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A bit of help please

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by charliechops, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. Hello all...This would be a typical question for a newbie like myself on a forum such as this no doubt. I'm looking at buying my first 50cc scooter.I will only really be using it for commuting locally (radius of about 45km from my house). I have been looking at a BUG Jive $2300 or a Peugeot Blaster 50cc $4500. Is it worth spending the money on something like the Peugeot? Can you put an exhaust on the Jive to make it go a little (I stress that bit) quicker.Any suggetions would be great.Cheers. :grin:

  2. if you want it to go a little quicker then why not buy one with bigger CC's?

  3. Yeah I agree, 45kms on a 50cc would be murder. At first you may not think you need the extra power but believe me you will after a couple of weeks on a 50cc.
  4. agreed, consider getting your license and then getting a bigger scoot.

    but if thats not an option, then i would personally go for the Blaster, yeah it costs more but is a shite load better and faster than the other ones.
  5. 45 km on 50cc! :eek:

    I know I couldn't do it.

    I'm with the others, get more CC's. It would be safer too.
  6. 50cc scoots are fine for back streets and running around the corner to the shops but that is all they are good for. Anything used for travelling further than about 3kms on a regular basis would be better bigger IMO.
  7. Thanks for the advice.Looks like I will be saving a few extra bills...not to mention hiding it from the wife.I guess I just got a little excited about getting one.The BUG is something a could get now, but after these responses I suppose I will play the waiting game.Cheers for ya help...sigh.....
  8. Don't give up yet. Isn't the bug Hawk 250 around the same price as the Puegot 50? I've ridden the Hawk and it's a pretty good little thing. I almost enjoyed riding a scooter!javascript:emoticon(':moped:')
    Scootin' moped
  9. don't get dejected mate

    i suggest you go and hire one for a couple of hours and see for yourself. the hard thing to do when you hire one is try not to get so excited that you dont consider both positives and negatives.

    and when you hire one, cruise round on the back streets for a while to get used to the whole 2 wheels thing but then make sure you take it out onto a highwat or main road where the traffic is doing 60-70km/hr and see what its like.
  10. You have me thinking Charlie
    have you actually ridden before ?
    have you ridden even a push bike or driven a car in the streets you live around ? and to the location you will be travelling to>from
    now i am certainly Not being nasty please do not take me that way at all ,i ask because on a scooter you will be predominantly slower than most of the flowing traffic and will be confronted with many stressed and cranky drivers first thing in the morning especially, please know that i have ridden for many years and even a 45 klm ride for me is a mind blowing experience through heavy traffic and i will not ride without Full gear on ,i do not think scooters are safer than any other bike i speak from experience actually i used to ride one years ago when i was pregnant ,you may say yeah but the bikes are better now than back then,hunny i see no difference as actually there are a Lot more traffic now than back then ,i honestly wish you good luck in your search ,please go and do a free ride skills test session, SENNEY knows the details of these in melbourne

  11. mine is 150cc brand new and its a lil whizz u could afford a brand new one pretti much
  12. hey for the knida coin you'd pay for a Blaster, i'd be getting a Piaggio Liberty 125.

  13. I'm a cyclist at heart...I have been riding for many years, escaping the wrath of angry motorists not too happy to be sharing the road with a cyclist.I do understand what you are saying and appreciate the thought.In QLD you don't need to get a licence for anything below a 50cc(as you are well aware i'm sure).So it was really for a quick fix to get a 50cc
  14. Uh huh aharr :idea: i understand what you mean exactly :wink:
    i lived in Cairns with one of my brothers for nearly a year(palm cove actually :grin:

  15. Take the time and get your licence and go bigger I am only a learner and find my 100cc a little too small especially if your talking highways...If you are a cyclist you will have no probs. Just try to be a little patient because you will just end up wanting a bigger one in a couple of weeks or so!!
  16. I bought an unmodified Aprillia SR50 second hand a couple of months ago. It will do 75-80 on the flat and returns 50km/l. I found it okay on all suburban roads but does slow down to 50km/h going up some hills.

    I think its the best investment I've made in a long time. I will probably upgrade to a 200cc+ bike or scooter next year, but it is currently adequate for my needs. For the first month I was riding it 35kms each way to work and it was ok. I stuck to the backstreets and had no problems.
  17. how much u pay for this machine?