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A bit of fun and imagination required!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by lowercase, Jan 4, 2008.

  1. Okay, had a look around, couldn't see a similar thread...

    If you could have all the vehicles you wanted? What would they be? My list probably changes weekly...

    But I'd want 3 bikes. My current beautiful beast (Chad) for weekends (only in good weather). A big fast beast for weekdays and just thrashing it on the way to work (wouldn't care too much about leaving it in the weather). And also a tourer with cd-player and heated handlebars and seat and tonnes of room etc.

    Cars - I'd probably want a combie van that I can paint myself so it's funky and colourful. Also a ute so everything is practical and useful. And one of those old beasts, like a Rolls Royce or something... And a landrover or whatever so I can go 4WDriving!!

    Keep in mind - it's all just things we WANT lol.

  2. my three are h1 hummer,40'+ riviera flybridge game fishing boat and a ducati 900ss
  3. mm, it has been asked several times before, but it's worth another gallop.

    Bike classic: Silver Ducati 900SS (with the electrics fixed, puhleeze)
    Bike current: 2008 Honda Hornet 600

    Car classic: 1978 Triumph 2500TC
    Car Current: Mazda 6 hatchback with all the good stuff, mustard yellow.

    Investment vehicles:
    Ron Thorpe's 289 AC Cobra
    David McKay's 250LM Ferrari

    Plus a big dog to guard them all!!!
  4. Bikes:
    750 Katana (Check)
    1100 Katana
    Moto Guzzi V10 Centauro
    Some sort of Cafe Racer

    Toyota MR2 SW20 (Check)
    Fiat 850 Sports (anyone got one and wanna swap for an Alfa 33 Ti?)
    Alfa Romeo Brera (someday [-o<)

    Dream vehicles:
    Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale (greatest car ever made)
    Yoshimura 1135R

    I'd also want to not have to work so I'd actually have time for them all ;).
  5. Cars..
    aerial atom, audi rs8

    05 zx6r

    I will have each of those bikes someday :)
  6. Cars, I don't want a car/s.

    A commuter/stunt bike, a zx6r and a 250/400.
    Weekend thrash bike, zx10r 04/05/08, gsxr1000.
    For the hell of it a turboed zx10r.

    Im easy pleased nothing to fancy.

    Edit: All the bikes would have to be fully modded stopping short of the engine.
  7. bikes: Turbo K6 GSXR1000 just because! =P~
    My K5 GSXR600, she always treats me right.
    RGV250, love the little whippersnippers and kickstarting is the best way to keep fit.

    cars: 69 RS Camaro
    07 SRT10 Dodge Ram
    07 Liberty GT

    I limited myself to 3 of each or else I wouldn't finish till sometime tomorrow. I would own any bike as long as I had something to ride. Even the worst bike is better than no bike.
  8. Suzuki GSXR750 - for getting places quick.
    Triumph Sprint ST 1050 - for touring.
    KTM Superduke - for killing the streets.
    Honda CR450F dirtbike - for killing the scrub.
    Suzuki Boulevard - for cruising.
    Turbo postie bike - for the lulz.

    All most recent models.
  9. All the vehicles that I want ...

    Green ZX9R - for commuting
    Green ZX9R - for ride days
    Green ZX9R - for cruising
    Green ZX9R - for noob stunting once I get some balls
    Green ZX9R - just because

    Honda NSX - there is nothing better
  10. Cars
    *Cool:Ford P5 Landau, with some serious work done
    *Go nuts:Landrover Defender with all the bits...and a crazy engine while im at it
    *For Getting round fast: <Insert rediculously fast sportscar name here>

    *Streetfightered turbo hyabusa...
    *KTM 690 SM

    ahhh back to work to earn the dollars...nah fcukit early weekend
  11. Vincent Series C (Black Shadow/Lightning bonus but not mandatory)
    Coventry Eagle 'Flying 8'
    Genuine BSA Rocket Goldstar *check*
    Moto Morini 3 1/2 Sport (The earliest model with the drum front brake)

    Just to have a ride on the 1955 Moto Guzzi V8 GP Racer and/or Mike Hailwood's 250cc Honda 6

    1956 Studebaker Golden Hawk
  12. :LOL: @ G2teg. My list -


    - Yellow Ferrari 355 Spyder (cuz it's hot, and it's yellow) for cruising and open road fun
    - Beefed up Suzuki Sierra for bushbashing
    - Atom - for track fun!


    - KTM RC8. Love the look, and would go like crazy I reckon.
    - That psycho Aprilia 550cc dirt bike
    - BMW 1200GS to tour the world.

