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A career as an airline pilot

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by robbied, Nov 23, 2007.

  1. Hello everyone,

    I am now very serious about obtaining a career as an airline pilot. I am planning to train to ATPL level with all the endorsements required to be employed as an airline pilot.

    Moorabbin is the closest airport to me. Does anyone have any advice based on experience regarding the flying schools run there?

    Can anyone help me out with advice and suggestions to make my life easier during the training process?

    Thanks in advance,

  2. You might want to check out pprune, the "professional pilot's network". I don't know the url for it. But it is supposedly inhabited by professional pilots who will be able to help.

    From what I've seen, though, you'll need more than just training. Lots of hours in the left seat will count.

    Good luck.
  3. hey robbie, great to hear. Before I answer OP though, have you already saved up all the money for it, or do you think you will pay as you go?

    AND do you have any flying experience?

    I went for a fly down to Flinders Island yesterday with my CFI, ex-airline, in fact just about ex-everything, he's done the rounds alright, his professional opinion is that this is just the beginning of a shortage that won't be solved in our lifetimes. THATS how serious it is, and THATS how good it is gonna be for us flyboys!!
  4. First things first Rob.

    You need to make sure you meet the minimum entry requirements for an airline. Any airline.

    Australian Citizen
    Finished Yr12 with passes in Math Methods (units 3&4)
    Passes in English and Physics (units 1&2 minimum for Physics i think)
    Good eyesight. Not neccesarily 20/20 but good none the less.
    No criminal record.

    Unfortunately airlines dont accept external education qualifications as a substitute for math methods and physics. I found this out the hard way. Dreams of being a pilot gone purely cos i didnt select the relevant subjects in year 9/10 which meant i didnt do methods in yr 11 and 12. I could have changed to methods back then but at that age, I had no idea i wanted to fly professionaly and certainly didnt know i NEEDED math methods! Shitty thing is, im a gun at maths and would have passed with flying colours (no pun!).

    Get to moorabbin airport and go speak to General Flying Services or TVSA or Peter Bini. Book in a TIF. Take it from there.

    Speak to the CFI and some other instructors there. Heck, even go do a TIF ad a few different schools untiil you find on that you like. Bonus is that a TIF is a reduced rate flight so take advantage of it. do a few and make sure you know its what you wanna do.

    Find your school, start your flight training, get some text books and start reading your ass off! If you go ahead with it, gimme a buz cos i got DOZENS of text books and test exams etc etc that I have little use for. Youre more than welcome to use em. Might save ya some $$$. :)
  5. I was thinking of paying as I go, and I dont have any experience except steering a cessna for a few minutes.

    Unfortunately im in the same boat as you, I didnt do methods in year 12 or physics, otherwise i've got everything else.

    What can you do? Whats done is done
  6. Dont let it discourage you too much dood.

    Maybe local flying could be a possibility? Plenty of guys working at Moorabbin airport and similar doing all sorts of stuff. Airlines arent the only form of employment in Aviation. Plenty of guys doing instructing and charter work that are on decent salaries. ($70k+) Airline pilots are really just glorified bus drivers! :LOL: :wink: To be honest, alot of these pilots still get their jollies from jumping in to a cessna on the weekend and doing local flights for fun with friends. Airline flying can be rather routine and repetitive. Not alot of "flying" is done in an airline. (that probably doesnt make sense to most people but pilots would know what i mean!)

    IT may pay to still go in to a school that specialise in ATPL training and just suss them out. There may be other ways to get around the math methods thing and the physics thing. Could always call Qantas too? See if there are any other courses that they recognise.
  7. Night classes at a TAFE perhaps?
  8. I will keep inquiring, maybe there is a way around it. I'd love to fly local as long as the pay was decent and 70k is decent.

    I asked this question in the other thread but I might as well ask here: What if I were to get into helicopters? I know it costs a bit more but what are the job opportunities like? Do you have to relocate a lot?

  9. The chances of relocating are higher with helicopters as there are limited jobs available. You gotta go where the work is.

    AFAIK, TAFE wont cut it for the airlines.

    Also, you wouldnt start out on $70k flying locally. A noob CPL could expect to earn around $40k in the first few years and go up from there.
  10. bambam spot on mate but a couple of your facts are outdated. Physics is no longer a prerequisite at all, and the way to get around the English/Maths thing is told hold a fully completed Bachelor’s Degree of any discipline. They are starting to take external education qualifications as well for example units completed at uni that are at or above level of maths methods can be acceptable.


    oodles of info there for you.

    call me obsessed, but i'd be tryin to get into a cadet program. Qantas is where you want to go if you want to do airlines, best one in the country, pretty high up there in world rankings too. When i spoke to the head of 737 training at qantas, his exact words were "if you get into the program, you are pretty much assured a job for the rest of your working life, as long as you don't turn out to be a total fcuk up"
    Seeing as it's a legacy airline program, you can be guaranteed it is the best training you can receive country wide.

    If you decide not to do that, I would recommend saving up for a full-time course to take you up to CPL level, and THEN doing the second qantas cadetship that takes you from CPL to ATPL for a bloody good price. They then go and get you a job and do all sorts of running around for you.

    I would suggest General Flying Services or Peter Bini. Peters a good bloke, i'm friends with his daughter. great schools both of those. You really are spoilt for choice at moorabbin.
  11. my CFI said helicopter pilots are also now in severe shortage and that many organizations are changing rules and reqs in order to lessen required experience, training etc in order to get more pilots. I don't think you'd have any trouble getting a chopper job, the problem is that yes, relocation chances are higher.
  12. Rob,

    If you want, pm me and ill meet up with ya, take you to moorabbin airport (about 3 streets from my house :) ) and Ill introduce you to a few people. We can have a chat with my flying school about the ins and outs of the industry and I can take you to Professional Helicopter Services and introduce you to Ron, Brett and Vicky. They can tell you about the ins and outs of a chopper career.

    I wouldnt mind heading over there and saying hi to a few guys anyways.
  13. For sure that would be great, I pm'ed ya :D
  14. That sounds promising, I wouldn't like to relocate though, I like spending as much time as I can with the missus, friends and family. I could handle the odd hours as I pretty much do that anyway but I couldn't handle relocating away from the people in my life for any career. You know what I mean?
  15. You need lots of patients and deep pockets. I had 3 mates who went through the commercial pilots license process. They all got through the course after investing quite a bit of money but only one got to be a commercial pilot after a number of years being an instructor.

    Of the other two, one got no work and the other picked a odds and ends throwing parachutists out of a plane but eventually run out of patients and money.
  16. :facepalm::facepalm: You're meant to throw out the parachute WITH the PARACHUTIST!!!!!

    :rofl: :rofl:
  17. I've been here.
    I went and got a people a few years ago with dreams of a future CPL or ATPL.
    You will need utter commitment, a fat wallet and some actual flying ability to get through it from my experience.
    It can be very demanding at times and some days you will wonder why the hell you are bothering with it as you hand over your hard earned bucks to the flying school....
    And even with a brand new shiny CPL licence in your pocket, there are not many people around that will employ you due to your low hours anyway.
    And you will need to be prepared to go where the work is i.e. Cape Stinkinghot, Middleofnowheresville etc. to get your flight hours up or pick up some instuctors work. It's not going to be glamourous for the first few years until Qantas tells you to "come on down".....

    It's gonna cost you ~$50+k to become employable.
    A cadetship with an airline or the RAAF is the way to go if you can get into them as others have said.

    I think it's a hard row to hoe but the rewards if you do eventually get there are probably worth it.
    Many try, but very few get thru to the ATPL level.
    Not trying to put you off, just being realistic.