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A car drove over my foot !!!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Polly, Aug 1, 2015.

  1. So yesterday I was riding home during peak hour after visiting my sick grandma.
    Was filtering through traffic cautiously as usual. As I was proceeding up the middle of the lane through traffic that was barely moving a Toyota Camry turned the steering wheel to get out of my way and then obviously way over corrected his steering after i passed.
    I stopped with my feet on the ground just in front of his car, i then felt a crazy amount of pressure rolling onto my foot, Looked down and the blue Toyota Camry had literally driven onto my foot!!! I screamed and hit his bonnet with my fist, at that point the driver had realised what was going on and hit the brakes which made it x10 worse for a second. I kept screaming, He then reversed off my foot I was incredibly sore but didn't feel broken, i was still in shock and gave him a thumbs up and rode home.

    No broken bones, The bottom of my foot is badly bruised and swollen, bit of a limp today but ready to ride tomorrow. Just really happy he didn't break my leg or hurt my 1 week old MT09.
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  2. Which foot?
  3. Ice it straight away.
  4. *Toyota Camry* That should have sent your spidey senses into overdrive.
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  5. Eeeooow.......must've been wearing some decent boots if no broken bones?
  6. Did you get xrayed to confirm no fractures? :)
    If not please do...unlikely but best to exclude
    Crush injury of the feet = serious, nasty and painful...keep an eye on the swelling and if no reduction whilst off it and you get pins and needle feelings or sharp stabbing pains go see a dr straight away please. You can have vascular damage and potentially compartment syndrome... :(
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  7. I think this must be common, a few threads about this over the years I think.
    Being a camry, the tyres pressure wouldn't have ever been checked, probably in the teens. Good news for you!
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  8. Yeeow.
    I occasionally wear steelcaps when riding to work, might have to rethink that...i wonder if that would be enough weight to collapse the cap down onto the toes and snip them off ? One for myth busters maybe.
  9. not a car
    a forklift maybe
  10. DarmacDarmac - Mythbusters did a few on steel caps already. Episode 42. Myth busted. Safer to have steel caps than not.
  11. Well, at least the new MT09 didn't get hurt, maybe a soothing chain lube and a nice rub over the tank with a soft polishing rag will help you both get over such a traumatic experience.(y)
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  12. And you have a great story! Need maybe to add something like "You could see the tread pattern on my toes."
  13. I was wearing casual shoes, if I had my full length boots on it wouldn't have made any difference. The swelling has gone down a lot today and bruising has started to go, enough for a decent ride this morning. Thinking back I'm 80% sure the driver was on the phone to his ear. It happened really quick so I'm not 100% sure and you know what's it's like when you get a big fright.
  14. I've had my feet run over a couple of times (although not braked on), but it wasn't that painful. It hurts, but a couple of hours later it was just a memory. I'd say motorcycle boots would make a lot more difference than you realise. In fact one of those times I just had on casual boots and it still wasn't that bad.