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a bike for the missus

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by matress, Apr 21, 2009.

  1. Hey guys,

    I'm looking for a bike for my girlfriend... we've just sold her Honda CBR250RR... she kinda wants to "downgrade".

    She's pretty short, and didn't feel confident with the riding position of the CBR, or the reviness of the motor.

    We're considering a Honda CB250 or a Spada. We haven't actually had a chance to look at a CB250 yet, does anyone have any experience with them?

    Is there anything else similar we should look at?


    Mat :)
  2. only my L's course and didnt like it too much, throttle was jerky and brakes crap, but i put that down to being abused everyday by newbies like me. Have you thought about somthing like a VTR250 i would've thought that would be more comfy than the CBR.
  3. Yeah, VTR's are nice but a little bit out of the price range. We only want to spend about $3,000.
  4. GPX!

    Love mine, although i wish it had more power...

    300k's + to a tank, its thin enough to filter down the smallest gaps (thats what she said) and its reliable.
  5. The Spada is an enormously better and funner bike than the CB250.
  6. For similar reasons my partner's a bit sick of her GR650 and wants to ride the SR185 again (which we kept), especially when I'm not around. A late model SR250 is another option, a very good-looking one! The CB250 should be bullet-proof. The Spada probably goes a bit better, as would an XV250. If you decide on one of these but want to make sure, you could always hire it for a day from Garners in North Melbourne and go ride the hills.

  7. I bought a 2000 Kawasaki ER-5 for the missus. Good seat height, confidence-inspiring, reliable. $3300.

    Something different.
  8. CBR125? Although im not sure whether the seating position would be much better than the 250
  9. if she is not to cumfy on the cbr250 IMO a cb250 would be the next step down.
    cbr125 is more or less the same? I must say here that i have never sat on the cbr125.
    Spada is a bit higher then the cbr250 from memory, but it has been a while since i rode it.
  10. The CBR125's seem like wierd bikes... the seat height is a fair bit higher than the CBR250, it also has more touring style clip-ons compared to sports bike ones, but it doesn't look very comfortable. Those tyres are TINY too!
  11. If she wants something easy to ride... Yamaha Scorpio?
  12. + they're gay.

    Go the Spada if you can't find a VTR for the right price. They're pretty similar.
  13. The cbr250rr is a big baby. It has a lower seating position than many other bikes.

    You can easily find a naked bike that's more up-right and less revvy (e.g. vtr250), but they'll probably be higher than the cbr250. :?

    Perhaps she should try a cruiser.
  14. I reckon the Spada too. Bulletproof, affordable, low running costs and really forgiving; plus you don't have to thrash them to get anywhere.
  15. According to Bikez.com the Spada has a 10mm lower seat height and is 20kg lighter... I think it may be the go!

    She was thinking about a cruiser, maybe a Virago or something, but she seems more keen on the more compact Spada.
  16. That is a very nice looking bike!
  17. +1.

    I want it. Or one like it.
  18. I had a CB250 "Jade" import that was rather low to the ground. I found it easy to handle and rather comfortable to ride ( suburbia and city, never took it for long rides ).

    Or maybe a NSR150? :)
  19. I wouldn't recommend the CB250 "Jade". It's a four cylinder predecessor to the Hornet with the same engine as the CBR250RR, so it is very revvy. Great bike, but she's going to have the same issues on the revviness.

    The single cylinder CB250 or CBF250 would be great, though. There is a reason pretty much every training centre uses them.
  20. +1 on the CBF250 - nice little bike, never going to set the world on fire but has a good solid feel to it and it's definitely lower than the CBR250RR.