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A comparison between a few bikes.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by byronk86, Jul 5, 2006.

  1. Hey Guys,

    I'm new to the forums and new to the Biking world. I am in the process of looking at a bike and reading through the forums about what is a good bike for ME. As always there is a budget in place and concious of the fact that I might drop the bike (I love the look of fearings), but none the less I am stubborn and plan to still do it my way.

    Now I realise these questions have been asked a million times before thus why I read some of the other topics from previous people. My main questions are between a few bikes and what could be the best all rounder.

    Now the bikes that I am interested in are:

    1. Aprilia RS125.
    2. Kawasuki ZXR 250.
    3. Honda CBR 250RR.
    4. Cagiva Mitto.
    5. Hyosung COMET GT250

    I'm well aware that all these bikes do have their Pro's and Con's of course and who the are really suited to. What I was wondering was personal experiences that people have had with these bikes and what is a good all rounder out of these.

    At the moment I am currently leading towards the Cagiva Mitto 2003 onwards models.

    Thanks to all those that have taken the time to read this thread and look forward to reading your input.
  2. Few questions:

    How old are you??

    Where are you from??

    How tall are you??

    What sort of riding will you be doing?? (Do you want to be the Rossi or do you want to be able to commue cheaply?)

    Are you mechanically minded??

    All these would help in helping you to decide what you're after. But if you're after an all-rounder, I'd go the Hyo, mostly because it's a V-twin 4 stroke, and you still have the option of getting one with or without fairings...

    Welcome to Netrider by the way...
  3. If you're looking for an all rounder, you can rule all of them out bar the Hyosung. All of the others are 'race inspired'. The RS125 and Mito125 especially.
    The CBR and ZXR will be aging dinosaurs for which you'll have to pay premium price.
    The two 2 strokes will be fun in the twisties but suck at everything else.
  4. Hey Pete the freak,

    Thanks for your speedy response. To answer your questions I am:

    Age. 20
    Location. Sydney (inner)
    Height. 5'10

    The main purpose of the bike will be transport and enjoyment. Mechanicly minded not so much as I have never got elbow deep in an engine before but do have uncles that have years of experience in cars, bikes and what not, so they'll be giving me a hand from time to time.

    I have always enjoyed bikes, we used to own a YZ 80 with a big arse power band on it at the property that used to send the bike straight up on third gear. I Hope thats a bit more helpful in my quest for a bike.
  5. So you sound like you know about 2-strokes then...
    Personally, I think the Mito is a pocketbike. Can't stand them. The RS is better, but are you keen to look after a stroker with all it's idiosyncracies?

    Not a fan of the ZXR/CBR's either, rev too high, sounds more like a mosquito than a motorbike.

    The Hyo is cool, what about the Honda VTR or the older Honda Spada for a V-twin. If it's the naked look you're after, what about the Suzuki Bandit, Yamaha Zeal or the Kawa Balius...

    You're in Sydney, that means you've got LAMS to consider as well, have you thought about maybe getting a 500cc/600cc machine as well??

    There's a world of choice out there.

    Have you gone for your L's yet by the way??
  6. I have the L's booked but I would like to get the bike as soon as possible so once I get the L's im set to go.

    These are the bikes that I am looking at buying that are for sale.


    At the moment I really am leaning towards the Cagiva Mitto because of its look. It really is a good looking bike. Though I wont be making a decission till I atleast sit on one.
  7. OK I am biased but here you go.

    Two strokes need to be revved pretty hard to keep 'em going, now I used to live in Surry Hills Sydney and I think that this may become and issue with the stop start congestion around there. I would get a freakin' headache from the sound of the 2 stroke.

    No way this bike could be classed as an all rounder, you will end up hating it. If it was a weekend bike then go for it!.

    The GT250R is the same as my bike with fairings, lower bars, brakes etc and I think that the torque of the V twin would be a great option for city riding.

    So I would look at the Comet if you like fairings. Also have a look at a naked bike they carry cheaper insurance etc best choices GT250, VTR250 etc.
  8. yeah why arent you considering the larger capacity bikes seeing as you have LAM's in NSW?
  9. IMO GS500 is best LAMs bike in NSW. Theres a faired or naked version to choose from.
    Thats what I would get if I was rewound back onto L's tomorrow.

    ZZR and GPX are also highly recomended little all-rounder bikes.
    Cant lean as far as CBR and ZXR, but cheaper and better around town.

    CBR, ZXR (and a few rarer ones) are good if you want to do some track days on your P's.
    But they are expensive for how old they are (research into "grey import")
    Save it for a 600 I say.

    Two strokes kill everything else handling and performance wise.
    But are more maintanance, and terrible if you plan to commute on in inner Sydney.
    Definatly not all rounders, 100% sports.
  10. I test rode a CBR250RR today, and a VTR250 yesterday for a couple mates.

