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a couple of firestorm questions

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by idontlikemondays, May 22, 2007.

  1. so, with my bueatiful new bouncing baby redhead, ive found the owners manual not always that helpful, so can anyone point us in the right direction???

    firstly, oil type, i read in a quick search that some modern sports bike MUST have fully synthetic oils, is this true for the firestorm? ive used shell 15W50 semi synth in its baby brother since ive had it without any dramas, other than the oil will get dirty a tiny bit quicker when used in the city. but the firestorm manual only mentioned viscosities at the various ambient temperatures, what would you guys recommend??

    also, suspension settings, i brought the bike on the softest setting on the rear shock (sorry peter, but you dirt bikers and your soft suspension! :p :LOL: ) and it would wallow its arse like there was no tomorrow with the slightest suggestion of a bump mid corner, so i jacked up the preload and rebound to about 3/4 of the hardest setting and found a big improvement, but i really do want to know abit amore about what im doing untill i tiddle around with the forks.
    so in short, what is the difference between preload and rebound, in terms of riding it?

    sorry for being a newb, but ive been able to live in ignorance of suspension settings untill now.

    so yeah, any pointers would be most appreciated!!!

  2. i'll check the receipt to see what the shop put in at the 48k service but i'm in the same boat when it comes to the suspension settings, all i know is mine is pretty rock hard

    also ask mario if the forks have been resprung and revalved, on ozfirestorm the reckon his is one the first things that should be done
  3. You don't have to use synth. A lot of people do anyway. See roarin's great oil controversy thread for a cheaper option that appears to be just as effective.
  4. Ducatis can talk now? Awesome :p
  5. yeah they put motul 5100 15w50 in mine the last service
  6. thanks for the feedback fellas. yeah i was reading a couple of those threads, i asked my mechanic if he had ever heard of anyone using diesel oil in their bike, i got the funniest look from him.

    james, it hasnt had the front redone, and i dont rekon ill bother either, the 2005 model was supposed to have had the front end largely fixed up anyway. also im having alot of trouble as it is loading up the front when hitting the anchors hard. i keep on locking up the front, which isnt cool, ive even turned down the preload and rebound on the front trying to fix it, but i rekon ill end up getting better pads. have you had any problems with this???
  7. only the time, i over reacted in kangaroo valley when some moron in a cage decided to stop for no reason, resulted in a lowside :evil:

    hows the rear brakes on yours?

    check out www.ozfirestorm.com thhey live and breathe VTRs there basically everything is covered on the firestorm
  8. Sadly the VTR is a dead model :(

    Discontinued in favour of the new V4's and V5's

    I'm going to have to get a Ducati :drool:
  9. the rear is hard as a rock, with fcuk all feedabck, works well enough, ive just got no idea what its doing. ill probably get braided lines for the front.

    where did you hear that vic? what are they gonna replace the VTR with???


  10. From Peter Stevens, they have it on good authority. Honda have dropped all V2's from their line up.

    One day, thanks to all these google ads now, i'll be able to afford a 1098 :rofl:

    I just might need a way to attach my walking frame and step stool to the rack so I can get to it and mount it ;)
  11. Very clever google add!

    I'm reading adds for shock absorbers, harder oil, front fork springs. What a convenience!