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A* boots and Peter Stevens?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by AcidTrip, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. Soooo as some are aware, I purchased my motorbike on Thursday night and I've been clocking up a decent amount of clicks on it in sheer enjoyment. I got to my girlfriends place today and she asked what happened to my boots, which I bought two weeks ago and have only travelled 200km in.

    As it would seem, it looks like two massive sc****s on both toes on an angle that make it impossible to be a ground scape (no damage to front of rubber sole) and the leather is terribly cracked on the bike side of both boots. I jumped on my bike to see what it could be and it seems the heat of the engine has destroyed my leather! A huge WTF moment there!

    I'm going to call Peter Stevens tomorrow and see what they can do for me, but I think it's pretty ridiculous that a $260 pair of A* Gortex riding boots can be destroyed by the heat produced from a bike at normal operating temperature. I tried searching and there doesn't seem to be too much info on how PS operates with A* gear. Considering they're my one and only pair of boots and they've had a riding life of 3 days, can I demand a different pair of boots out of sheer shittyness of the A* brand?

    I'll be fairly pissed off if I have to leave my bike alone for 2 weeks while I wait for a crap pair of boots to get repaired ... Will not be impressed at all ...
  2. A* are not in ties with PS, as they are imported by Monza Imports.
    I don't work in the motorcycle industry but I have worked in retail long enough (10+ years) to know that anything that is a warranty issue is not handled by the retailer, but by the wholesaler; Monza, in this case.

    Just giving you a heads up dude, don't get shitty if they don't bow to your command and give you a new pair on the spot, just understand that there is a fair chance they will have to send the boots back to Monza and let them assess them, as they are the company that puts the warranty on them, not the retailer, who is simply selling them to the end user.

    Also, read thru ANY warranty details, it will be 99% likely to state "repair or replacement warranty, up to the manufacture's descretion", or words to that effect.
    The other thing to note is that "shipping or postage costs will not be covered under warranty", meaning PS is not obligated to cover the post back to Monza, but they may have a sales rep that comes around they can give them to, next time he's in the store (usually once a month).

    jus' sayin' jumping up and down to PS for something that's not their fault will achieve nothing.

  3. Same blokes own Monza and PS


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  4. I won't jump up and down at Peter Stevens for selling a crap product, but I will get very narcy if they say "tuff tits, nothing for you for 6 weeks while our parent company sort this out. In the meantime, may we interest you in another pair of overpriced crap boots?"

    My receipt shows I purchased them last Saturday, I started riding on Thursday, and on Sunday they were rooted. I rode into work today and it's only getting worse. It's definitely the heat from the engine that's destroyed them, but the funny thing is if I touch my denim they don't feel hot at all.

    Think I'll steer clear of A* in the future ... I'll take them back at lunchtime today and see what they say!
  5. Have you got a model name? could be a bad batch, as alpinestars are usually quite good. In fact I bought a second hand pair recently that have seen a bit of touring use and apart from the yellowing white logo and a few nicks arent really showing wear.
  6. They're the A* Web Goretex leather boots. I took them back yesterday, manager initially wouldn't even come say this to me in person. He said that what happened was "general wear and tear" and PS will offer no assistance. Despite the boots having seen 3 days of riding and 200km travelled, they looked like they were 10 years old. Sent the sales assistant to tell the manager to put it in writing so I can take it to Consumer Affairs for their verdict. Manager promptly comes running down and says they'll send it back to Alpinestars (ie; Monza).

    I had to worm a pair of loan boots out of them, seeing as I have nothing else to ride in. If Monza refuses to replace them, or it happens again, I'll be going straight to Consumer Affairs. PS are more than happy to take your money, but when you need help from them you need to threaten them with Consumer Affairs to do anything. Pathetic. Won't be buying gear there again!

    You spend $260 on boots, I'd expect them to last at least two years before major deterioration. Very low heat cooked them to bits. My denim wasn't even warm when I got off the bike!
  7. This bloke helped me out when I had heated grips issue only recently, seemed a genuine concerned about customer service kind of guy, kept in touch via email regulalry, I'd give him a ring, mention he had helped me and mention 'Netrider' as well..

