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A bit of market research

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by vic, Sep 9, 2006.

  1. Folks,

    I'm doing a bit of market research and was wanting peoples feedback on a few issues.

    Frustrations is what I am after, frustrtations with tchnology.

    By technology, I mean,


    video messaging
    photo messaging
    voice calls
    home phones


    Maps like whereis, street-directory etc
    Directories like yellow/white pages
    search engines
    direct shopping etc


    Digital Music i.e mp3 players
    Pay TV
    Video/DVD players
    online gaming

    Last but not least, telco providers.

    If you can have a think about what annoys you about the above and reply here with some of your responses I would be greatly appreciative.

  2. Well, how about to start with, the street in which Stookie lives is incorrectly named in whereis.com, but correctly in whitepages.com.au. If they have access to the same databases, who's asleep at the wheel when it comes to copy-proofing?
  3. I love having a bit of a whinge...
  4. Communication,

    texting = yep sms often, but once it reaches the 3rd sms to same person on the same subject, I just end up calling.

    msn = Use Trillian.

    video messaging = Hardly use it

    photo messaging = Hardly use it

    voice calls = dont use it

    PIM = dont use it

    home phones = Read your ph bills people, you be surprised just what your paying for, & not actually using, thanks to Telstra & what they pass on to your provider. Regualy pay a visit to there site, see whats on offer.Last time I did this was when bundled our broadband with home home, ditched all the Telstra crap (including the rent they charge you on handset. Why pay that if you went out & brought your own?)


    Maps like whereis, street-directory etc = nope dont even bother, go straight for the Melways etc.

    Directories like yellow/white pages = nope dont even bother, go straight to the books have stached in cupboard.

    blogs = nope dont even bother, last time I took a look @ one, so much crap to wade through.

    search engines= google mainly. But there is a trick on how they rate sites.

    direct shopping etc = depends what I'm after.


    Digital Music i.e mp3 players = Yeah kids have one each but they use them more for putting homework on for school.

    TV = 4 tv's in this house. Couple of shows we watch @ night. Just dont bother during the day, unless its V8's. bikes, football ... yep this a boys house. I do take control of it @ times :LOL:

    Pay TV = Ditched Austar, paying way to much for only the few chanels we were watching.

    Video/DVD players = 1 video, 3 dvd's players in this house.

    Gaming = Playstation.

    online gaming = nope

    Last but not least, telco providers. = Hate telstra with a passion. Wouldnt touch em to scratch em. Also someone in that mighty ivoy tower has made a mess of the area codes on the border. Even though I'm in NSW area code is 03 & yet Wodonga ( as we all know is VIC ) area code is 02
  5. TV - bronco's losing last night.....oh wait, thats not a complaint :LOL: :LOL:
  6. Remind me to slap you Joel :p

    Carn folks, is that it you lazy sods?

    Type a few responses to the above questions.

    I need these by this Wednesday.

  7. Sh*ts me that i can't control how many times my mobile rings before it goes through to voice message.
    I always miss it by >< that much!
  8. entertainment;

    tv; invasive advertising. run too long and too often. breaks need to be no longer than 2 mins and no sooner than 8mins

    pay tv; invasive advertising. some breaks [not including the breaks between shows] are just as long as free to air tv.
  9. Communication,

    texting - the buttons on phones are getting smaller and smaller. Next, you'll need a pin just to push them!!
    msn - is a piece of MS shite.
    voice calls - dropouts are a pain in the rear end, and coverage is often carp. You also tend to get a lot of interference.


    Maps like whereis, street-directory etc - whereis is awesome.
    Directories like yellow/white pages - The Yellow Pages maps STILL don't show the area I live in. The suburbs are 10 years old!
    blogs - Tend to be boring, but there's some really good ones.
    search engines - sorting through the results
    direct shopping etc - You always need a g***amn Credit Card!!!


    Digital Music i.e mp3 players - Compatability with non-proprietary software and Operating Systems. Cost. They're still pretty expensive.
    TV - reception needs improving in some places
    Pay TV - too expensive to bother
    Gaming - They're all bl**dy CONSOLE GAMES!! Whatever happened to PC gaming?? And it all needs Windows. And a really expensive system.
    online gaming - Pay for the game. Then pay for a subscription to the servers....

    Last but not least, telco providers.
    They don't provide good internet. We could ALL have access to 8Mbps internet IF they'd get their BUTTS into gear.
  10. You can with the right handset.

    Hint, find someone with a handset that allows you to do that and stick your SIM Card in their phone and set it up they way you want and then put your SIM back in your phone and it should work. That's what I did for my phones.
  11. texting. Handy but sometimes just easier to call
    msn love it, especialy new version so you can leave off line messages.
    video messaging dont use
    photo messaging dont use
    voice calls much prefered, but people tend to ring for no reason.
    PIM ???? WTF
    home phones. Dont have one, whats the piont of a home phone and having to pay the bill when i never use it.


    Maps like whereis, street-directory etc some times handy but tend not to be up to date.
    Directories like yellow/white pages havent used since i discovered the net ones
    blogs dont update mine enough, dont know if any one ever reads the shit on there anyway
    search engines Google all the way
    direct shopping etc love it, the less i have to go to the shops the better


    Digital Music i.e mp3 players Generic brands all the way for me
    TV mostly crap, lucky if i watch 2 hours a week
    Pay TV yeah right, you want me to PAY to watch crap? i dont think so.
    Video/DVD players may be watch a pirated DVD once a month, love the boxed sets of serieses etc.
    Gaming nope, dont own PS or x box etc, too many fun things to do in life to sit playing games
    online gaming See above

    Last but not least, telco providers. TELSTRA all the way, for the size of Aussie and our small population i think they do a good job and if you get a problem you dont here "oh sorry we dont provide the line/phone/blah,blah you have to ring your service provider"
  12. Sorry, Telstra are a pack of incompetent morons!
    I live in a normal residential street, I was told when I moved in that there were no lines left in the stret, and I would have to pay to install a new 16 pair cable in the street, at around $3000, or wait till they got around to upgrading!
    So I just said forget it, and rang them back in 3 months, and was connected in a week! No Telstra works had happened in teh street during that time. But they got their internet (ie cash cow) cables up pretty quick when a very few people in my street wanted cable...............
    Then, I had crossed lines and static for 8 months, during which time 3 technicians came in and found "nothing wrong". Sure. So fourth technician came in, checked the main exchange, and found my wires had been incorrectly installed!
    Yeah, Telstra great...riiiiiight.

    Back on topic:
    What I hate is technology that promises to be faster and easier than teh old methods, but is not.

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. GPS in my car sometimes claims that "your destination is ahead on the right" when it's actually on the left and vice versa.
    The street numbering has been entered wrongly into the database :roll: .

  14. Dead set, it's that easy! Thanks mate, I'll give it a go. Years of frustration is making my eye twitch.