    Plus a model "T" Ford, an original Bonnie, and an endless list of other classics
  13. Bikes:

    2008 CBR1000rr
    2008 CBR600rr
    2008 ZX10r
    any KTM dirt bike


    2006 Subaru Liberty STi
    Toyota Hilux
    Ford XR6 turbo ute
    1967 Shelby Mustang GT 500

    .... Lotto [-o<
  14. Cars: something that doesn't shit itself and can carry big things.


    Triumph speed triple 2005+ - for hooning
    Suzi GSXR1000 K6 - for hooning
    Suzi V-strom 650 - for comfort & dirty touring
    KTM 625 chookie - for dirty action
    Various 250 2-stroke and 400cc 4-stroke chookies - for dirty weekends with mates
    Aprilia/Husky supermoto - for hooning
    Triumph Daytona 675 - for hooning
    Harley fat boy custom - for posing
    Norton Commando - for dignified slowness
    KTM Superduke 2 - for hooning
    MotoMorini 9 1/2 - for hoonish commuting
    Hayabusa - for hooning
    Goldwing 1800 - for touring and improbable wheelies
    Slabbie or Bandit streetfighter - for posing
    Ducati Hypermotard - for hooning
    Aprilia RSV Mille - for hooning
    MV Brutale/Morini Corsaro Veloce - for looking at
    Honda CR500 2-stroke - for scaring the shit out of people
    Gilera Fuoco - for hooning
    Suzi GSXR750 - for hooning
    Honda RVF400 - for hooning
    Kawasaki ER-6N - for hooning
    Classic Harley bobber - for putting about on
    Yamaha R1 2004 - for hooning and looking at
    Triumph street triple - for hooning
    Gilera Nexus 500 - for giggles
    Y2K Superbike - to test the warranty claim of 400kmh guaranteed
    BMW F800 with dorky plastics ripped off - for hooning
    Triumph Rocket 3 - for hooning and scaring small children
    Honda VTR250 - for hooning
    Honda Hornet 900 - for sensible riding. No wait, for hooning.
    Dook Desmosedici - for hooning
    Aprilia RS250 - for hooning
    Hyosung GT250R - to park out the front

    I'm not sure that really covers it for me yet.
  15. Cars:
    Lamborghini LMA OO2 V12 4WD
    Mad Max's Interceptor -- but with real supercharger
    Porsche Cayenne Turbo 'S'
    Maybach 62S

    Marine Turbine Technologies Y2K
    BMW R1200RT
    Suzuki Intruder VS1400, modded
    Triumph Speed Triple
    Moto-Guzzi Norge
  16. Bikes:
    Superduke 990 R - Fun and to kill my license
    600 or 1000 Track bike - with heaps of spares
    CBR600F3 - Commuting

    Lots of spare time and a fulltime free pass to any MC track in aus.
    Trailer for track bike

    Wagon (v6 or 8) with tow bar and good stereo.
  17. i think i'd like an
    m1 abrahams tank for ground transport
    and for air, an apache gunship
  18. Bike:
    Silver my SV cos I like it,
    Triumph Tiger for long tours, with cool trailer like the one I saw on Gt Ocean Rd late 2006,
    VFR800 for short tours,
    POS 250 for nipping to the shops in the rain.

    pre 1975 Mini Cooper with twin fuel tanks,
    1960's MGB GT, with chrome bumpers and soft top for whizzing about.
    1950's MGA, hard top and very shiny and red, cos I want one.

    I'll keep both of my bicycles too. :grin:
  19. #19 Pinx, Jan 4, 2008
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    Umm... I've won lotto? :grin: :grin: Some of this might be a little far fetched, but it's my garage :p

    * A couple of track bikes (so I don't have to worry toooo much). I'd start with 600s, coz that's what I'm used to, but that might change.
    * GSXR750 for the days I want a little more grunt, but not 1000 levels.
    * Hornet600 coz they're so comfy and easy - for when I can't be stuffed.
    * Something with plenty of storage, but not too heavy - for travel. Not sure what that would be.
    * Virago :rofl: Just kidding

    * Mazzerati, or something like that. It's not like I've test driven any!
    ... Something mega sports with a roof, and something playful that I can tootle around town/beach/spur with the roof off.
    * Porsche Boxter - coz I used to love playing Porsche Challenge :LOL:
    * Mercedes bus (with a driver) - for those social occasions you want to pick up and drop off your guests.
    * Maybach (and driver) - for the pure luxury... when I'm in a champas mood.
    * Monster truck - for commuting on the Monash at peak hour :LOL:
    * Smart car - for city shopping.
    * HYtro7PnBA8[/media]]1964 Peel P50 - for laughs :LOL:

    Oh, I'll keep my current car and bike. Although I'm sure I'd find a replacement car pretty quickly.
  20. :rofl: - for hooning, for hooning, for hooning and scaring little kids, for giggles, to park out the front...