger units available. You can get chrome versions, but I think the black is better as it stays out of sight and doesn't show the dirt. You will probably need to make up some brackets to fit it, but search around the internet. I found there were a lot of write-ups for installing these horns on lots of different bikes. You MUST use the relay that is provided with it, or it will burn out your horn switch and/or wiring.

    As above, plus an air horn can scare the shit out of a driver, as they think they missed seeing a truck or something large in the lane they were about to merge into. Mostly they tend to get out of your way quickly before even looking. Of course there are also a bunch that don't give a shit anyway, or can't hear you over their music, or are too involved in their phone conversation to notice even 139 dBA next to the drivers door.
  17. are they legal?
  18. Yes, they are.
  19. Well I could change my riding style, but lets say I get home a lot faster this way!! If I rode in such a way that I would not get cut off, I might as well just drive the cage each day.
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  20. LMFAO.....I'm guessing you haven't seen any of my other 6000 posts.