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A change is as good as a holiday

Discussion in 'Tyres' at netrider.net.au started by stokedpaz, Apr 4, 2011.

  1. Some of you may remember that I recently found out that my tyres were really F*&^ing sh!tty! The rear was nearly squared off (still heaps of tread though) and with my new knowledge I worked out that they had been made 4004 (40th week of 2004). Someone on here said I needed new tyres in 2006.
    Anyway, I ended up getting some new pirelli sport demons and spent saturday in my mates shed where he showed me how to balance and fit the new ones.

    They instantly felt so different. The bike seems to swing (tip) side to side a lot quicker with a lot less imput.

    Have been told to take it easy until they are worn in.
    How long should this take (rough kms?) and how easy is easy on normal suburban streets? I know not to go fanging up the old pac, however on a regular commute, would I need to take any more care than I normally would riding in mainly 50 - 60 zones with slow moving traffic? I feel as though I normally ride with care. Is there anything I need to look out for?
    It looks like it is going to be wet the next few days.
  2. once you get some heat into them they are fine. the first turn of the wheel will be a bit slippery but then just accel, brake, accel etc to get them nice and warm.

    i did accel, brake etc for about 500m then i was right. could ride at whatever pace.

    the quote in my sig is from a big thread about wearing in tyres, check it out :D.
  3. Cheers Jimmy! I'll have a look.

    Edit: haha I just found that thread and had a read. That is a quality thread. Some good advice, a bit of shit talk and to top it off, a vid of some tool riding out of a suzuki dealership and binning his gixxer in the carpark! haha
  4. I've found different tyre brands take longer to scrub in. Personally, Bridgestones are as greasy as all get out for a couple of kms. Never tried a Pirelli so no idea. A bit of a burnout in the gravel on the side of the road works a treat.
  5. My tyre fitters said to go easy for 100 km or so, because while they scrub the surface before fitting mould wax melts out of the tyres as they warm up. I don't pretend I'm riding on ice or anything, but I do leave bigger gaps, accelerate a little more steadily and corner a little slower for the first 100 or 150 (with commuting for me it's only a couple of days).

    i.e. I think some of the advice above may be a little dodgy and potentially set you up for a slip... I could be wrong, of course, and Two Wheels Tyres could be wrong... but it's not that much of a problem to give it a little extra time, given the stakes.
  6. Recently purchased Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa's for my R1.....WOW !
    Absolutely LOVE the tyres, albeit being a very big fan of the Power Pure 2CT's. In my case, I wanted to try a new tyre (rather than purchase my 4th set (in a row) of the Michelins) and I'm glad I did - a change is certainly as good as a holiday.
    Didn't take me too long to scrub them in - 250km of riding took place straight after picking 'BlackKnight' from the service centre !
    Have fun stokedpaz & enjoy (y)
  7. hey how much did they set you back?
  8. Thanks lads!
    Bravus, definitely giving a bit of extra time and care given the stakes! The weather lately has not been ideal, so I have been caging to work lately.
    Cheers Nickers, I'll be enjoying riding them in soon. Will head out for a bit of a ride this weekend and will have plenty of time in the coming two weeks with school holidays. I can not wait!
  9. They're typically around $560 for the pair (190/55 rear). Had them fitted at that price minus a few bucks ;)
    I guess it helps to be a regular customer at certain service centres.
  10. i'll let you guys know what i end up getting, this week i have to buy something, my tires are ratshit
  11. stokedpaz, just in time for eastern creek in two weeks time. Now hows your leathers going, is that still in transit?
  12. i heard they arrived, but he's too fat to fit in them easily :p