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A big thumbs up for Kriega

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Greydog, Jun 5, 2011.

  1. I had ordered some clips for the Kriega bag I purchased off another forum member. These are the clips you use so you don't have to take the underseat straps off when you take off the bag; they clip into the loose straps and hold them out of your wheels.

    Anyway, I filled in the online order yesterday (Saturday). The form asked for comments, and I made the comment that I thought the postage was a little high for what would be a very small parcel. It was $7.25.

    Tonight, whilst watching the moto racing I got an email from Egress (who I believe are Kriega's distributor), first of all to say my order was cancelled, then one from Paypal saying I had a partial refund of $7.25 for postage. I sent an email to the supplier asking why my order was cancelled???

    I got an email back immediately from Greg(working on Sunday night) to say my order was all OK, the clips were being posted tomorrow, and that they'd refunded all my postage b/c of my comment. I wrote back to thank them and say they didn't need to refund the whole postage b/c that wasn't my intention - it was only a comment. I got another email back saying it was their pleasure, and that he had to run b/c he was going to watch the GP too!

    A big thumbs up to Egress, on behalf of Kriega, who took note of a customer comment, and acted on it. =D>(y)
  2. Wow, that is bloody impressive. I'm sure that half the time most online shops don't even bother looking at the comments.
  3. Yeah. The egress kreiga people are good guys.

    Always seem eager to please.
    And the product is great !
  4. Ordered a backpack and bits on Friday afternoon with Express Post, arrived at work first thing Monday Morning.

    Egress are a pleasure to deal with making the decision to buy Kriega gear easy..
    Always prompt and reliable.
    The product is fantastic.
  5. Yeah got a us30 combo off them a few weeks ago. Besides being an awesome product they answered about half a dozen questions within a real short space of time and also let me know when they'd sent the gear. It doesn't get much better.
  6. I'm very keen on some Kriega gear as well... but not sure whether to buy the US20 or the US30 size.

    Any comments you have on your 30? Size wise? volume?

    I have a W800 and am hoping to use it as my only seat bag for long rides - and possibly a few weekend / long weekend trips.... but not sure which size to buy?

    I currently use a backpack for those days I ride to work - and would also use it for this purpose as well.

  7. A bit more of a 'talking up' for this product.
    Recently went on a ride through the hills to Mansfeild.
    Me = Absolutely dripping soaking wet through to even thermals... erm...yuck !
    Kriega bag contents = bone dry.

    This product is worth every cent, whether a tail bag, backpack etc.

    ...of course I subjected myself through this bitter cold experience for the cause (y)
  8. I reckon the us30 would be fine for overnight trips. I reckon you'd fit some light wet weather gear, 2nd set of gloves, jeans, t shirts, sock and jocks, toiletries and a pair of casual shoes no dramas. If your thinking of a couple of days I'd go for the us40. It would fit the w800 perfectly. Check out the Kreiga website for a better look.
  9. I bought the Kriega US-30 pack a couple of months back and it's been excellent.
    Egress, who sells the gear in Oz, were great. Answered my questions, and the bag arrived the day after I ordered it. Actually came in a lost less than 24 hours. Still can't work out how they did it so rapidly! I had one minor problem with a clip which they replaced without question.
    And the bag itself is a beauty. Well made, waterproof, love the white inside lining which enables you to see inside and overall it looks pretty good too.
    Can't remember how much it cost but it doesn't matter now because it works!
  10. Good service? In 2011?? I call bullshit. :p
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  11. Thanks for the info!
    I think rather than keep ruminating over the US20 vs US30... maybe I should just buy the 30. More room is better then less I guess... and I can always buy the US20 later if I want.
  12. well I ordered the US-30. It arrived very quickly indeed.
    Initial observations, well made, good quality, and good attention to detail.

    Will play with the fittings over the weekend.
    Thanks everyone for the info / recommendations.