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A better man would not find this funny.

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Loz, Feb 19, 2006.

  1. Ohhh...mannnnn!!! Wonder if the call was still active?

    Heart goes out to the kid.
  2. aaaahahahahahhahahaha :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    dont worry loz, i'm the best man there is and i still find that funny (i'm modest too if you didn't notice :wink: ) :p :p
  3. I fail to see the joke
  4. As long as the child didn't have to pay for the mothers stupidity....
  5. Sounds like she wasn't too badly injured, lucky considering the description of the accident. Hate to think of the impact it will have on her mentally as a 6 year old going through something like that. Especially being trapped with her seriously injured mother.

    Makes you wonder how many of these have to happen in the states before they ban mobile phone use while driving.
  6. As do i :?
  7. I think it's this bit.
    "Her arm was found near the accident still clutching a cell phone."
  8. Sounds like she was caught red handed.
  9. haha nasty
  10. Well, the fines don't seem to work, so why not bring in "on the spot amputations"? :LOL:
  11. I still don't find out funny.
  12. She will have to get a voice-activated one now, or learn to drive with her knees.
  13. Guess it will still happen twice then!

    Gives credence to the argument that using mobile phones while driving is (h)armless.
  14. The poor kid pays for the mother's stupidity.
    Doesn't make it funny though.
  15. I hope the long arm of the law will prevent such incidents happening here in Australia.

    She should have been wearing armour.

    No good on a farm with only one arm.

    arm arm arm somethingorother
  16. people will never learn and if they do its always the hard way...
    poor kid though
    i hope the mother will not make the same mistake again
    by the way does any one know if she got her arm back on??
  17. we'd never have guessed. Glad you find amusement in other peoples misfortune.
  18. I couldn't say I find it funny, but a photo of teh hand clining to the phone with the crash scene in the background would make a greate RTA Safty add.
  19. still unhappy are we? i'm sure you can get councelling for depression of that magnitude, possibly even some nice little pills aswell? go on mate, take the step, you cant go your whole life being scarred like that :( :( :(