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A Commodore pulled out in front of me

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by simon varley, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. 'so what?' I hear you cry. 'That's so common it's hardly worth a mention'. well, i'll tell you. The rego was....


  2. Nah, that just means he can see things clearer on replay.
  3. nice lilley
  4. There's the issue right away, HWKEYE singular. Although in hindsight I'd have to say that they most likely wouldn't have been any better with multiple eyes.
  5. doesn't matter how many eyes or how good their vision is if they don't look in the first place.
  6. HAHA the plates were worth more than the car.

    Being a Bogan $freebie
    Doing Shazza in the backseat (and being the 4th in 3 days), 1 throw down of VB.
    Spending more cash on your car than your POS is worth... Priceless
  7. commodore comes from the root word "commode" referring to "night commodes, a 19th century Victorian term for a bedside cabinet with doors. These enclosed cabinets provided an area for storing chamber pots and had a basin and pitcher on top for personal cleansing"
  8. I call them commonwhores =] Simon, I think I might know who you're talking about as well