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A CBR250RR review including thoughts & requiring suggest

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Georgeclooney, Oct 12, 2008.

  1. I thought id share an oddball scenario in which I got a chance to ride and compare a different bike to mine


    So I call up a mate and we decide to head down to the royal national park him on a cbr250rr and myself on a Yamaha zeal.
    Weathers nice.. why not
    40kms into the twisties.. got a nice rhythm and pace happening the zeals doing good.. and then a posted 55km/h bend that leads blind into a 25km/h sharp left decides to take my mate off his rhythm.. he exits too wide accelerating hard out of the s bends and then the sharp left pokes out like fat titties on a nun :shock: .. he oogles at the corner and his increasing speed so much as that he runs it even wider into the dirt runoff and hits faceflat into the off going sidewall around 5m before the turn.. at least that’s how he told me it happened.. I was infront so I had to turn back after there was too much space in my review mirror to be anything other then mishap.
    I raced back to the crash scene.. he was being helped by two other riders.. dunno if their on here but thanks heaps.. cbr250rr boy was in not too good of a state.. he was pretty rattled but he settled down..being a studying physiotherapist he analysed himself looks at me and goes.. spewing man ive torn the ligaments in my arm .. apart from that.. he had a fat dent in his helmet and the kind of bruising around the hips that looks like hed copped a few hooks from mike tyson..
    the bike.. was pretty ok aye! Apart from a snapped clutch lever, a bit of flooding and some snapped arse fairings the thing was good to go.. so I took it upon myself to ride the thing back out.. you read right.. a clutchless 1996 cbr250rr.. the mere technology advancement blew our minds away :LOL:


    after a few stalls (read:thirteen to be exact..) on this new and improved clutchless manual version with speed holes I figured I could get it into first without stalling by rolling it just a bit while in nuetral and it would pop in with a bit of throttle and off it would go.. gear changes after that were suprisingly smooth.. which gave me a little more time to get to the personality behind this thing.. which I was soon to realise is a tarmac eating pitbull on heat kind of beast that eats up the road and asks for more!! :twisted:
    More to the point.. the stability midcorner at a half tilt compared to the zeal was borderline stupid.. it felt like it was all wheel drive.. so I decided to be a bastard and abuse it.. and it took it.. like a loyal wife.. a loyal samoan wife to be exact.. it wanted more.. I increased my entry speeds and leant it like I myself was begging for crash and it just held line and ripped through the arcs like nothing I ever will attempt on the zeal.. the whole sitting position i found to be rather comfortable compared to how i imagined it would be and the ease in which it corners is just madness... after we reached the exit i wanted to turn around and do it again!!! and i havnt even gotten to that 18krpm redline yet! :grin:
    maybe it’s the dunlop arrowmax’s the previous owner had put on my zeal that makes it feel nervous midcorner in a lean but the cbr leans and grips like the only point of no return is the rim..
    I can write more in this state but ill leave it there


    as well as abusing me to not type at all or type less.. I was full into naked bikes but I think ive converted over to fairing and co. just due to the sheer ease of carving corners compared to my zeal boat anyway
    as my upgrade time is soon i was hung on upgrading to a street triple but the whole experience makes me want to buy a cbr250rr although i wonder if this whole experience on the cbr is as confidence inspiring on a super sport 600.. ill have to give them a go.. :grin:
    but how do you compare the two in terms of cornering ability a cbr250 and the super sport clan.. how to they stack in your humble experiences..

  2. I think the sitting position of the bike helps with carving the corners as you so mention. the higher rearset allows the bike to lean more.

    8k rpm is the powerband. and when you sit above it, the bike pulls great. It likes to be redlined, so do it occasionally.

    there was an incident at the spur where someone who in the group with us went over the edge at a decreasing radius right turn. the bike was 1/2 way down the a steep slope. surprisingly, he was unscathed. so lucky. the bike was 1/2 way down a slope that was both steep and at least 25m down. it took 9 of us 2 hrs to haul it up. We had video :p

    the bike's fairings was smashed bad , hand and foot controls bent and a little broken. tried to start it up, it was flooded, tried a few more times and it was started and he rode it home. couldnt believe it.
  3. Mr Clooney - the number if L/P plate riders on CBR250's that have smashed it up in the natio is ridiculous. if my mate did i would tell him he is a farking idiot.

    glad he is ok. hope this opens his eyes.
  4. a farking idiot for doing the natio?
    i could understand where your coming from if it were a completely inexperienced L plater..
    but im finding that i learn more from that road then i do anywhere else.. granted the fact that i read alot of the information posted on this board like [FLUX]'s tips on how to make a bike dance and things along those lines of asserting more rider control and pre thought before doing anything that might create a risk or encountering a hazard on the road.. and ive been applying these things and theyve helped a shite load..
    whatever ive learned from here ive tried to pass on to other people but not everyone is willing to learn until they get bit in the arse..
    what more can ya do?
  5. I think david85dc does have a point.

    You can learn things the easy way or the hard way. You learnt the easy way, your friend learnt the hard way. (no offence intended towards you or your mate)

    I'm not your mother, buy yeah natio can be dangerous, particularly if your not absolutely familiar with the road. Appart from that be cautious of road surface and debris. Particularly of the unexpected stuff mid corner, which you can't see on the entry, unless you can see through trees.

    I don't think your friend is an idiot.

    But sometimes caution is the braver side of courage.

    Glad to hear you had fun, and your mate is ok.

    Btw is your friend studying at cumbo? what year is he in? i use to study at cumbo.
  6. well done!

    all i can say is i love seeing fellow L / P platers giving the bikes a real go. you buy a bike to ride the bloody thing, not to build chicken strips up and tell everyone how fast it goes (in a straight line).

    i love tackling little twisty bits and watching the rubber of my work boots slowly depart and become one with the review. i also enjoy watching other people ride their own bikes around skillfully.

    You did a great little review / recount of events georgeclooney. it is sad to hear about your mate but it is also good to know that there is a learning curve in process, not an addition to the death toll.

    i think you should keep up your blasting around the twisties, be careful of stupid bends which may pop up out of nowhere, but on top of all RIDE YOUR BIKE!
  7. When you are on your full license, go and test ride an '07 600RR. I have a 1991 model 250RR and I love it, but by all accounts the new 600RR is just completely out of it's league in terms of technology. Like driving an old style mini and then driving the modern mini. Totally different beasts.
  8. Mate.. to be honest people should be riding to their ability and not others. If it is a unfamiliar piece of road, it is better for people to advise others to take it easy their first time around.

    Even though I have posted a few chickn strip comments on a few other threads its better not to worry about it and actually learn how to ride the bike. If you worry too much about the strips (lean angle and corner speed) you too soon crash (as i have learnt the hard way). Another point is.. if you are grounding your rubbers on your boots on corners it probably means that your foot position in relation to your foot pegs are possibly incorrect.

    bends imo, do not just pop out of nowhere :p

    notorious_nick I'm not trying to diss you, I'm just trying to be a tad more sensible.

    to the op.. glad your mate is alright. Bikes can be fixed, people cant