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A big thank you

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by blackpeter, Oct 12, 2014.

  1. I want to give a big thank you again to the three Netriders who helped me today (12/10/2014) when I left the bend and headed to mother earth on the C424 on the way to Launching Place. You guys were great. Helped get the bike of me (pinned leg), fixed my broken indicator and tried to straighten my foot break. I sincerely hope that your rib is NOW OK, and kept the traffic from possibly causing a more serious accident. It was a blind bend. Unfortunately I did not even get any of your names, so if you read this you will know your help was really appreciated. From a NEWBIE LEARNER.


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  2. Hi Blackpeter and welcome to the forums although not a good introduction to the friendly folk around here. You can join without the roadside assist part. ;)

    Hope we see you around more, there are generally newbie friendly rides most weekends if you want to tag along.
  3. Glad you got home safe & sound...

    Come on down to the Saturday practice sessions at St kilda...
  4. No worries mate glad you've recovered. You seemed a little shaken up not surprising. Hopefully your bike gets fixed soon and you can get back out. Don't let it put you off. Everyone has a spill at some stage. cheers
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  5. Happy that all is well Peter,If your new this is the place for you
    [Saturday] 10am Basic Skills Practice.
    Great people at Saturday Prac and lots of great advice (y)
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  6. Hi Peter, it was myself and @GreyBM@GreyBM who where giving assistance. I'm glad you where not hurt, only the pride and the bike a little. Hope you got back home OK and don't let it put you off riding.

    My ribs still hurt like a biatch, farked if I know how I managed to hurt myself :facepalm:

    As @cjvfr@cjvfr stated, the site runs pretty regular rides around Melbourne. Always good to go with a group (or at least a mate) as a newbie in my opinion, and as you have found out, could have been under the bike for a while had we not been there. Of course, maybe the unmarked copper might have swung past and helped you out. :whistle:

    PS: Pretty impressed you remembered the site name.

    Take Care.
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  7. Hi @blackpeter@blackpeter. Pretty impressive intro you made. Sounds like you got home OK though which is good. Hope there wasn't too much damage to the bike.

    Like others have said for new riders we have the Saturday Practice sessions at St Kilda and you can pick up a lot of tips at those which may have helped avoid your little incident. If you are free on a Saturday it would probably be good for you to come along and have a chat.
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  8. I am reading you guys "tried to straighten his foot break" and pictured you guys setting a broken leg on the side of the road... He he
  9. Yes, can see how that reads at first glance :smug:

    Lets call it the rear brake. I was trying to yank it straight(ish), then felt a stabbing pain in the chest and a 'crunch', 1 rib at least not in a good way now. His leg was OK, he was lucky (or unlucky) he came off in the soft dirt/grass on the side of the road. His leg may have had a break had it been on asphalt.

    I'm sorer than he is.
  10. It's not a competition ;)
  11. Gooza you looked like someone shot you when your rib popped I didn't know what happened. Hope you heal up soon. Pay a visit to the chiro. Might be a pop back in just as easy
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