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A Big Thanks. World Trials Championship.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by TheBlokeAtNumber27, May 28, 2012.

  1. I would just like to offer a big thankyou to the organisers and volunteers who generously gave their time to stage the World Trials Championships in Maldon over the weekend.
    A group of us went up on sunday and had a great day. The whole event was extremely well run and did credit to the organisers and volunteers...and of course the picturesque location showcased Victoria very well.
    It was great to be so close to the action, in fact TheBabeAtNumber27 was nearly run down by the world champion while moving between stages :).
    World class riding at a world class event in a beautiful location..what could be better.
    Thanks again.


  2. Yeah, it was a brilliant weekend.

    I went up on Friday, and to see the skills of the riders going over those slippery boulders in the drizzly rain was truly amazing. I think a couple of them where actually riding some sort of hovercraft-a-cycle.
  3. We had a similar discussion and the only logical conclusion we could come up with about how these blokes ride is that they are actually aliens and their bikes had some sort of anti gravity device installed.
  4. If you missed this, start kicking yourself now! The sheer talent of the international riders was beyond anything you would have ever expected. I don't know what would compel somebody to ride a motorcycle up a 14 foot vertical wall of granit but now I at least know that if the urge took you it can be done.

    These guys were absolute athaletes performing the most amazing of feets.

    Like I said, if you missed it, too bad. This particular round was, as a Spanish marshall pointed out, the wild card location that they choose each year. In this case Australia got lucky. There is a slim chance that the event will return, but not in the near future. :-(

    I'm glad I got to see this in my lifetime.
  5. he did the same thing to me too!

    how good was it though! so much better than i expected and something ill look out for more often.

    even the juniors were incredible, especially on the saturday when it was wet and slippery. the level of control they have over the bikes is amazing.

    Bou is a gun. leaps and bounds ahead of the rest of them. made the most difficult stages look easy.

    really impressed with how everything was run and organised. only improvement could have been bins around some of the stages (im being picky now).

    hope it comes to aust more often.

    on a side note, fishtailing my way out of the venue on the muddy road with slick road tyres was fun :D
  6. Sounds awesome. I watched a TV show on how much practice these guys put in. It's hard work.
  7. Nice one......

    I got me a trials course to go on next month - can't wait for the play time (y)

    Trials guys are freakin' wizards.
  8. You should have a ball. I had a 1973 Honda TL125 trials bike for a while. They're a shipload of fun. The best thing is that you don't need heaps of room to explore trials riding. I set up a mini trials course in the back yard which kept me occupied for hours.
  9. ^

    I can't wait - I'm doing it with a mob in Ballarat - they supply the GasGas.......I just fall over lots :D

  10. I won a voucher for the "Trials experience" in Ballarat over the weekend. I'm stoked. =D>

    I reckon I'll have a new trials bike to add to the collection within the next few months- its got to be the strictest discipline of all the motorcycle options there is- and it GOTTA help with balance and agility transfer skills with road/race/trail riding.
  11. That's the mob I'm going through too.

    DROID-Tablet talkin'