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N/A | National A call to arms

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Chef, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. The time to get smart and play the game has come. Not play the ball, not play the man.....but play the game.

    The game we're playing is called propaganda. And for those who have being following the game here in Victoria, we have sat and watched as the propaganda machine has been slowly turned up against us.

    The public (and more disconcerting, the riders) are slowly being brainwashed into believing a fallen rider only has themselves to blame. Every Vicpol press release proportions blame to the rider. Every TAC advertising campaign proportions blame to the rider.

    No mainstream media outlet in Victoria has run any positive stories about motorcycling in the past four years. The reason for this is outlined in this thread.... https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=124363
    The short of it is, there are a list of Motorcycling Countermeasures of which targeting motorcyclists in the media is one of them. It's clearly apparent that with the TAC's advertising budget they have enough pull to manipulate the media with the assistance of Victoria Police and they've done exactly that.

    Morris Blackburn and Associates, a law firm of considerable repute have decided to take it upon themselves to come out in the defense of motorcyclists. Through their dealings with the TAC on the behalf of motorcyclists, they have issued a press statement to the media in defense of motorcyclists in an effort to restore some balance against the propaganda being espoused against us.

    This quite obviously will be met with some resistance and wont go unchallenged in the media. It will become a story, or more to the point is becoming a story. We wanted positive media attention and we've got it.

    So the question becomes, how long have we got it for? What will we do with it?

    You have a choice. You could either sit here on Netrider and preach to the choir, or you could spend ten minutes writing your thoughts into a short letter to the Herald Sun. It's a very simple process and will make a difference I assure you.

    The nature of propaganda is, if you say something often enough people will believe it. Which would you prefer to be reading in the HUN tomorrow, letters from people shit canning Morris Blackburn and motorcyclists? or letters from us detailing how dangerous car drivers are?

    The 'retesting headline' is just that so ignore it. It's gotten the dialogue open. So what do you really want to say because now is your chance.


    Feel free to post your letters here after you've sent them.
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  2. #2 Dougz, Sep 12, 2011
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    On it. Will post when I get home.

    Thanks for the boot in the arse Cheffa
  3. Mine...

    Thanks bro :)
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  4. Will write it when I get home. Thanks Chef.
  5. I'm a driver. When I took up riding a motorcycle as well, other drivers told me I was nuts, that riding was dangerous. It's a commonly expressed notion and what it shows is that drivers recognise that driving skill is generally poor, otherwise the roads wouldn't be thought to be so dangerous. Maurice Blackburn's call to retest and retrain then is valid. If drivers are looking out for motorcycles then they'll be looking out for all manner of hazards and the roads will be safer as a result.
  6. Mine:

    The quote "Sorry mate, I didn't see you" is telling. The dangers to drivers who don't look properly are far less than the consequences they have on motorcyclists, bicycle riders or pedestrians. Drivers are essentially on the road in a cage, so most often when the odds go against them it's normally just a bit of panel damage on their part. As this article clearly outlines, motorcyclists are suffering because of poor roadcraft displayed by drivers. Motorcycles ride in the traffic with cars; they travel faster than bicycle and pedestrians; and they are more vulnerable in the event of a collision. Traditionally, bikes and bikers are blamed for problems caused by drivers - 'if they weren't there, they wouldn't get hurt'. Reminiscent of woman being to blame for wearing 'inappropriate' clothing maybe...? Address the root of the problem: drivers have to take responsibility for their behaviour. If they aren't prepared to become aware on the roads, they don't deserve to be there.

    lmao - typos and all
  7. Excellent work guys. Thankyou :)
  8. "Well done Maurice Blackburn & Associates! Motorcyclists have been marginalised, belittled and demonised (ref VicRoads/TAC) for way too long. It makes for a reassuring change to see an honest and balanced appraisal of some of the issues involved. Catherine Elliot nailed it – look and learn, both are ongoing processes. Vic Gvt, this is your wake up call."
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  9. Mine's pretty rubbish, but:
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  10. Mine, not as elequent as some but every 2cents adds up.

    I'm not a mexican, but **** the TAC.
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  11. Excellent work :)
    When the silent minority decide to speak every letter counts.

    I'll repost this here but can be discussed over there.

    This is worth a look, and has a link to their submission for the Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into Motorcycling

    The page also outlines the supporting document sent to the media for the press release.
    Note the variations between what was said by MB and what was printed by the media.


  12. The fact that motorcyclist have an abbreviation in common usage for not being seen - the 'SMIDSY' - Sorry Mate I Didn't See You - indicates that we're very aware of this event, and how often it happens. Normally it just results in some heavy braking or swerving, and a raised heart rate for the motorcyclist - often the car driver in question doesn’t even know it’s happened. Sometimes, the results are far more tragic.

    Unfortunately, we tend not to see things that we are not looking for. One of the most common comments I received from friends and family when I began riding motorcycles was how many more motorcycles there seemed to be on the road, which made them question how many they had missed seeing before. The number of motorcycles on the road hadn’t suddenly changed, but their awareness of them had.

    The constant calls to all drivers to slow down, the emphasis on speed as the cause of all accidents, is unhelpful. How slow do we need to be moving before a collision is safe? Walking pace? Its also a case of treating the symptom rather than the cause. Improve driver training and driver awareness - create better more aware drivers rather than just slower drivers, and perhaps we can reduce the number of collisions.

    The portrayal of motorcyclists as risk takers, implicitly suggesting we deserve all we get is also unhelpful, and shifts the onus entirely onto motorcyclists. If we get hit, its our fault - we shouldn't have been on a bike. Thank you Maurice Blackburn & Associates for your efforts towards providing some balance towards the generally negative view of motorcyclists pushed by VicRoads, TAC and VicPol.

    Thank you.

  13. The "Smidsy" or "Sorry Mate, I Didn't See You" accident is a constant and potentially lethal risk to the motorcyclist. Law firm Maurice Blackburn are to be commended for putting the spotlight for this type of accident firmly where it belongs - in most cases, the inattentive motorist. For too long, the motorcyclist has been wearing all the blame - the TAC and parliamentary committees firmly committed to eradicating motorcycling as a form of commuting, and denying motorcyclists their rightful place in the motoring world; a place paid for with registration and TAC dues, including additional levies for motorcyclists alone. It is time the TAC committed some of those funds where they count. Additional training and more stringent licencing for ALL road users can only benefit, and should be seriously considered rather than the blame game that currently pervades TAC advertising.
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  14. Chef, would you mind reposting the submission by the law firm, whilst it is on their site, it comes up with a notice that as I am in NSW that we are restricted from viewing it.
  15. just change your state to Vic and you can view it
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  16. Poll is currently very close to 50:50, so every vote counts.
  17. My contribution -

    Congratulations to Morris Blackburn and Associates for recognising the plight of motorcycle riders in Victoria. Motorcyclists are constantly seen as having a deathwish by the broader public. If you spend any time with them, you would see that the opposite is true, but that their passion drives them to doing something that is made dangerous by other road users.

    My recent trip to Thailand made me feel safer on a motorcycle in traffic there than over here, mostly due to the attentiveness, awareness and consideration that their road users have.

    Perhaps Australian drivers can learn to put down their distracting electronics for each trip, and then not have to look a biker in the eye some day and say "Sorry mate, I didn't see you."
  18. What poll?
  19. news.com.au are also running the story and they decided not to post my comments but i must say the ignorance of the people bllaming totally the lane splitting as the cause of the accident had me seeing red. i cant believe the stupidity of people they are sheep following the propaganda line