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A bit of smoke.

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Guru, May 21, 2009.

  1. OK hey guys, following on from the bike cleaning adventure thread, i high pressure hosed the engine etc, first sprayed degreaser, hosed it, then let it dry, and sprayed it with kero, then hosed it off again. After it dried, i tried starting it up, it turned over quite a bit prolly cause of the cold, then eventually started no dramas. Only thing, there was quite a bit of smoke coming from the engine and pipe, BUT, the amount of smoke did reduce pretty quickly. Is this just the excess residue from the degreaser and kero being burnt off from a hot engine, or should i be worried?
    Thanks guys.

  2. I think that you missed some kero and it was burning off.
  3. sometimes a good idea to run the bike as you hose it down..helps sto nasty water entry and post wash smoking
  4. but you dont want a hot engine + toothbrush becaues that means melting plastic onto engine.
  5. but i guess you could also read that i said 'as you hose it down' thus at this point in time there is no toothbrush involved. the external temp of the engine / cases wont melt a toothbrush anyway unless you leave it there and go do a few burnouts.