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A bit struggling with gearbox

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by DenV, May 11, 2012.

  1. Well it all happens so quickly.
    Finished my pre-larners course on Friday, next Monday got my L's and on Wednesday have become a Proud owner of 2009 GS500.

    Put a couple of hundred kilometres on it so far and found that downshifting sometimes can be challenging, it seems like it bottoms on 3rd gear and does not want to change lower. Not often, but happened few times.
    Now I know that as I will get more of a feel for it it'll improve, but could it also be that the gearbox is not run-in yet? The bike only clocked 2.7k
  2. could be due for oil change? some oils make a gearbox more 'clunky'
    doing short fast shifts?
  3. The oil is about 1 thousand K old, according to previous owner first service happened at 1600km
    Did not have a problem shifting up fast,
    downshifting I'm a bit more gentle
  4. I'm thinking you might be trying to change down to early. Or too late.
    There is a little window in the rev range where you dont even need the clutch. Changing up or down. The further you go from this in the rev range, up or down will make the shifting harder.
    Practice will bring familiarity. And thus confidence
  5. Try and change in both directions at same speed!!
    Does the bike have service history to confirm when last oil change was?
    If not, and you know how to change the oil, wouldnt take more then 20 mins to change the oil if you are equipped for it.
  6. I doubt it's the bike. If you know an experienced rider have them ride it, or a test ride by the dealer to check it out will soon find a fault if one exists.

    It may be a simple case of you not lifting your foot high enough off the gear lever for it to return correctly. You adjust the gear lever down a notch, or wait till you've adjusted to it's current position.
  7. what speed are you moving at when trying to change down ?
  8. I don't think its a bike either, just thought it might get a little smoother over time
    Another couple of rides and some more observation revealed that its never a problem to downshift when bike is moving
    Only when I'm silly enough not to shift down before stopping and then torturing the gearbox when stationary
  9. we all have to do that at some stage. let the clutch out a bit , not quite to the friction point and it will then usually let you change down when you pull it in again.
  10. Wha!? Cheeses!... You could have included the most important bit of info concerning the whole matter! Grrr!
  11. ha ha ha ha
  12. Bikes don't have syncro's, so they don't change well when stopped at all. That's why they teach to you to bang down the gears as much as you can while doing an emergency stop.

    If you do find yourselft stopped in anything but first or neutral, rock the bike back and forth and half let the clutch out a few times. It will eventually line things up so you can change.
  13. Well I did not realize that myself, after first rides I only remembered that I was having problems.
    Sorry to make you mad and thanks for the help anyway