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A big hello from melbourne!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by arlennnn, Jun 30, 2012.

  1. Not my first post here but thought I'd make a proper introduction.

    I got my learners close to a month ago and am going to be picking up my bike next weekend! Words can't describe how excited I am :dance: Back when my dad was around he owned a custom Harley Shovelhead, so I guess you could say bikes run in the blood.

    I ended up buying a Ninja 250 which I got ridiculously cheap from Mornington Kawasaki. Can't recommended them enough, John was a great bloke to deal with and I must say was a great first experience with buying a bike! The only trouble I ran into was finding a helmet to fit my huge head but we finally found an XXL KBC which fit like a dream, and also ended up buying the rest of my gear there as well (and yes, I have been standing in front of the mirror with my gear on regularly haha)

    So next Saturday I'll be riding it back from mornington to carrum downs, which will be an interesting experience and I'll definitely need all the luck I can get :p
    I hope to see some of you guys around and if anyone is from around the area and would like a noob riding buddy, let me know :)
  2. Congratulations on your purchase buddy! I know the feeling of that last weeks wait between you and the road, feels like forever but it'll be here before you know it!
  3. belatedly, welcome :)
  4. Thanks guys!

    pretty sure I'd sell a kidney if I could pick up the bike right now! Just thinking of all the places I'm going to go riding isn't helping much either
  5. Hi arelennnn and welcome to NR
  6. Welcome to Netrider :)
  7. Safe to say, I've become a bit addicted to netrider, and subsequently productivity at work has gone down! :p
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    Welcome aboard. :)

    2012 Kawasaki Ninja 650L.
  9. welcome to NR, when you're confident to ride in, get to sat prac sessions and meet new riders, learn to do cones and E braking.
  10. Was actually just watching some of the prac session videos and definitely can't wait to come down!
  11. Congrats and welcome.

  12. Welcome to NR :)
  13. Welcome there fellow cat person!

    See ya down at Satdy morning practice soon i would imagine!

    Productivity loss is a given when dealing with this mob. :D
  14. Welcome to NR. (y)

    You're right about the addiction part. Half of the time I'm not on the bike - I am on NR and when I'm not on NR, I'm on the bike or dreaming about bikes. :D
  15. Welcome Arleeeeeeeen?
    In the same boat here.. got the L's 2 weeks ago and my Ninja 650RL on saturday..

    And although people wont admit it.. we all stand in front of the mirror in full kit.. i did for almost a year as i spent that long planning this journey.
    (Actually.. i have no idea.. im just glad that someone else admitted to it so i felt a little more normal)

    Good luck on the pickup ride.. i have to say i was packing my kevlars on my first ride.. Just take it easy and enjoy :)
  16. I've found myself a nice desk at wirk where my back faces the corner so I can browse as much as I please :p
    but I'll definitely be a regular attendee to the Saturday sessions, it'll be great to meet other bike riders because I have no other friends that do!

    @portagrug congrats!! love the bike! If I could've afforded it I would've gotten the 650L! And I was walking around the house in my gear for ages, it just feels right!
    Oh I'm sure I will need to buy a new pair of jeans when I get home, but what better way to learn than to be thrown straight into it, on a 100 km/h road right? :p
  17. Netrider being an equal opportunity forum, I fear it is my duty to ask...

    are you hot?
  18. With my helmet on and face hidden I have to say yes I am! haha
  19. Ummmm.. yeah.. right!! or at least a percentage of that.. 8-[

    There are some good second hand RL's out there for some excellent prices .. Trust me :)