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a bit more Monash mayhem.

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by oz-riley, Apr 30, 2013.

  1. #1 oz-riley, Apr 30, 2013
    Last edited: May 1, 2013
    This time in the rain!

    Nothing to interesting, just commuting.


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  2. You do realise we all ride motorbikes and know what it looks like to go through a traffic jam? Is there any interesting bits? I got to 30 seconds. Do you want any advice on your filtering? I'm not quite sure what your point of posting this is.
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  3. which part of the 9 min vid do we skip to?
  4. booooorrrrriiiinnnnggggggg
  5. Have to say, I agree. Plenty of room, good visibility, no cops, no deliberate blocking that I saw, generally unremarkable. There were a couple of points where there seemed to be room to give threat vehicles a bit more room tha you actually did but it's hard to judge that from onboard footage.

    Of course, it does illustrate the general awesomeness of filtering :) very well, but you're mostly preaching to the converted here.
  6. Hmmmm, ok.
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    Oz-riley has probably just bought himself a nice, shiney, new GoPro. He has unpackaged the thing and installed the software, probably even recorded a few 30 second clips around the house to see how the quality comes out. It all looks really cool, from the packaging to the camera unit itself. Oz-riley is excited and proud. He had to suppress his excitement to use the damn thing, though, since it was already getting late. He decided he would wait until the morning and use it as he commuted to work on his S1000RR (which is itself a shiney example of badarse, leading technology).

    And so, this series of events culminated in his pressing the upload button on youtube. Oz-riley shouldn't be criticised to harshly for his mundane 9 minute long filtering video, many other new GoPro owners have made the same mistake. Excitement and desire to upload that first video inevitably clouds their ability to discern what is and isn't good footage and so, ultimately we are often served up with a motorcyce-GoPro equivalent of Battlefield Earth.

    However, just as John Travolta managed to come back from that disaster by donning a wig and pretending to be a fat woman in Hairspray, so too will oz-riley. Come back with something better I mean, not dress up in drag. The universe inevitably balances out. The Laws of Chaos will presently work their mysterious magik and drivers lacking even the most fundamental driving skills will be drawn to him, as is the way once a GoPro is strapped to a motorcycle. Within a week oz-riley will have a collection of near misses and SMIDSYs, much better youtube material, and Netrider will be pleased.

    If this is not even remotely accurate, you should still probably just quietly agree with it as I honestly think it offers you a convenient and somewhat believable excuse.
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  8. you're spelling is attrocious !
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  9. There you go bud.
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  10. There you go, Bud.
  11. Also, it's 'atrocious'.
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  12. Well glad to see my car was not on the footage.
  13. [​IMG]
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  14. Just a normal morning on Monash car park isn't it?

    I'm sure most riders, if not all, have gone through this many times. Lucky I was making tea, the 9 mins cooled it down enough for me to drink.
  15. seems like a normal day on the monash... thats why we moved to st kilda.
  16. I enjoyed it, especially the parts in which you filter and split like a boss ;)

    Thanks for sharing, and don't let the lack of enthusiastic reception let you down.
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  17. Whooo, not feeling the love guys!
    Fair enough, too long and not enough crashing.

    Yes just a standard commute on the Monash, nothing special.

    I find it interesting watching footage of other riders, you see how they ride, what they do differently to you etc. And sometimes others can learn from that.
    Some on here seem to like to pick that riding style apart also, which again is good and opens it up for debate.

    I disagree that every rider on here would have experianced this, as there are a lot of members who have just got thier L plates and what about people who live in the country.

    Deadsy is sort of right, not a shiny new GoPro, had the camera for about 6 to 7 months and use it everyday (weekdays anyway). I have finally sat down and work out some compression software to make the files small enough to load onto YouTube.

    As I have had the camera for a while I have a couple of hundred hours of commuting footage I could post up. ;)

    alexanderino thanks.

    Anyway point taken, no more boring footage will be posted, only crashes, near misses and pretty girls.

    Chris (y)
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  18. fixed
  19. So are you guys allowed to filter in Victoria ?
  20. use the search this question has been answered millions of times