    Peter Lauder
    Assistant Accessories Manager
    Peter Stevens Motorcycles
    339 Elizabeth Street
    Melbourne, VIC, 3000
    Ph: (03)9602 5833
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  8. Cheers for that Goddie, I'll wait out to hear from them within the next few days. If there's no dice I'll give Peter a call and get this mess sorted!
  9. Did you take any pictures?
  10. can you please pm the Peter Steven's store.... im interested to know which one it is (though i can take a fair guess) just keep in mind that all the stores are run differently so while one has crap customer service, doesn't mean another is the same
  11. Sure did! I'll get them off my phone and upload them!

    I'll PM you now!
  12. Note that I purchased these last Saturday, and purchased my bike on Thursday. In between Thursday night and Sunday night I had ridden a top of 200km. The boots look like they've been all around the eastern seaboard.


    Front of the boots looks like they've been sc****d to hell, despite never having been sc****d. No damage to the rubber soles on the front which would indicate dragging. Leather just deteriorated.


    Although it doesn't really show in the pic, the left side of the boot (ie; left side of stitching) is all dried, cracked and beginning to peel off when you run your finger alongside it. Right side is perfectly fine with no damage.


    Better picture to show the deterioration, even though the pic isn't as clear as I would have liked ... Leather when purchased was smooth and shiney. Now its flakey, dull and cracked. Same story on both boots.
  13. Wow

    I must say, from that 1st photo if it were me behind the counter at PS i would be very septical - certainly looks like its been scr aped

    The toes look like my old safety boots used to when kneeling at work

    Good luck

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  14. Exactly the problem cougs - it's so hard to believe particularly after 3 days of use. Problem is, if they'd been sc****d the rubber sole would have some scratch marks on it too but it does not. Leather is just deteriorating from riding. It got worse after every ride as well.

    Inside heels of the boot deterioration can't be explained either. When I stop riding I pulled my gloves off to feel my denim and they weren't hot at all, so why have the boots cracked all up the sides too? Faulty pair of boots without question. If they do decide to deny it, I already have a case file ready to go with Consumer Affairs.
  15. I'll have to check my boots when I get inside (locked out haha). I don't think my rubber is worn but my leather is and I do drag my toes. It was worn only after a couple of days too. Are you sure you aren't dragging? Has someone watched you take off and stop?
  16. Sure have Aly - Had the girlfriend trail me in her car for a bit to see where there's any possible dragging and there was no contact with the ground or anything on the bike. The loan pair I've got have been fine, and in the last 30 hours I've put around 300km on them without any marks at all. Do you have the same A* boots?

    And how did you lock yourself outside? Aren't your house keys with your bike keys? Good effort in my books! =P
  17. No, mine are Dainese boots. Hope you get new boots.

    oh and Cockhead housemate who likes to play games would be the answer.
  18. Heh, yeah housemates explains a lot. I know how that feels! Just break their bedroom window and climb in!

    In hindsight I would of gone the Dianese. Made in Italy. I trust the Italians much more than I trust the Croatians, seeing as my girlfriend is Italian ...
  19. And the matter is now before Consumer Affairs. That Peter from Monza really could use a lesson in customer service/relations. For someone who's job revolves around him dealing with people, he sure doesn't like dealing with people!

    I'll be joining the very long list of people that go to PS to try gear on and then buy elsewhere it seems!
  20. Did it have the scuffs on the front of the toes when you purchased them at the shop ???
    Sorry but I doubt it. If they did you would have seen that. Well I am guessing. you might have been pretty excited but those stand out like dogs balls.
    And that might be the lynch pin in your case.
    WTF have YOU done to them. You might find you are having to prove your innocence.
    Not having a go. Just giving you a heads up.
    They are going to say look at what he did in such a small time. What has he done to the boots. And unless this has been a common problem. You will have to prove your innocence.
    I don't make the rules but that's how they will play thins.
    Hope that gives you enough to be prepared for it.