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A better horn

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by rc36, Jul 16, 2005.

  1. I love my VFR, but, like most Jap bikes, the horn is about as useless as a joke book at a funeral. I've got a set of Fiamm car horns but I can't fit them on the bike as there's not enough room inside the fairing. Any ideas to improve my audibility to other road users?

    (Yes, I know I can take the baffle out of the Staintune, but I want people in FRONT of me to hear me before I get there not after I've gone.)
  2. Buy an open-face helmet and YELL REAL LOUD????????
  3. Go to a wreckers (or "new old stock" supplier) and see if you can pick up one of the mid 70's thru to early 80's falcon horns that have the "scroll" type face.

    They should fit somewhere on the bike, you'll also need to wire in a relay to get as much juice from the battery to the horn as possible.

    I have seen the smaller of the two horns that come in the dual airhorn kit fitted to an Across, bit of a squeeze tho and IMHO not worth the effort.

    I flogged the "high note" horn off the dual set from the wifes shopping sooby, Its a tad high pitched and sqeeky, but certainly loud enough to get attention.
    Shopping trolley got one of those "AAH-OOO-GAH" types fitted instead.

  4. Make it sound "horn" does it???
  5. You started this thread, just so some twerp like me would respond, then you could reply with that.... didn't you.... own up :facepalm:

    She wanted "a horn that made people take notice" so she got one, now she complains that "everyone looks at me if I use it"

    Jeeeez... women :?

  6. That's why I love European cars, my Renaults used to have horns that would lift pedestrians up and hurl them out of the way!!

    I'm shocked that you would think that I would start a thread on the flimsy premise of making a bad pun!!!!
  7. Apparently the old mitsubishi magna horns are a good jobbie for a bike, they are apparently only slightly larger than standard bike horns, and much louder. Im about to fit one to my TRX, as the standard horn wires got broken thru so im gonna replace them too.
  8. Hmmmm I like this funky horn situation. I might look into this more deeply. :)
  9. Can't comment on Ducati horns, but I know I need to do something about mine.

    I'd have thought Ducatis would be well equipped, their exhausts are certainly loud enough!!!

  10. I've wondered about making a PA system for the bike, with a helmet mike, press the horn button and give the so and so a good, loud, verbal blast.

    or imagine lane splitting... "watch out....... coming through...... outa the way...... make room....... man (women) and bike, move it or lose it"

    the as you speed away... "so long sucka's"

  11. Back in my old CB radio days we used to do that. Hook up the CB to a speaker mounted outside the car and use the CB's microphone to shout at people passing by. Some of my mates fitted amplifiers to make it louder too.