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A big HELLO from a new Brisbane rider!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by blue_muppet, Jul 26, 2005.

  1. Hey everybody at netrider!

    I've been browsing this forum for a while now and I finally decided to join up because i've been very impressed with the quality replys and the friendly nature of the current members.

    A little background info: I've been riding MC since I can remember but my experiences have been limited to trailbike riding. Not racing, just pure bush bashing maddness.

    Recently after leaving home for university and finding out that I am actually fully independent from my parents now (pretty scary to come to terms with!) I decided to take the plunge and finally get a road bike.

    Its been a long process with lots of decisions that I didn't think I would have to make but I completed my Q-ride course without any worries and started the search for a nice 250cc road bike.

    I have come across a really nice Suzuki GSF250 Bandit 1993 and i've already practically fallen in love with it. Mmmm naked bikes :D Basically, i've done a big search on this site and I havn't really found the info that i'm after.

    I'm actually after first hand accounts of how this bike performs is on the road and if possible, links to certified reviews. I've already drowned myself in statistical information on the bike (which isn't much help because i'm no mechanic) and knowing the distance of travel in the front forks isn't going to help my decide if this is a good bike!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Hope to see you all out on the road soon!
    Thanks in advance,
  2. best bet would be to test ride one
  3. Welcome muppet :D .
  4. Thanks for the prompt replys.

    Drew, i've already taken one for a test ride and I found it to be extreamly enjoyable but..as I said before my experience with road bikes is limited to only a few differnt kinds. ZZR250, CB250 and a CB600 Hornet.

    I'm visiting the bike again tomorrow for a full inspections (flashlight, camera and tool kit will be taken) and i'll report back on how that went.

  5. Welcome Muppet, the bandit is a good piece of kit, my wife has one as well.
  6. Welcome Muppet..where in bris are you?..lm sure theres a few here from your end of town that would love to hook up for a ride
  7. AAAaa thanks for all the replys. :D

    Its just what I wanted to hear about the bandit, the more I look at it the more it fills my mind.

    Final inspection tomorrow at 3pm. Going to take it for another test ride and maybe lay down a deposit.

    R1_lover, I'm in the south side of brissy, st lucia actually.

    Sounds good Sir Skuffy, i'll look into it.

  8. Welcome and all the best for your new purchase, a truly exciting experience. Hope it all goes well.
  9. Welcome to the madhouse Blue Muppet.....

    Blue muppet.... isn't that Grover ? I'm sure it was Grover when my kids watched Sesame steet.. or was it Cookie Monster???

    Anyways, if you're happy with the bikes' looks, you feel comfortable on the rides, and your happy with the results of what sounds like a very thorough inspection, well who gives a rat's what we think :LOL:


  10. Iffracem, I'm not sure if that is actually Grover! I have fuzzy memories of Grover being blue and of course being a muppet. He is the one that is really skinny and kinda just jumps around a lot right?

    I actually choose the name for a completely different reason, but thats my little secret :D

  11. awwww c'mon blue muppet, you can tell us, honest, we won't tell anyone else....
    But on the subject of the bike......

    GET ANOTHER HORNET 600!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (slightly biased, of course) :)
  12. Hiya blue muppet.!
  13. Welcome mate. The 250 bandit's a good choice for a first bike, reasonably big (for a 250) which should make stepping up to a bigger bike easier and is quite comfortable cruising at highway speeds as long as you can put up with the lack of wind protection (probably not so much of a problem in QLD).
  14. Well guys, I went over for the final inspection today and ended up walking away with the bike. I pick it up on Sunday after I get all the insurance and rego stuff organised.

    The bike was practically flawless. The few minor issues were a little to much play in the clutch lever, but it’s not major and I think its just needs adjusting. The chain was a little dirty, basically because it hasn’t been ridden in many many months.

    Also, apparently the brake discs are 0.04mm off compliance which is a real pain. This will all become clearer when I take it in for the roadworthy. (It isn’t currently registered)

    I put down a deposit and I signed the appropriate forms and walked away with a very big grin on my face.

    A few questions for you all now.

    First off all, as far as rego goes, I’ll be looking at about $330 bucks all up right. I only want it to be a single seat rego but it does have pillion pegs so is that an option?

    I’m going to get temporary rego from the insurance company so I can take it to the various shops to get the safety certificate and rego done. I’ll get it for about a week I think. Do you think this is long enough?

    Thanks for your help everybody, I’ll get some pictures of me and my new ride up very soon!
  15. Both Grover AND Cookie Monster are blue, it's just that Cookie Monster was much bigger. (and Oscar the Grouch was green)
  16. From one newb to another, welcome to the forums blue_muppet!

    And I think that the blue muppet was Gonzo! Sesame Street characters are considered muppets to my knowledge :p
  17. I have a blue muppet when I wear my kilt on the bike :wink:
    Welcome to the forums mate!

  18. :shock: :shock: to much info .
  19. haha, pretty off topic when we start talking about sesame street characters. :D

    Anyway, can anybody help me with a few of those questions?