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A Big Thank You to FireEagle

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by doonx, Dec 16, 2005.

  1. Thanks for stopping to lend a hand.

    Yesterday I left work at about 6:00pm or so, and headed off on my normal route home from Hawthorn, along the Monash. I knew I was going to need to get soem fuel when I got off at Ferntree Gully Rd but wasn't at all worried as I was sitting on 310kms and had not yet gone to reserve. This is quite normal .

    Anyway, I get close to Warrigal Rd and the expected little cough happened, where upon I reach down the the reserve tap to flick it over. If you get it over within about 15 seconds of the first little prop, she'll go to reserve and the engine won't miss a beat.


    For some reason I couldn't turn the tap around, kept trying, kept trying, got a little confused. All this whilst still trying to negotiate the peanut gallery we affectionately call the "cagers". I thought to myself, "well maybe I'm trying to turn it the wrong way" - nah.

    That's it, she dies. Pulled over, fiddled with the tap, put it on reserve, but of course no good. Anyway, I eventually got it to fire again and I just thought it was me. Off I go, over the top of Warrigal Rd, past the outbound on ramp and she dies again. This time I knew I was screwed. Pulled over again and there I stopped. Called Tam who grab the Gerry Can and got some PULP for me.

    Enter stage right - FireEagle.

    She pulled over to see if I was OK or needed some help. But she did so not knowing who I was or even that I was a Netrider. She did say that as she pulled up she saw my plate and thought to herself that I probably was Doonks.

    Anyway, chat for about 10 mins or so and off she went again. So thanks FireEagle for stopping to lend some assistance, it was most appreciated.

  2. ps/ - someone had fiddled with my fuel tap and turned it to reserve, I specifically remember checking it on the last fill. GGRRRRRRRRRR
  3. Well, look on the bright side.
    1. No harm was done
    2. You got to have a chat to fireagle
    3. Netrider "Connecting Riders"
  4. so what happened to the reserve?? How come you only made a couple of km's on it?
  5. nah stewy - it had been on Reserve the whole time, so I ran it dry

    Hornet - absolutely !
  6. oh ok.... all make senses now.

    Well sounds like a good outcome from a bad situation
  7. that happened to me too doonks - my (former) mechanic put the tank on reserve and didn't tell me after a service - no-where near a servo.

    always good to have an upside out of a downside.
  8. some nice people around, but no one stopped for me last week when i ran out of fuel, i had flicked over to reserve during my ride, badly misjudged how many km's i could travel on that and it soon conked out, i rolled into the service lane because i was on a hwy and because the vegetation on the median strip covered me, the rider i was with passed me at 100km/h and didn’t see me pushing my bike, i had to push the bugger a fair bloody way, as a result i got a whopper of a blister on my heel from the boots i never walk in but use for riding only.
  9. So did she get you going or just stop for a chat? :shock:
  10. Saw you yesterday morning splitting on the way into the city.
    I took the wife's car yesterday as no one had driven it for 4 weeks and the battery was flat so had to jump start it and drive it to get charge up.
    Where do you park your bike in the city?
  11. Me three!

    Hadn't had the bike long... Left the tap on reserve.
    Unfortunately I had nobody else to blame - it was completely my own fault :x

    Ran out one night on the way back to Melbourne from Lancefield... had to push the damn thing 1.8km to a servo. :roll:

    Partly flat, but the last 1/2km uphill. Not happy Jan! :facepalm: