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A bikers most embarassing moment

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by theiceman, Apr 17, 2009.

  1. #1 theiceman, Apr 17, 2009
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    Ashamed to say whilst out riding recently, I was passed by a red scooter. I was travelling at about 95kmh on a road I know is full of beach access roads with idiots that will pull out in front of you without even looking. Nevertheless this bloke buzzed passed me and when I caught up with him I discovered to my further dismay that he would've been at least 70yo. I'm not ageist, but shit I've let the team down delux.

    This led me to ponder, "what are other riders' most embarassing moments?" Do tell...

  2. Caning past a convertible astra with P plates, full of blonde young girls
    only for them to see my big yellow L plate and to have them point and laugh at the next set of lights...
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  3. :rofl: Nah mate, you win!
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  4. But not for long Simon... you're going for the licence this weekend, good luck!

    I just got mine on Monday, so no more ugly yellow plate on the back of the vtr. Really clashed with the red/black colour scheme... :grin:
  5. Looping my old Step-Thru with a chip shop queue for an audience.
  6. You can ask Stewy and Lenna about one of mine...
  7. Thank God I didn't have an audience. Did ya get a clap?
  8. Stalling my bike when exiting a service station and dropping it in front of everyone. The thought of it still sends shivers up my spine to this day.
  9. A whole Special Clinic full mate.
  10. Bugger!!
  11. First year in college...

    A hot exchange student asks for a quick spin around the block, so while a whole bunch of friends are looking on, we take off, and realize a bit too late that I had the disc lock on... :mad:
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  12. waiting at traffic lights in swan street richmond, standing up to have a quick stretch only to be told by woman in car next to me my fly's open :shock: :oops:
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  13. going from 1st to 2nd and hitting neutral instead, i feel like such a tool when it starts revving its head off in front of a group
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  14. Dont feel bad I did that twice this week, once was on lygon st....... feel very stupid when your first off the lights and you start revving it mid intersection.
  15. Coming out of a car park onto Flinders Lane (steep uphill from underground to steep downhill just before Swanston) on a Friday night, so cars banked up out of the car park and on the street. I zip around the queue and out into the Keep Clear, only to lock the front with it turned sharply right (down the hill) - down I go. :oops: Caught the bike on the way down, but still looked (and felt) a right twat.

    Have done the disc lock thing once, but no-one saw! Heehee! :roll: Stoopid inconsistent Xena motion sensor!
  16. Ya mean I have ALLLLLL this to look forward too !!! :facepalm:
  17. LOL i was just thinking the same ... :shock:
  18. Picked up the bike I have now not long ago , on the same afternoon I got it a mate of mine said "Meet me in Bayswater and we'll go for a squirt" I duly obliged.

    Now I hadnt ridden since I had a 125 back in England in around 1995 and this guy on his 600 Ninja left me for dead as we headed out towards Emerald.
    No probs , I thought. Stay at your own pace , no prizes for coming first and went on my merry way.

    Caught up to a cyclist not long after , a real cyclist. The kind that wear those wrap around glasses riding a bike more expensive than the engined variety that I was sitting on. His matching attire was covered in sponsors logos , I was around 10 metres behind him and the road was downhill all the way and jeez was he going for it.

    I didnt want to push too hard or in any way try and put him off / or encroach on him.
    Took me almost 1k to pass him :oops:

    End of the day I got home without any incidents , picked up some decent knowledge and saw first hand what an experienced guy on a sportsbike can do.
    All in all , not too bad.
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  19. You should see some of them at this Mt Hotham meet. Fark me, a bit of gravel slowed me down where a cyclist zipped past me (how he had that much energy riding from the bottom to the top, I'd never know). It took a while before I caught up to him and just managed to beat him to the finish line ( :LOL: was fun going past their finish line).
  20. Back when I'd only just got my licence I was practicing slow riding in the street. Straight lines, circles, etc. The most loud mouthed know-it-all wan... I mean neighbour in the street stops his car and says, "New bike eh?".

    So I step off the bike, after having clicked it into what I thought was first, but alas... the sound of crunching plastic behind me. It had rolled forward on the slightest of slight slopes and the stand collapsed.

    Lesson learned: Never talk to the f***tard neighbour and always double check before getting off the bike.