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A bike for a bad knee.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by bikemike, Mar 21, 2005.

  1. Hi all. I have been considering buying a bike for quite a while now but one of the reservations i have about it is my bad knee. Basically my right knee is fairly crap and have trouble bending it too much farther than a right angle (or 90 degrees). I can still ride with it but would have a bad time on a bike that i have to crouch down on (like a sportsbike) for a long period of time. Any help which bikes out there have a good reach between the seat and the pegs (besides a cruiser)?

  2. I have your problem, although my love of bikes has over time got me use to the position, I started out on a ZZR1200 and still i found the peg position a bit hard to handle but got use to it, I also sat on a FJR1300 and that was a bit easier but never rode it. Best thing is to get a few test rides under ya belt before trying the sports bikes. :wink:
    anyway, that was my experience and you may not be up to trying the bigger bikes, however bigger in my opinion usually means more room.
  3. What about a naked, maybe a Bandit? I ride a dual sport, and have mounted highway pegs so I can adjust my leg position when needed.
  4. Bikemike, try one of the larger naked bikes such as the XJR1300 (providing of course capacity, style, price, performance etc appeals) as this position is an upright very much like my smaller CB250, or you could try one of the cruiser style bikes such as V-star, Virago where more relaxed riding position.
  5. i have 2 dodgy knees (torn ligaments in both knees), also broken right leg twice, i still ride a sports bike and find it ok even after sitting on it for 2-3hrs at a time, i will just stand up and stretch every now and then.. although bikes like VFR, FJR etc tend to be a lil more comfortable, i am still happy with the R1
  6. What about a big dual-sports i.e. KTM, BWM RG, MultiStrada?