    The VTR was by far the more comfortable bike, easy to ride and fun to chuck about.

    The CBR250RR was much more highly strung, less comfortable, terrible at low speed handling like u-turns etc, but had more power up higher in the rev range.

    Both felt pretty solid suspension/chassis wise and the CBR had stronger brakes.

    For round-town useability, the VTR wins hands down, I think it's a great bike. The CBR might be a touch better in the twisties or the racetrack, but it's probably an inferior learner bike because it's far less easy to use. VTR would crash better being a naked.

    Oh, and the CBR250RRs in Australia are all at least 10 years old and imported. They're not a bad bike but I think there are better options to learn on.
  11. The only bike in that lot that could be described as an all rounder is the Hyosung. The CBR and ZXR will be ok for most things but the 2strokes will suck as commuter bikes.

    Given you're in NSW I think you'd be mad to choose either. Take a look at the ER-5, GS500, GT650 (restriced) etc... all of which would be a better choice if you plan to do a bit of everything. :)
  12. I generally ran out of tyre before I ran out of ground clearance on the GPX (unless it was with a pillion). Perhaps the GPX has better clearance than the ZZR? The GPX could certainly corner quite well when running with other 250s like the ones you mention.

    For the OP: I'd go with the Hyosung from that lot. The others are all race-style bikes, which could make them a pain for commuting. That said, the 250 'race' bikes aren't as rough as their bigger cousins for day-to-day use.
  13. Tenoq is right, IMO. I have found the edge of my tyres (NOT doing that again!), but not the pegs.

  14. Nahh you run out of tire before you run out of peg clerance on the ZZR As well
  15. Jez so much to take in, thanks a heap for all your input guys as I very much do appreciate it all. I am staying on the lower end bikes because I really dont want to start on a 650 cc bike as I dont trust myself with it and would probably unrestrict it. As a learner I think I would like to learn on a 2 stroke as they are a harder bike to ride on which can be good for the future. I have hade some mates that have only ever owned 2 strokes and said it was the best decission for them, each to their own though.

    This weekend I am going to go check out the Mito and Hyosung GT 250 as they seem to be a good option.

    What I was really looking for was a full fearing bike that just looked fantastic. The new 2006 Aprilia RS125 looks absolutely awesome but I dont want to spend 9g's on the first bike more like 5 - 6k.

    With the Mito I was thinking about putting a carbon fibre arrow pipe in it and derestricting it. From what I read that should cost about another $1300, but I'll wait for a few months before doing that so I can atleast get from A to B in one piece :p.
  16. If you get a Kawa 650/4 or a BMW R65, for example, they can't be derestricted, as such; their power-to-weight ratio is determined by their age and their (relatively) soft state of tune (compared to today's road-rockets).

    Plus these are robust bikes, virtually indestructible, even under the influence of a learner/restricted rider, and bits are fairly cheap by today's standards too.

    Your choice, of course, but if you want an all-rounder out of the group you've named, the Hyosung will be easiest to live with long-term, plus at 5' 10" you'll find it fairly comfortable...

    Oh, and welcome to the forum, you'll have to come along to one of our Homebush get-togethers
  17. Well thanks for everyone's Input on the matter. I guess now all i have to do is get on a few of these bikes and buy.

    I'll deffinitely come out to homebush to check it out but I might wait till I am a confident enough rider.
  18. wether or not

    Hi guys im new 2 all this.
    been reading the forum gave me alot of suggestion on what to choice and not 2 choice,

    so far i have made a decision on finance the rs125 06 model or the mito or should i just drop my price to spendin 5-6k on my 1st bike.

    my mind is pretty set on the rs125.

    just hoping 2 hear some pro and cons about this topic thnks!
  19. Hey N3lly,

    Yeah i am in the same boat as you and have done quite a bit of research on those exact two bikes. The things I have found is that this choice will not exactly be a cheap one for a first bike nor will it be the easiest to ride as its a 2 stroke and you need to keep the revs up. If you plan on getting insurance they're going to charge you premium because:

    A. Its a sports bike with faring. (very expensive if you drop it).
    B. You are more likely to have an accident because you are learning. (dropping the bike or worst you hit another vehicle).

    If you read some of the other threads its very much a choice whether you want to ride a nice bike or a POS. I personally chosing to ride a nice bike because I wouldn't be caught dead on a POS (just my mentality) and I am willing to pay the price for this choice.

    So a piece of advice from another newbie to another is go with what you think is right for you. At the end of the day its your money and its your bike so you may as well get something you will want to ride. (check out the 2006 Aprilia RS125 its an absolutely beautiful bike but brand new so thats 9k upfront no including on road costs.)
  20. If I can't destroy an R65 no-one can :LOL:

    99,776 km - should hit the 100,000 by the end of the weekend :LOL: