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a bad morning to start the day

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by imajo, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. OMG! i dropped the bike...
    it was an ordinary day, I woke up got changed, packed my lunch. Walked to the garage slipped on my riding pants and boots. Backed the bike out onto the footpath and started her up. Then turned around to grab the helmet.... then the noise of something moving, i look back and OMFKNGOD the bike is slowly toppling over a couple of seconds later BANG. The bike is on the ground.

    Picked the bike up and assessed the damage... the left mirror has snapped off but the oggy knobb saved the rest Thank god.... well that was until i got to work. I went down for a smoke and looked over at the bike and see a small puddle (about 3 inches) FK FK FK !!!!! so had to order a new stattor cover as well. So this small accident has cost me so far $120 for the cover and gasket. $48 for a pair of mirrors (off ebay) and a bottle of oil when i get the chance to replace it.

    Question: Would it be ok to ride it home?

  2. Not if its leaking quickly, if you run the bike without oil your engine could sieze which is extremely bad.
  3. What he said, engine seizes cost a lot more than a bottle of oil and a tow home.
  4. its not leaking now, theres a slight hairline crack in the stattor case i just started it and no oil seems to be leaking when its on.
  5. because it's empty?? :-k
  6. Check the oil level, make sure there's plenty, and keep checking it, and you could probably ride home if it's not too far... but as someone who possibly recently turned a going car into a pile of scrap by running it with low water, I'd agree with the advice to consider the costs and consequences if you call it wrong...
  7. Dude, that sucks!

    It's happened to someone else too..... did you run in slow-mo screaming "NOOOOOOOOOOO!"?

    +1 to Bravus.
  8. Yeah if its not leaking check that there is oil left!

    If it was leaking before theres no reason I can think of that it would just stop.
  9. id be a bit wary of riding it home. its all good on a stand maybe, but bikes lean over to turn and it might cause more oil to leak.. you could be running it dry with no idea until its too late.
  10. Let's not forget that leaking oil and bike rear tyres don't mix. :shock:
  11. You'll probably find that the reason it has stopped is that the engine cooled down and the pressure also dropped away. If the stator is cracked and has leaked then it will leak once you get the bike under a bit of stress..... ie riding home, once the engine is warmed up and operating under load.
  12. update... there was a small amount of oil when i left work. Checked the oil levels and the little oil glass was full of oil.

    got the bike home in one piece and did the cover change over the weekend. Gosh the cover was a b1tch to get off due to the oversized magnet sucking the cover back on. While everything was off did my oil/filter change. Cleaned and tightened the chain, scrubbed all the winter scum off and gave it a good wash and polish. Bike looks a million bucks... well a million bucks without a mirror.

    So the one little fall has cost me:

    $108 - Stator Cover
    $11.95 for the gasket
    $59.95 - 4 litres or oil
    $42.95 - a pair of mirrors.

    hence why i didnt go to the GP this year.