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A busy afternoon

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bangalla, Jun 27, 2007.

  1. I'd like to share some good news in amongst the tales of falls and drops, perhaps to remove a bit of gloom.

    I had an absolutely brilliant afternoon today. At two o'clock I was sitting at the RTA office in Albury awaiting my second riding test, my first having been a big fat failure because I botched my blinkers. This time I was determined that I wouldn't be riding home with an L plate affixed to the bike.

    The tester was the same one who failed me a week and a half ago but I was glad to see him, better the devil you know. The test was completely unexciting, as I was hoping for, right up until I locked up the back brake a little during the emergency stop. I backed off the rear and re-applied it, confident that the small skid wouldn't count against me. Thankfully that was the case and after a quick photo session, with glorious helmet hair, I had my unrestricted license.

    I pointed the little suzuki in the direction of the local Ducati dealership, my heart racing. This is what I've been waiting for since my wife agreed to let me get a bike, a ride out on a Ducati, the bike that's been my dream for a long time.

    This was a real moment of truth for me, I've had all of the anxious thoughts that people get when thinking about bigger bikes, what if I simply could not manage to ride my dream bike? Jumping onto the S2R was a bit confronting at first, not only was I going from a 250 to an 800cc V-Twin I was also riding something other than a cruiser for the first time.

    I found the foot-pegs, brake and gear lever without too much trouble and got ready to set off. I was completely unprepared for how tall the gearing would be on the Duke, this combined with a much heavier clutch meant that the first few blocks away from the dealership was a festival of stalls. A little bit of adjustment to what I was doing and all was well as I headed towards the open road.

    Riding on the highway on the Ducati was fantastic; the sounds, smells and the entire experience were just so good I grinned like a loon the whole time. As I overcame my initial trepidation and began to relax the bike just got easier to ride. The power came on smoothly and predictably, dispelling any fears I had about it being scary. The ride was comfortable, although an old thigh injury reminded me that a few stretches won't go astray if I'm to adopt this new seating position. The Duke handled easily, even when it started to rain half way through the ride.

    I think I'm in love. All my plans of dispassionately test riding a whole range of bike have all but gone out the window as the Ducati was everything that I'd hoped it would be. Now I just need to decide between red and black.

    So even on a cold, wet, windy day motorcycling dreams can come true.
  2. Congratulations on your achievement. Now for the thrills of a bigger bike. :grin:
  3. Excellent, excellent, excellent.

    Conrats on passing the license.

    My dream bike had been the S2R800 until last weekend when I had spoken to 2 different people about the bikes. Now I'm after the S2R 1000 instead.

    Cant wait until I'm off restrictions.

    Again, congratulations and good choice of bike.
  4. :woot: way to go bangalla. time to update your profile :deal:
  5. good for you!

    but how about, just for fun, go and ride a few others around the same capacity. pretty much zero chance of changing your mind, but each one you ride is another experience and another notch in the belt. test riding is so much fun - if my wife would let me do it every weekend, i would :grin:
  6. [​IMG]
    Wooohoooo Dave well done.

    So what was the sign on that bloody wall this week, giveway or stop? :LOL:

    Couldnt help ya self huh, had to go into online & jump on 'THAT' ducati
    Look on your face would have been priceless to see.

    So when you buying it, when you picking it up? :LOL:
  7. Congrats mate :p

    Cant wait to get off my retrictions and get my 1098 next year hehe :p

    Just on a side note is it really true that ducati servicing is a lot lot higher than to service a jap bike? and approximately how much would say a 12K service cost??
  8. A great yarn, well told! Congratulations, and welcome to the world as your oyster :).
  9. :grin: WOO HOO :grin:
    it is nice to hear some really good news, can't wait till
    i'm able to get off my l's.
    :grin: Soooooooooo happy for you :grin:
  10. Great news and top post - I though you'd already bought it :LOL:

    Tough choice to make, and no complaints about your shortlisted bike. But like Joel said, ride a few others. VTwins, twins, triples and maybe even a four - you never know something might grab you :cool:
  11. So once your off your L's in NSW theres no restriction on bike size?
  12. As mush as I like black bikes, a Duc has to be red.
    Great story mate and glad you got the indicators sorted out this time.
  13. Congratulations on your test passssssss
  14. Grats on new bike!! :cry: (green with envy)

  15. Yep - over 30, Gold Licence but can't pillion for a year
  16. Good to hear some good news for a change, and congrats mate :grin:
  17. Thanks for all of your kind comments, I feel like the proverbial kid in a candy store.

    There's a red one of those at the dealer that I was drooling over today. Coming from a cruiser I'm effectively learning from scratch again so I think the 800 will keep me occupied for some time to come. Besides, when I finally decide I need 'More Power' then perhaps there will be room in the shed for a Hypermotard.

    You are right of course. There are some other bikes I'd like to try, but today it was pretty hard to get past the excitement of finding that my dream bike was everything that I'd hoped it would be.

    Give Way, nope couldn't help myself, looked like a three year old who's found a stash of Freddo Frogs, put the wheels in motion to organise finance this afternoon.

    I haven't the faintest what the competition costs, but the salesman quoted me $400 for a 12k / 1 year service and $600 for the alternate service. That's on the '07 models of course, I don't know what older ones cost.

    That was my thinking too, but today I saw a 695 with a gloss black tank and red trellis frame :shock: it looked awesome. I'm not sure if you can get that combo on the S2R, I wouldn't go black on black.

    The only down side to the Duke is that my favourite coffee shop has a taxi rank outside it, it seems that the two will never meet :(
  18. :grin:

    ill b like that one day hopefully.

    gettin my mini Monster (VTR) soon, then up to the Monster when the time is right :grin:
  19. Listen to him. I didn't do that and regreted it afterwards. Now I get a feeling of "maybe this bike would be better" because I haven't riden one. Though all the bikes I have riden after I haven't liked as much as my bike now, there is still that feeling of wanting to try them to see if they are.
  20. Congrats! :grin: