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A clip of Jesus riding on water

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by Myestro, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. I can't believe this. I really think it's simply very shallow water judging by the track marks that appear at the edge of the water. Looks pretty good though.


  2. Its possible - hydroplaning - they do loads of it in the later crusty demons vids.... hilarious when they eat it!
  3. Cool :))

    might have to try this on the RR...LOL!!
  4. soooo hot!
  5. I thought of hydroplaning too, cars can also do it, why dont you drive your car to Tasmania and show me? lol.
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  7. theres a 14km stretch of dirt road near my old beach shack about 700km from adealide.. that has about 4 creek crossings on it. its lime stone based ground that seemms to have sheeted water for 40-50 meters ata time. now having grown up over there i know the roads like the back of my hand and know the section very well.

    the last time i went home and took my RX-7 with me my brother and i crossed one of the sheets. and we hit it at about 140km an hr.. (stupid yes... fun fcuk YES) in both of our minds we did not touch the ground in the whole lenght of it. stopped a bit further down the road got out and walkjed back to it.. in some places it was 6-12 inches deap, generally it was about 6 inches all the way across. these are dirt roads and pot holled.. we had a dead smooth trip across it.

    i will never do it again... but... FRK ME!!!! felt awesome!
  8. Hi everyone, long time listener, first time caller..
    A little off subject, but when i was in canada working we all rode ski-doos on and around the mountain and its almost thier second nature to ride on water, amazing feeling such a smooth ride.
  9. anyone seen that crazy hill climbing competetion on paytv done somewhere (in europe i think, memory elluding me atm), big mofo homemade hillclimbing buggies throw themselves at almost vertical inclines....

    One part of the competetion, the cars have to power over a good 50m or so of deep water, as long as they keep the power down they go straight over it, looks great fun!
  10. That is impressive, if it is real he must have some sort of mud hopper tyres on there.