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A couple of firsts for me . . . . .

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by agttr, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. Now where do I begin? Planned a ride with a workmate today to test out the Scala Q2 Rider system. Headed off through Sassafrass, Olinda, Lillydale, along Warburton Hwy, turned off at Woori Yallock and headed towards Gembrook. Must say they worked brilliantly. Crystal clear hearing (if that makes sense) even with the visor up. I'm not very good at writing product reviews but I'm sure they're covered in the relevant forum.

    Now onto my next "first". An off. Around 1pm while heading through to Gembrook when I came unstuck on a right-hander. Hit the shoulder and went ass over tit for a slide with the bike (cb900) riding me for a change. Approached the corner a bit too quick for my liking (big mistake), looked directly at the rough and torn shoulder (bigger mistake), touched or grabbed (not sure on that one, but yes a mistake nonetheless) a handful of front brake, which put me upright but heading into the soft shoulder and embankment. All it took was a second and all my mate heard over the Scala was "F@CK, F@CK, F@CK" follwed by a crackling noise over the bike to bike intercom. He was leading.

    My memory in the off is my head hitting the ground (a big thanks to the manufacturers of Shark helmets, a thumbs up from me) and sliding for a number of metres with the bike on me. Within seconds a guy (as luck would have it he was a nurse) who lives on the corner came running to me to see if I was alright and to make sure I didn't move around. I told him I'm fine and all I wanted to do is see that the bike was alright. Not sure if my priorities were right but as it's my daughters birthday, I was peeved because I promised to pick her up from school today.

    Ok, now to my gear.
    Draggin cargoes are f'in fantastic. The material is ripped on the left knee and kevlar certainly saved a skin graft there as all I received was a few scratches. I turned to my mate and told him to make sure he gets a pair as he's been putting off buying a pair for a long time. I think he's convinced.
    Shark RSI helmet. Can't fault it as it's the reason I'm able to post this thread.
    AGV black leather jacket, again no complaints from me as all it appears to have is scuff marks on the left shoulder/elbow and back.
    Gloves were just your average, nothing special leather gloves with kevlar knuckles. Glad I have them.
    Boots were a pair of Rossi's and they get the thumbs up from me too.

    Pretty sure that covers everything, and yes I have full comprehensive insurance, so the bike is now at the local bike shop for a quote.

    PS. My daughter didn't miss out on a ride as I borrowed my mates XJR1300. So all good. I might head off and get a ticket for Powerball to see how lucky I get.

    PSS. Would love to post up some pics but I'm not the most computer savvy guy here. Will try.

    PSSS. Stay safe out there.
  2. Gotta learn that first big rule of biking from this one: never give up. Look around the corner, push the bike in harder and have yourself an honourable lowside rather than crashing on the brakes in a corner.

    Bad luck. Much damage to the hornbag?
  3. It certainly is a lesson learnt. She was well enough to be ridden the 35k's home. Seemed mechanically good (but as I'm not a mechanic that means f' all). Looked more cosmetic than anything else. Smashed headlight and front indicators, small screen destroyed and with the help of the crash protectors/knobs minor scratches to the tank and duck tail (is that the right term for the plastic around the seat?).

    Still have the Spada to run around on but can't wait till she's sorted and have her back in the stable. She's a beautiful machine.
  4. Good to hear you came out of it unscathed.... I'll turn my sympathy to your lovely bike instead :cry:

    from a fellow Horneteer and Happy Tree Friend!
  5. I'm with you on this one. When the guy came over to help, he was telling me to stay put, which in hindsight was right, but all I wanted to do is assess the damage to her. Here's hoping it won't be long before I'm astride her.
  6. Ok, here's a couple of pics. This first one's from a happier time. Alongside the Spada and the missus' scooter in the background.

    Another happier moment and another "first". After finally getting all my daughters gear, and the Triboseat arriving I took her out for a ride. Went along Lysterfield Rd, turned through Belgrave then through Sassafrass and Olinda which she thoroughly enjoyed, as did I. Had taken the missus for a pillion a few weeks earlier but she remarked that the seat was too "slippery" for her liking, so I bought the triboseat and she said it was great. No helmet clunking.

    This one is of the damage from yesterday. It's the only pic I took as I'm still waiting for the pics from the guy who came to my aid.

    I went for a ride earlier today to Gembrook to see what the hell I did wrong, and rode pass the spot without noticing where the incident happened. Turned back to then find it and all I can conclude is what I posted earlier. I "target fixated" that spot instead of, as Loz pointed out, looking through the corner and pushing harder.
  7. Thanks for posting, as a newbie it is always good to be reminded how quickly a lapse can turn into a crash.

    Glad atgatt worked well for you. First rides I had didn't have/thought I couldn't afford the gear and now have a nasty scar to show for it.
  8. Done that and yup lowsided. To cut the story short I was riding my friend's bike, came up to an intersection abit faster than normal but I knew I've done it on my bike before. So I leaned the bike over and went on to the part which looked liked it never touched to road and it just washed out :cry: .

    Bad luck about your off though.
  9. Glad to hear you are OK.

    If you can't fix a bike you can always get a new one. The same doesn't apply to your body.
  10. +1 to what Loz said.
  11. Sorry to hear about the off sounds like the exact same thing that happen to one of the guys that came for a ride with us today through mac pass wollongong n.s.w Page 3 i think it was if u want to read about his off
  12. I know what you mean. I was probably a bit flippant because I came out of it in one piece. I look at my wife and daughter and am thankful because I know it could've been a helluva lot worse. The bike on the other hand, well, I got the quote for repairs and thank f@ck I've got insurance. The cost exceeds what I paid for the bike. :shock:
  13. Sorry to hear of your 'off'
    Glad to hear you are ok mate !
  14. Bad news about the off. Fantastic to hear you were wearing all your gear and came out tops. Gotta say though, theres nothing like going down to prove why you bought it all in the first place, and that you bought the right stff as well.
    Accoring to the sharp testing website, the Shark helmets all rate very highly. Thats what I'll most likely buy next as I'm sure you will also do now.
  15. I hate the feeling into a corner when you know your too hot and a little or a lot over your own limit and you have to trust that the bike has heaps more capacity left to get you around safely if you play it right. Im more fearfull of this than cars sometimes. Resisting the urge to let SR's take over when its all happening at what seems like light speed is heavy duty.

    Glad to hear your ok and have taken on the positives and learnings and that you were insured too. I hate reading posts about broken bones and broken wallets as well.

    Thanks for posting all stuff about your gear. I see so many people riding, L plates and otherwise, in jeans and a bloody tshirt round town, stupid!.