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A cautionary tale

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Dunit, Jan 9, 2009.

  1. Hi Guys and Gals,

    Just a quick story that you might find partly amusing and partly horrifying.

    Was riding along Punt Road (Melbourne) in peak hour the other day.. I'm keeping a close eye on my speed as I don't have too many points left on my license and recently got a camera fine in that very area.

    Anyways, this is how it went while riding along:

    Check speed.. 50..
    Looks at road..
    Check speed.. 60..
    Looks at road..
    Check speed.. Huntsman..
    Looks at.. wait.. WHAT THE HELL!!?

    Was probably closer to coming off at that moment than at any stage before. This huntsman was your average hand size and although I know they are not venomous, they are still creepy and unsettling especially while riding! I pulled over and flicked it off (it had quickly moved in the meantime across to the side panelwork).

    For the rest of the ride home, every little tickle, every itch, every slight movement was this spiders imaginary partner crawling on me!

    Not very nice! I have since used a good can or three of surface spray, covering every inch :p

  2. Real change of undies stuff that.

    You want to see something really scary.....(in reference to Dan Aykroyd in The Twilight Zone - The Movie)

    I was riding along Parramatta Rd in Sydney in heavy traffic - it was after the M4 ends mid-afternoon on a Sunday so most Sydney-siders will know the sort of traffic I mean. In my peripheral vision I see something moving, not on the instrument cluster, or the windscreen or even on my arm. It was a spider about 1 inch wide and crawling under the slightly raised visor towards my forehead. It was so close that it was totally out of focus but it was moving. So in peak hour, close quarters traffic I was eyes squeezed shut, visor almost ripped off as if it was a peel-off and a gloved hand wildly clawing at my forehead trying to scrape out whatever it was. It could have been a tarantula for the initial reaction. Whatever it was, I managed to get rid of it in the first swipe and then pulled over to have a closer look. No sign of it or any smear of whatever it was on my glove. Must of looked hilarious from behind.
  3. I would have the exact same reaction. I am absolutely terrified of spiders. *shudder*
  4. A Huntsman? In Melbourne? Harmless.

    I would probably have tried to put it in my top pocket, to give it a safe ride to a new home somewhere away from Punt Road. :grin:

    Little black spiders though, I would kill on sight, especially those white tail spiders. Nasty little biters. :evil:
  5. Fair enough. I would have filled my durps with the fragrant fudge of fear.
  6. Imagine that you're riding along at 100km/h when you feel a tiny eight legged friend crawling in to your ear! :shock:

    I gave myself 10/10 for the emergency braking. I couldn't get the helmet off fast enough! My friend, who was riding with me at the time, did a U-turn to find out where I had disappeared to, only to find me furiously shaking my head and hitting my ear.

    I hate spiders!!!
  7. I have no real of spiders, but I'm pretty sure that if I was riding and found one crawl across the visor or similar it would still scare the crap out of me.

    No one expects to see a spider upon themselves while out riding!
  8. Part of the problem is that you kind of think too much about it too..

    What kept going thru my head was wondering about how it could have run up my arm (those huntsman can MOVE!) and ended up somewhere that I couldn't actually see due to my full face helmet.

    And I can sympathise with gegvasco - the cars behind me must have had a good old laugh at the sudden spasm of arms flailing around when I first saw it and instinctively tried to flick the thing away!!

    And INSIDE your helmet? Great, now I have that thought to entertain me as well! :p