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A car sent me down. 01/02/07 My bike is back!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by munecito, Dec 11, 2006.

  1. Coming home today from work on Sailors Road Bay. Northbridge I was riding in the left hand lane when a driver decided that he couldn't wait for the cars turning right and just changed lane very quick exactly when I was beside him.

    He knocked me over some rubbish bins I hit my helmet against one of them. The boots took a lot of the beating and also did my shin. So far I have a sore knee, a sore elbow, and the other shin is also in pain a bit.

    The Dominator is scratched on the right hand side, clutch lever is f****d and the left foot peg is bent and doesn't go down. The bike was leaking fuel when it was on its side. I hope the frame and rims and everything else is ok.

    The driver knows it was his fault so I will let the insurance companies deal with it. I'm going to the hospital now to get a check out.

    What pisses me off is the inconvenience of trasport to go to work the upcoming days.

    I'll keep you updated.

  2. You've got to be kidding; changing lanes when you are right beside him???

    Ok about insurance, were the police called as well, he should be charged with failure to change lanes safely if not negligent driving?
  3. Guns, we need bigger guns.
  4. hope you had a witness as well
    Its very easy for these people to turn around and say it's your fault.

    If I have another accident I hope my frame gets bent that means that it won't be a repair job.
    It will be replaced..thats what I heard anyway.
  5. Hope you're alright... Make sure you've let the police know, insurance company etc
    Any one witness it? I got taken out a few weeks ago, police concluded that I am at no way at fault and luckily all witnesses are on 'my side'

    Dosent help that the other party are fcuking around with the resolving of the matter tho, looks like i'll end up in court.

    All the best mate :)
  6. Re: A car sent me down today

    As much as it sucks to wreck up your bike, by the sounds of things you're a lucky guy to get out of it with just a few bumps and bruises.
    Hopefully the insurance companies don't screw you around too much and you're back out on the road again soon.
  7. Yeah that roads a real bottleneck :twisted:

    Glad to hear you are relatively OK and able to post Munecito - could have been much worse

    As far as I know all bikes leak when they are on their side - well my last two both had lie downs in the dirt :oops:

    Assessors will determine what can and can't be fixed. You might be able to paint it black thanks to the insurance.
  8. Back from the hospital. Everything all right, a few bruises and pain.

    Tomorrow morning I'll call the insurance company and if they want me to I'll notify the police.

    I was very confused so I didn't think of calling the police. We have no witnesses because nobody stopped, not even the few riders that went by stopped to check.

    Anyway, I also can say that the protective gear saved me of a few nasty cuts in the shin (althought my shin and knee took some beating) I may need to get new boots, helmet and maybe draggins.

    I will be calling the insurance company first thing in the morning. I don't know if I can still report the incident to the police, although for the damage it can be seen that it wasn't my fault at all.

    I think it was sort of an advantage that it was the domi and not the cb250 I think it could have suffer more.

  9. That sucks man. Sorry to hear it. I can't say that this scenario surprises me though. Drivers do that no matter what is beside them, even if it's a truck! Bikes don't stand a chance.

    On the insurance, don't you have to (by law) call the cops if the total damage is estimated to be over $2500? I'd call the cops anyway if I was knocked off by another vehicle. No matter what the damage. It just makes things go a bit smoother. (in theory) A police report should help with an insurance claim.
    Also, if you have a cameraphone with you, take lots of pics. Most times they will admit fault and try to smooth thing over with you right there. Then later change their story and blame you. :evil:

    Best of luck with the whole thing, I think you may need it. :)
  10. Good to hear your alright, sounds like your bit of a stuntman, launching yourself into bins for a soft landing :grin:
    Hope your insurance company plays it right by you and doesn't stuff you around.....too much
  11. Hey Will,

    Bad new mate. All the best getting it sorted out, and for a quick recovery and back on the road.

  12. "Zip up, Dick."

    OTHER RIDERS DIDN'T STOP?!?!??? WTF??? what is wrong with these people? last year i was on the side of the road, out of gas. i watched 15 bikes go by before someone stopped. in the states, if you don't offer assistance to another biker of the side of the road, word gets around. everyone gives you shit, or worse if the situation calls for it.
  13. what is up with this robo-nanny automatic censorship program? im using the word 'dick' as a name, and its editing it. why is this program running anyway? are we not adults (in years, not maturity level. thats asking too much...)? WTF mod?

    D I C K
  14. OK mate, there are a couple of threads here at the moment with people being screwed over after an accident by the other party.

    You are required to report this to police. Just go to a station near where the accident happened.

    They will ask if anyone was injured and you will have to tell them you were. Take any hospital documentation with you.

    Chances are they will give the other guy a ticket, which is not always nice, when it was a genuine accident and the guy is trying to do the right thing. But given the other two threads floating around at the moment, it may be the best security for you.
  15. Will, sorry to hear about what happened hope you are ok and you get back on the road soon and with minimum fuss. Good Luck
  16. I put my claim through the insurance and they are contacting the driver. He called me a while ago to check if I was all right so he seems to be playing straight. Now I have to send my helmet to Melbourne and a quote for a replacement so thy can aprove it.

    My boots are scratched but I think they are still all right for riding. I'm going to take them to the shop and ask the guys there their opinion.

    I went to the police station last night but the policeman told me to put the claim through the insurnce company and if the guy doesn't want to admit liability to go back to the station.

    Now I have to get the paperwork rolling. Boring.

    Thanks to everyone for being concerned. The only dissapointment I still have is that no rider actullay stopped to check what happenned, not even when the bike was laying on its side and at least 8 rode by.

  17. I'm right with you here, I'm glad you were not seriously injured. I don't share Hornets comment above as I had exactly the same thing happen to me a while back, but my wrist was broken. I was actually stationary at the time too!! As I have said before, ride like every single driver has your photo taped to the dashboard!
  18. Glad to hear your relatively OK.
    First thing I thought when I read your baby was damaged was "streetfighter it !". :LOL: You were looking to modify the colours anyway... Maybe Supermotard it would be more appropriate but.
    That sucks dude. Unfortunatley that's the new, ugly, look out for numero uno social attitude that some people have adopted. Especially fairweather summer riders :p
  19. Good to hear it's working out ok.

    Do you have any pics of the damage? It would be great to keep for your own records... and to post for our curiosity. :grin:
  20. Sorry to hear it and hope you and your bike heal up soon!