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A bit of a vent

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by tospell, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    Just having a bit of a frustrating week and thought I'd share!!

    I've just bought a GS500 from Peter Stevens. Took over a week to get it (week over the date they gave me), rode it home to discover oil all over my boots, gear and the bike. What the!!!!

    Took it back the next morning (Wednesday) and they've tightened the bolts and stuff , took it around the block and think it's fixed. They rang me late Wednesday to tell me this. I'm hoping that's it - but wanted them to test it over a few km's to see if it does leak or not so left it there today - only to find out now that they can't send anyone out to ride it cos of the rain.

    I'm so frustrated, I know I'm a learner, blah blah, but I feel I'm being taken for a ride. (bad joke, but true)

    What do you guys think? Would you be pissed, or patient....

  2. PS in the city?
    i'd be wanting to find out why they released the bike to you, if its not safe.
    jeffrey honda for example, tag all the bikes that come in, for whatever. they have to be checked over before the tag is removed. im assuming PS are smart enough to do something similar, not just guess if it's had a once over or not.
    and ask the maintenance staff, what was specifically wrong? do they normally skip tightening this bolt or whatever? (i bloody hope not lol). in no, then why was it missed this time?? its not good enough.
    be it PS or any other dealer/mechanic. poor form.
  3. I would be.

    Seems that everyone riding bikes gets burned by a dealer at one stage or another. I'm a real easy-going sorta guy, but that didn’t help me*. It must be part of that initiation rite-of-passage thing about being a biker:
    Ripped off by a dealer
    Dropped your bike in the rain.
    Left stranded in the middle of nowhere (usually in the rain or late evening).
    Riding home a bike that’s missing major componenets for safe operation, due to an earlier stack or mechnical.

    *My dealer horror story is: Bought replacement chain & sprockets to fit myself on my previous Duc 748. Did everything myself except fit the ‘preened’ conenction link on the drive chain because I didn’t have that big-arse tool workshops have to do it.
    So using a circlip connecting link from a previous MX chain (both were 520 pitch) I connected the drivechain to cover me for the ride to the local bike shop (since closed down so not point saying names).
    As it was a 2 second job their workshop said “no worries†so I gave then the original connection link to be ‘preened on’ & told them just to me give back the circlip connected link when they finished.
    5 mins later I go back to find that they removed the circlip, but then attempted to ‘preen’ on the remaining MX connecting link that was on the bike from the ride over, completely ignoring the fact that circlip links are really not very much like ‘preened on’ connecting links.
  4. Always go over the bike yourself before taking it out of the workshop. I have never offended a mechanic by checking their workmanship before I get on, in fact mostly they're keen to show me what a good job they did. :)

    tospell, waiting an extra week for the bike isn't so bad. Dealers can only go on the info given to them by their supplier. Unfortunately some suppliers are very slack in getting parts and bikes out at times. Not forgetting that bikes and parts they don't have need to be shipped from Japan and this usually means longer than expected waits.

    My guess is that the dealer knew you were keen to get the bike and possibly took the apprentice at his word that the bike was right to go. Perhaps the mechanic checked a different bike and the communication failed. Certainly it is not good enough for the bike to drop its oil. Potentially it can be very dangerous and you'rejustified being upset about it. To the dealer's credit though, they did take immediate steps to fix it. :)

    It's frustrating that the weather is causing you to wait longer but if I were you, I'd be pleased they won't test ride in the rain. Wet roads and new tyres are an extremely slippery mix. Asside from not risking the safety of their employees, fixing the bike in the event of a crash could mean it stays in the shop for another 2 months. Playing it safe is the best option for everyone. :)

    I hope you get your bike soon so you can start enjoying it. In the meantime, you can clean oil out of your jeans with dishwashing liquid and a scrubbing brush. :)
  5. Seany, you are a voice of reason!!!

    Some things though with how this purchase has gone from beginning to now has seemed quite slack.

    But, I am frustrated at how late they call me to tell me anything - usually it's too late to do anything about it - i.e. pick it up in the first place, etc.

    I will be patient, no point hassling their mechanics as I want a good job done, just venting a bit here........
  6. I'd understandably be a little annoyed at that also. Waiting to ride your new bike sucks. but as said if it was a new bike then its not their fault.

    I could understand them not wanting to take it out if it was pouring with rain and hail but otherwise they should have a competent rider in the store that can do it.

    wasnt PS FernTG was it? Ive had a few issues with them (not really impressed with the crappy helmet they recomended to me). But generally good to deal with. Cant really complain.
  7. FWIW they have a reputaion for being slack and I have seen some dodgy workmanship from PS on other peoples bikes in the past (Over tightened chain with zero slack comes to mind). Nonetheless, it sounds like they're trying to look after you. In future I can fully recomend Mick Hone as a Suzuki dealership where service and workmanship is consistantly spot on. :)

    You don't want to have to ride home in this crappy weather anyway. Be politely annoyed if you like but getting angry won't make it happen any quicker. Just be patient, you'll have the bike soon enough. :)
  8. I'd rather shoot my self in the foot than go to PS for ANYTHING mechanical. The store i went to is absolutely hopeless.... You can find my rant in one of the thread i've started somewhere...
  9. Aahaha, they gave you a bike leaking oil and you're not sure if you should be pissed? What if it got on your tyres and caused you to crash and lose a limb or similar!? It very well could have.

