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A couple of training aid videos that just might help someone

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by PNUCKLE, Aug 21, 2009.

  1. After a ride that i was on last weekend i saw 2 new to riding ( not fully licensed ) bikes laying on there side from what could have been avoided quite easily


    Hope it helps 1 person stay shiny side up :biker:

  2. some really good videos on there.. i so could had used these in my early days of riding..

    oh well practice makes perfect hey?
  3. cheers for the videos!
  4. Thank you. Excellent find, well done. Was great having vision and explanation for riding on the left hand side of the road. Even made the accent more bearable. :LOL: cheers.
  5. Dredging up this thread, asked by a fellow rider today for some good videos for more roadcraft orientated riding as opposed to the twist of the wrist which was just to advanced.

    Watched these videos a few years ago and can't recommend them enough for beginners and even for more advanced riders as a refresher...surprisingly what new things you can learn.
    Good no bull information

    An oldie but a goodie
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  6. Good video with some excellent info. I disagree entirely with the statement at the 13:30 minute mark in the first vid. "at speeds under 25mph, just turn the wheel in the direction you want to go". That's some BS right there, the footage they use even shows it's BS. New riders, ignore that statement and just follow the countersteering advice they give as correct for any speed.
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  7. Yea, their methods on steering and how to control the bike is outdated and misinformed.
    Twist of the wrist- How to corner excels in this department however it is very high level.

    For larger bikes and anything over 20km/h I fully agree, they need to be counter-steered to even turn them at walking pace!
    On the other hand when riding very slowly on smaller bikes you do just turn the bar where you want to go as you don't have that stability to pivot against (at least on my 250).
  8. How slowly are we talking about? Unless you mean as you are as close to stationary that it makes no difference, then yes it's possible to turn the wheel in the direction you want to go and balance. But even at a stop, if you turn the wheel to the right and then don't already have the bike leaned over for a left turn, you will initiate a right turn.

    Watch the clip in the twist of the wrist 2 and the little girl on her bike. She is only going 5mph or so and everytime she turns the wheel right, the bike falls to the left and vice versa.
  9. if Evil Knievel isn't the best endorsement of ATGATT then I don't know who is!
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  10. the second vid is a beauty - "think of car drivers as blind, drunk or asleep" lol
  11. good work sharing those videos! Some gold in there.
    Unbelievable how little you learn at a driving school, and your free to just go out there and ride. I actually asked my instructor if there were any resources he recomended, but seemed like he didnt care to share at all.
    Twist of the Wrist looks good, as a learner I'll be looking into that for sure!

    Found links to PDF's for those interested:
    Vol I
    Twist Of The Wrist Vol 1.pdf

    Vol II
    http://files.meetup.com/1510087/A Twist of the Wrist II.pdf
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  12. I agree matthew, its scary how little real world advice gets put into the states handbooks to 'prepare' road users with no clear avenue or list of resources to better themselves.
    My belief is that most defensive riding techniques contradicts against following our draconian road laws to the letter 100% of the time which puts instructors in a tough spot.

    Here is the supporting video for 'Twist of the Wrist II' focused heavily on the physics of riding, I'd recommend watching it for a new rider as their are plenty of golden tips and information however most will go over your head, To get the full worth you will need to watch it a few times at different stages of your riding.