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A bit of trouble with a new set of pipes.

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Jordan91, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. Hello all

    I've just bought my first bike, the reccomended XVS650 Vstar custom 2009. Of course, the first thing I looked in to was a set of aftermarket pipes, and after some looking around I bought a set of Vance and Hines' short shot staggared. Overall, the system sounds great, but (and I had anticipated this) there is a small amount of backfire.

    I phoned around a bit, and one mechanic told me that it was just a simple adjustment to the carbuerators and the backfiring would cease. Another mechanic said I had to purchase a rejetting kit, hypercharger, V&H fuel controller, and get him to install all that and give it a dynotune, but still no guarentees that the backfiring will cease with this particular exhaust. I have two opinons, each at opposite ends of the spectrum. Has anybody out there had the same problem and found a solution?

    Thanks for any help you guys can give.
  2. it's not unusual.
    you'd start with adjusting carberators... does it have carberators? 2009?
    if not enough adjustment maybe need rejetting... maybe get away with drilling out the pilot.
    and if that did'nt sort it you'd need the fuel controller.
    hypercharger you don't need, but you should get one anyway because they look ****ing cool... but that's just going to ram in more air, so need more fuel.
    so then, you'd adjust carbeurators... does it have carbeurators? 2009?
    if not enough adjustment maybe need rejetting... maybe get away with drilling out the pilot again., but by this stage i doubt it
    and yeah it probably will still backfire a little occasionally, but not a big deal.

    i kinda get the impression the second mechanic has sorted this make/model bike before.. and i think he intends to make it go like a bat out of hell, so i'd go with him
    you're going to be up for a few bob though, but then, the first mechanic is just going to keep ringing you up and saying "ok we're going to do this and it will cost this much extra.
  3. actaully if you are just putting the short shots on, you don't need to rejet.. do that only if you add a hypercharger or other big air kit.. the popping on decel can be greatly reduced to nothing just by removing or pluging the AIS system on the xvs650.

    the V&H fuel controller will gain you nothing if you ask me, i don't know of any one that recommends them for that model.