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a broken heart it seems.....

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Maximus, Apr 8, 2007.

  1. when i was in the states met a girl who turned to be an aussie. fell in love with her and all that and decided to come over to oz and try my life out here. was born in czech republic though... everything was fine for all of those 2 years.not even a fight or anything. was absolutely perfect. and there you go.2 days ago she tells me she needs time to think about our relationship and stuff. out of the blue... not expecting it at all... and here i find myself sitting at a local servo...me,my bike and my back pack full of weird stuff that i packed up not even realising what i was packing really... so i'm sitting and going through my address book with all FIVE of them contacts in it trying to decide where to go and where to stay simply because she was everything i've had and ever wanted.... not looking for anything really posting this here.... just wanted to get it out of my chest and be heard probably... crashing down at my mates in mornington now... i guess time will tell.

    thanks for reading and listening.....

  2. Bummer dude! Know the feeling, as I'm guessing many do. Lifes not over, it's just beginning, you know what they say about one door shutting and another two opening, well you're standing in front of the two doors now.

    Never be afraid to be single!
  3. That's girl talk for there's someone else.

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. As they say "lifes a biatch and then you marry one" LOL

    Youl be right bloke, plenty of good chikies in Aussie.
  5. To make some light relief from this, you got the bike.. YOU WIN (so to speak)

    *thoughts with you dude* Wishing you the best and I go through this a bit, every now and then I 'need' a 1-3 day break usually just to get my thoughts in order regarding my relationship with my parter (almost 7 years now) before her, longest was 11 months and I've definitely broken up with more girls than have been broken up with because "I get bored" too easily. With that said, Each time I've taken a short break to think things over, I realise how much I do love Emma so there's hope with what's happening at present dude. Try not to let things bum you out too much mate, much more out in that nasty world to worry about. If you want a talk/chat, I'm on medical related holidays, just have to do physio from 10 (to 11 or 12 I guess? Not sure, just re-start again this week) on Tuesday and Thursday if you need people to chill with and sometimes strangers are the best. Just PM me if you wanna catch up :)

    Think about the good things and whilst on the bike, be a :biker:

    *edit* From your posts, you 'got it all' it seems bud. Tatts, play music, ride a motorbike, "from overseas". If "the worst" does happen, it will take you about a whole 2-3 nights out at pubs/clubs to meet women to umm, take your mind off things so don't worry about "little things" I like to say. As stated, I'm up for a hangout if ya need/want one :)
  6. thanks a lot guys for your support. i do tend to look at the bright side of things and am sure something positive will come out of that. if not our relationship back then definitely a good damn leeson to learn... dunno what is it yet,but i'm getting there.

    what sux the most is i don't have nail clippers with me :grin:
  7. Shit eh?

    Just don't take a leaf out of the "Scramble's Book of Dealing with Shit" and end up like this:


  8. Especially chickkies who love guys with Accents. Always recall ANY guy who had an accent would always get attention from "the fairer sex" at pubs/clubs. Just gotta either be upfront and speak to them so they hear the accent (I presume you still have one????) or have a friend who will be upfront for you. Easy as pie as they say :grin:
  9. i do still have the accent and i do get the whole accent question thing every now and then. rocked up to work today and one of the girls looked at me and said "oh i never realised you ride!!!that is so sexy..." i wasn't in the best shape though as didn't get much sleep the night before and stuff. god,my workplace is a blessing full of temptation!!!! especially now with the season going into the whole april-may thing when the levels of vitamins in female bodies hit the lowest levels(at least back home) they feel suprisingly and unexpectedly arroused....hm....what was i talking about.....
  10. Ya gotta do what i did and find a bad chick, much, much more fun :grin:
  11. gday maximus.
    i know everyone says theres plenty of fish in the sea. but ill bet you dont feel like anyother fish eh. you wanted that one.
    When i broke up with my bloke the (well meaning) girls at work were all sayin they knew pple that i could meet.
    I just smiled at em and said thanks. but i felt terrible. i was so hurt. i didnt feel like anything would make it better.

    Do take up offers to unload on your friends (or strangers)
    Dont isolate yourself
    Let yourself feel.
    Then let yourself heal. You will be alright.

    oh and i cheaked out your website. your pretty cute man. :grin:
  12. I could be adding to this post in a few days, getting very chilly in my household :shock:

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. ...or 3 :LOL: :twisted:
  14. ...or pop into Fri coffee nights in Mornington :)
  15. Realy?????????? :shock: do tell
  16. Just rallying more folk is all, they've been going for a coupla months now Woodsy, seeing as he's down this way... :)
  17. Hey Maximus, sorry you're going through some hard times :cry:

    Now's the time to just spend some time for you ~ enjoy your bike, hang out with your mates, make some new friends and try not to stress too much.

    There's a whole lot happening out there, try and have some fun :cool:
  18. +1 Absolutely the best way to deal with it. Spend time with friends, make new friends and stay distracted by other things. She may be all you want but the truth is, you need a whole lot more in life so enjoy those things for a while and time will heal the rest. :)
  19. I've always found time "alone" doesn't heal. A mate I grew up with in Indented Head (population like 60 people, mail doesn't get delivered - need to go to the general store to get it etc etc etc) moved back to his parents to heal. NO single girls live down there. Anyway, I did the same thing ages ago, moved back home for a bit after a bad bustup and caught up with him. I was "angry at all girls for a short period after the bad experience/time" and he seemed to feel the same. I thought he had also recently broke up with his gf.

    So here we are couple nights, drinking together, catching up on old times etc and his mum came home from work and heres us "bonding", chatting on how females "can be bad" blah blah blah. She walks in and says to my mate, "Can you get over her, it's been 3 years since you two broke up!" :shock: I thought it was a week/month at most. But 3 years, alone, getting more bitter about the bustup more and more, made him "a woman hater" kinda.

    Couldn't believe it. It made me realise that "spending time alone" only adds to the hurt. So I said let's go into Geelong to pub/club/pick up and he was over it. Spent soooooo long being a hermit, he just enjoyed getting drunk @ local pub "with the boys" who went home to their wives/girlfriends and he went home to his bedroom alone.

    I feel that the "time needed" is the time spent before you meet someone else, either a one night stand (or one of many :wink: ) or a rebound girlfriend who you spend time with and "fall in love with" until the rebound novelty thing wears off and you come to your senses.

    Moral is from me, if the (sexual/boyfriend - girlfriend) relationship is over, best way to get over it is just move on and "get with someone else". It's always been the easiest/quickest way I know and from subsequent talks with (male + female) friends, this seems to be true with most/all people ultimately. Just try not to dwell on lost love and let it get to you. I'm glad I've only ever been broken up with by only 3 or 4 girlfriends at most and the rest, I've done the breaking up with. Thinking about it, I guess I've had about 30ish "full time" girlfriends (any girl I spend time with more than 3 or 4 nights 'for fun') and as earlier stated. I seemed to feel closed in/bored with relationships quite easily but I'm over the moon with the relationship I have with Emma, she's put up with me for about 6 1/2 years, something has gotta be working right there :grin: :grin:
  20. Time to dig out ya thermals :wink: