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A beaut Sunday ... at Mt Cotton

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by NZebra, Dec 11, 2008.

  1. Just thought I'd share the terrific Sunday we had on 30 Nov. Other half and I decided to do another advanced road rider training course seeing as we both have acquired new bikes since our last time 18 mths ago.

    We managed to convince 9 of our associates to join us and so I enrolled us all into the ARR course run by the motorcycle riding school arm of Teammoto.

    It is a full on all day session and I can highly recommend the course to anyone looking to improve their riding skills. (In actual fact I recommend anyone take advanced road rider training wherever there may be a suitable facility).

    The morning session was dedicated to an explanation of bike dynamics, emergency braking, slow manouevring (slalom etc). You are encouraged to "push the envelope" to the point of your personal comfort and safety under the guidance of the instructors on the day. This is an opportunity for one to get the feel of their bike under extreme circumstances, e.g. in the emergency braking segment I gave it the curry and discovered what it felt like when one applies the front brake and a little too much back brake yep the back of the bike jinked left and right but I stayed on and stopped in a short distance. The other half gave his Tiger a full fist of front brake and had the tyre smoooooking and bouncing (and gave the instructor heart flutters) however he stayed on too.

    The slalom session teaches smooth throttle control, control of bike under 20kph etc and dispelling some of the bad habits we all tend to develop.

    After lunch and plenty of liquids ... The afternoon session is on the closed circuit and we were split into two groups. It is drilled into us that we must not and that is NOT exceed 80kph. So we are taken to various corners and given instruction on how to (low risk) and how not to (high risk) ride thru' the corner ergo apexing. This is discussed at length.

    The two groups are given 10 - 15 min sessions and whilst on the course the instructors are riding thru' the group and we are given the opportunity to ride thru' the hairpin following them. Well I had such an opportunity ... I have never had my bike or me for that matter lean over so far. The instructor gave me the "follow me signal" so I stuck with him I was following his line implicitly that we are exiting the hairpin and he's slowing down and looking left and right and suddenly realises I'm right on his six. Discussing this with him afterwards he'd thought I'd gone off into the kitty litter!!! Nup, not this chickie babe.

    It was truly an exhausting day and everyone of our group garnered a great deal from the day's activities. The group, as a whole and we were some 42 riders of various ages, did not have an "off".

    My recommendation - do it. You buy the bike, you buy the gear do yourself a favour (you deserve it) and get that extra bit of training.

    I now know how my bike will react under certain conditions and I have the confidence to apply the principles taught. I appreciate my bike is capable of far greater things than I have the ability to ride but I'm trying to narrow the gap a little afterall "knowledge is not a heavy burden to bear."

    I trust you all have the opportunity to do the advanced road rider training it is seriously worth the investment of time and money.

    Best Wishes to One and All for a safe and Happy Festive Season whether on your bike nor other transport.

  2. Sounds like quite a day :cool:

    I was actually thinking of doing some adv rider training, I was looking at Stay up right (NSW) and was looking at both the intermediate and advanced courses, not sure what would be right for me, the intermediate sounded like what you were describing. I would like to do them both but I'm not sure if i'll get my money's worth.

    Is it more like the P's skills but more realistic or is there more content?

    I'm happy to pay the money to learn more things but i don't want to spend the money on something and come out feeling like i gained very little.

    If anyone else has some expertise in this, it would be very appreciated. :grin:
  3. Sounds like you had a fun day.

    I'm gonna do the Stay Upright course next year at QR. But its a tad expensive haha
  4. Hey Nzebra

    Thanks for the review on the course. Sounds good...

    If you dont mind me asking how much did it cost?

    I brought a bike from team moto they gave me a half day advance course voucher.
    I dare say how it works its the full day course I just have to pay half. Who knows. Dunno if I still got it.

    Is it only on weekends?

  5. Not4Resale - I did this course approx 18mths ago. What I found this time around was that I was able to concentrate on my weaknesses and this allowed me to explore my limits a lot further under control conditions, i.e. knowing that there's no oncoming traffic if you overcook a corner. They have several instructors on the day who are very approachable and extremely keen to help. I'm quite sure there would be several extra points you'd come away with. N4R I guess it also depends on your riding ability/history. I've only had my open for 2+ years so got quite a lot out of it second time round. Hey, my main man has been riding for 30 yrs or so (numerous and various bikes) and even he got a lot from it, mind you the bikes he had 30 yrs ago compared to the one he's got now are quite different!

    Robb0 - Yep, I bought my first bike from Teammoto and got a voucher too. Posted cost is $255 (lunch & refreshments provided) however I managed to negotiate a rate for our group at $150pp. If one is a member of Ulysses apparently you get a good rate plus a rebate from Ulysses. I have only seen the courses listed for weekends. Teammoto request track time from Mt Cotton and Mt Cotton say you can have these days/dates ... bit of a take it or leave it scenario ... I guess they can have this attitude because it's the only facility of its type at present.

    Tunelliner - really trooly IMO anything that saves your life and improves your anticipation and reaction time is not expensive. Consider it an investment in oneself :wink:

    I even think insurance companies should dish out vouchers to encourage riders to do advanced training. Once you've completed a recognised course then give you a rebate on your insurance :roll: but I guess that'll never happen eh :?:

    Cheers fellow riders ...