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A bit :( Do I need cheese & crackers with my whine?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by chicken78, Nov 20, 2010.

  1. Ok Im a learner, Im a newbie, I have a "L" Plate which stands out like well, you know. And yes its probably a right royal pain in the ass for car drivers & some motorcyclists seeing a learner on the road...However,

    Ive taken plenty of advice and spent several weeks just practicing basic skills neccesary before i hit the bigger stuff. Well that was this week, went out today in the hills, nothing serious low speed zones so 60-80klm and im totally dumbfounded at the number of cars tailgating (WHEN IM DOING THE $%^$%^ speed limit) and the several riders who had plenty of time to see me but still insisted on passing through the corners at warp speed and way to close. I dont want to race on the road, Im trying to do the right thing but by the same token I dont ride like a grandma either so I wasnt just putting along but still on the speed limit!:nopity:

    Is this just a bad day? Am I being a sook? or do i just need to harden up?
  2. nope car drivers generally are stoopid
  3. OK Ill just have my cup of concrete and deal with them :D
  4. might be just the weekend drivers. my son is on his L's and I've been taking him around sassafras/emerald/cockatoo etc after work and the locals are OK. could be because I'm with him. earlyish in the morning can be good up there. locals go quick as they know the roads but are polite so I get out of the way if I think I'm holding them up.
  5. Cars tailgating are not good for a new rider. And if you start peering at them in the mirror to keep cjecking how colse they are you stop focussing on the road ahead.

    As a Learner probably the best strategy is to pull over when you can and let them go past.

    If you can try riding with a more experienced rider who can ride shotgun behind you and keep themof your tail.
  6. Always travel at speed thats comfortable to you, its your road too and your life so f*ck em.

    Best strategy for tailgating cars if you can't pull over and let them pass (which is ideal), and if they are getting pushy in a slightly dangerous way, is to slow down even MORE in front of them (safely and gradually, no massive brakes causing a pile up, just drop 5 or so) then turn around and give them quick stare, unless they are an absolute knob they will get the point and back off.

    As for faster riders, as soon as your ready, pull to the left of the lane, put your LEFT blinker on and they will almost universally get the signal that its safe to overtake for both of you, and they will slide past with a friendly wave most of the time.

    These two practises have always worked for me, but I would take my advice with a grain of salt, im by no means an experienced rider and I could well be doing the wrong thing.

    p.s. the left blinker signal works very well with cars when you want to let them know that you would prefer it if they overtook (think temporary 2 lane overtaking lanes in the country)
  7. Jeez there's so many components in there Katie it's hard to know where to start.

    The bottom line is though, is that bikes will pass you (regardless of what speed you're doing) and cars will tail gate you (regardless of where you are) and it's a part of riding you'll have to learn to accept.

    Because you can't control those factors when you're riding you need to accept them as part of the mix and concentrate on riding your ride to the best of your ability.

    The good news is, as your abilities increase the issues that come with learning will drop away.

    There are rider mentors who are prepared to take noobies out and teach them a few tricks of the trade. Look for the mentoring thread and place your interest in there, someone might pop up.

    At the moment I'd say your chance of gaining experience in the corners without being pestered too much will be on week nights 6:30 onwards. The locals will be inside having dinner and there wont be too many bikes around.

    Rather than do the suburban rides (LR & MR etc) which teach you nothing, maybe head to the hills instead. My best advice, take one other person with you, and choose them wisely. :)
  8. yes it's because you're with him.
    the prick in the car won't tailgate/hassle you if theres 2 or 3 bikes, because he's outnumbered... he only hassles easy targets like a girl on a bike with L plates.

    Kate it's important you don't let said prick pressure you into speeding up for his sake, you owe him nothing, don't risk your neck for him.
    just keep doing what you're doing at your own pace in your own comfort zone.

    next time please post up in advance when you want to go for a nice ride in the hills at a sedate cruisy pace and you are bound to get a few takers from here...
    you"ll be amazed how well two or three experienced riders can chaperone you and keep the pricks in cars at bay.. theres lots of female riders registered here too.
  9. Thanks guys, thats what im doing just focusing on my riding, im not scared of the dickheads tailgating just more frustrating than anything, and being an cyclist Im use to all sorts of crap. One of the boys is taking me out today for a ride in the hills, knows his stuff, plenty of advice etc oh and of course lunch :D haha

    It's the same gene that causes P Platers in Bombodores with steel rims and missing panels to drop gears and give it gas in a straight line when women are near by.

    I'm yet to see a serious bikie gang banger on a Harley be tailgated.
  11. You're doing the right thing.
    The best thing you can do now while you're learning is to set good habits early on. Too often I see learners adopting bad habits that are hard to drop in regards to managing hazards/traffic around them. Just focus on what you're doing because that car won't be there forever :)

    Ride safe Katie.
  12. Also remember that most speedos are out by 5 to 10 percent from the factory.

    I found myself getting tailgated a lot when I bought my second bike because I was riding along 15 percent under the limit (the previous owner had changed the sprocket as well).
  13. If you end up with a line of cars up your arsk, then I'd recommend pulling over. While you say it doesn't bother you, it actually does add a decent distraction to your riding. When there is a decent clear spot get back into it.

    Bikes whizzing by? You need to get used to that, because there invariably will always be more advanced riders out there. They'll slip by in all sorts of spots. Just get into the left wheel track, if they are following, and they'll get the message, if they are half decent at riding.

    Beware the early summer latte rider who is venturing into the twists for the first time in a long time - these guys might pull a desperate pass with bad timing. Just let them through, so you can watch them crash out or wobble around. Always best to have them in front for a bit of a giggle. :)
  14. I just adore sitting behind the above mentioned riders while they are negotiating delicious curves, their brake lights flick on and off more than the lights on a Christmas Tree..

    Darling the more you ride the more you learn, keep a calm head and maintain a relaxed focus. I know it sounds like a contradiction in terms but it is not. Even the fabulous Amy O'Mara had to start somewhere.....
  15. yup, thats what i learnt today, we sat and had lunch and the boys pointed out certain riders to watch, and yup sure enough next twisty section...hmm you have to wonder ;)
  16. :D Had a great day through some hills, had an experianced rider with me which made a HUGE differance, he'd stop every now and then, let me know things i shoud be doing etc etc so much better riding with people who KNOW what they are doing. just relax, stay smart and focus ;) loving it
  17. Good going Katie! I'm so lucky that I have my husband to ride with. He is a great teacher
  18. Not sure what you're riding but check your speedo....
    Many bkes over read your actual speed by up to 10% so those cars behind you may actually be trying to move at the speed limit.
    This was my case when I started riding.
    First trip on freeway I though geez, why is everyone passing when I'm doing 110kph.
    Truth was that I was under 100kph.

    Something to think about as you build your confidence.
  19. Im riding a hyoflung(hold the laughter please :D) GT250r, that thought crossed my mind about the speedo, so been sitting about 6-7 above