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A bike for your kids , grandkids or any kid

Discussion in 'Bikes' started by Oldmaid, Mar 25, 2015.

  1. So when my great nephew turned one, his pop (my brother in law) just whipped J up his very own bike to ride until he can handle a petrol-run one.

    If any of you have been to the Motorbike Museum at Nabiac (NSW) you may have come across my brother in law's old speedway sidecar outfit. Won a few titles on Clyde the beast. He made this bike up in the same racing colours. I scrubbed those bloody leathers for many a season...still get head spins everytime I smell Dobbin...;)
    A retired chippie, Pop (Woz) whips up all manner of things but I was pretty bloody impressed with this one.:woot:
    And have a go at the little tacker's face will you? It was hilarious...the littlie was grunting and trying to make it rock for him.:love:

    When J turns 8 if great auntie oldmaid is still breathing I'll whack him on the back my current bike and take him for a spin.:happy:

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  2. Woz might have the recipe for making this if anyone is interested. Was a really good job! My crap photos don't do it justice. He made a rocking horse for the grand daughter as well! F
    Gotta love an old chippie with time on his hands! :cat:
  3. That's awesome. My kids are a bit too old for that now, but would have been great.

    Also, I can't believe you can't get small bicycles in Aus that look like motorcycles. Seriously, wtf?
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  4. Patterns recipes or whatever the hell you call them are being emailed to me. Being a chippie of course he had to make it a bit of a mixture of the plans.
    I'll let you know once I get them and if anyone wants them you can PM me for them :)