    But if you lay down and dont protest about that then they won't feel they have to make anything up to you, thats life.
  10. I bought a new Daytona 675 from PS in Adelaide. The dealer experience was pleasurable. It's actually in for it's first service as I speak, so we'll see how it comes out.

    Anywho being a new bike, there was dealer delivery involved that obviously everyone has to pay for as part of the on road costs. I spied a Triumph tick and flick sheet that the dealers had to go through as part of the delivery inspection, including checking fluid levels, operation of parts etc. I think that was then sent on to Triumph to register with the warranty.

    Now...given you had to wait I assume its a new bike? Therefore you paid dealer delivery. Given that oil was pissing out everywhere, dealer delivery was not satisfactorily undertaken. You would have a reasonable case for getting part of your dealer delivery cash back, or at least, them giving you your first service free, or whatever. Whether they fixed it or not as a warranty issue is irrelevant, the fact is they didn't perform a task that you paid them to do. Go back there and raise hell....if they brush it off, squeal loudly 'you could've killed me' like a little girl, preferably on weekend when the place is busiest.
  11. Update - just had a phone call, it's 6 o'bloody clock and they've had it on the dyno (like I told them to do at 3pm) and it's pissing oil out of the headgasket. The asst manager doesn't know when he can get the parts.

    Now the patience has run out and I'm getting *(£$*&£$.

    Anyone have a gasket for a GS500??? :roll:
  12. Sounds like things might have turned to shit for getting it back soon. At least we now know it was the part that was faulty and not the pre-delivery inspection. They should be able to find out tomorrow if the parts are available or in Japan so call back at lunch to find out if they haven't already contacted you.

    Be prepared for a 3 week wait to get the gasket from Japan if need be. I know it sucks but refer to my earlier comments for explaination.

    If the bike was given to the dealer with a faulty gasket, that's the manafacturer's fault, not the dealer's. Getting angry with PS will only sour communications and work against you at this stage. Let them give you a time frame for delivery of parts and fixing the bike. If the time frame is fair then wait it out and hope for the best. A call to check parts arrived on time is quite acceptable and a good reminder that you haven't forgotton.

    If they give you a time frame that sounds unreasonable, get onto Suzuki to discuss the issue and possible solutions.
    Suzuki Australia Pty. Limited
    PO Box 84
    Victoria 3028
    03 9931 0500

    I think you'll find PS will get the gasket and fix the bike asap. Give them the morning to find out where the gasket is coming from and see what they say. :)

    FWIW new bikes are sometimes faulty or have issues caused during the manafacturing process. This is why they have a warranty. :)
  13. Is it a new bike?
  14. Furthermore, can you still buy a new GS500?
  15. You want a quick result ?
    Tell em you are about to ring VicRoads about a supposively RWC bike that you just purchased from a dealer that is pissing more oil than a bass strait oil rig.
    That should get em moving. :twisted:
  16. If spewsooki doesn't have the forthought to include a box load of gaskets for their bikes at the time it packs the container in Japan then I'd set fire to my money rather than give it to the Japanese.
  17. Yep.

    Not that you would on purpose ;)
  18. In a perfect world, bike makers would send parts for the bikes the sell to the countries the bikes are sold in. Sometimes, this does actually happen. Unfortunately, it doesn't always happen. Not everyone can aggord a BMW and I'm not sure they make many learner bikes anyway. I agree with your sentiment though. :)
  19. Vic, since you got rid of that Jappa, and hopped on a Eurobike, you have become a purist.
    Took a while, but it's a healthy development.
    Keep up the good work.
  20. Just to clarify, the bike is brand spanking new from PS in the City. Its a naked GS500. It had 3kms on the clock when I left the building.

    It had 50kms on it when I got it home to realise the oil leak. It was definately below the head gasket (sorry for the lack of detail previously but my wife was typing for me before (quicker :) I am a qualified TA and I told the mechanics that it was below the gasket when I rang but I don't think they believed me.

    Upon returning the bike the foreman came out said he couldn't see where the leak was coming from (well it was all over the bike) and that he'd clean it, tighten some nuts and test ride it (around the block) this was Wednesday at 9:00. Supposedly I am a priority!! "New Bike".

    I'm hoping the gasket won't take too long to get here - this is supposedly a popular bike, surely parts are readily available - somewhere????