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A Bad Day (with some good bits)

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Portagrug, Sep 16, 2012.

  1. So.. i dropped the bike.. coz im a MORON!
    Before doing the u turn i said to myself.. "this is a bit of a dodgy place to do a u turn.. "

    the side street was wide enough easily but sloped from one side to another at a good 10 degrees.. downwards from my left to my right, the direction of my u turn..

    didnt get a quarter of a the way though it and grabbed the front brake and a half second later she was on her right side with me standing above her..

    Hit the kill switch.. walked away.. chucked tanti and took off gloves and helmet..

    Walked back and went about picking up 200kg of bike by myself.. Got it done and did a close walkaround inspection..

    NOTHING!! not a scratch.. not on the mirror.. not on the fairing.. not on the bar end.. not even a rear indicator.. (integrated fronts)

    Thanks Aussieak for fitting those knobs.. Worth their weight in gold...

    Got the gear back on and jumped back on the bike.. completed u turn without even thinking about it.. (faaaark.. ) and parked it up to breath..

    rode away and got to a stop sign.. "wheres my rear brake pedal.. oh there it is.. all the way in there huh?? " got to my destination.. in the NEXT street and set about bending the brake pedal back.. burnt knuckles on exhaust.. (ARRRRGHHHH!!)

    So.. one scratched Oggy Knob.. two burnt knuckles.. nice blisters.. CRAP story to tell..

    had two cagers try and kill me later in the day.. but got a nice ride in with nice company in the middle of all events.. YaY!
  2. grug would never have crashed like that.
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  3. Hey PortaLou, glad to hear that you're all right and the bike only sustained artificial damage to the break pedal. Don't take it too hard on yourself, these things unfortunately do happen.

    What about the name change though? Hope you can make it for our second warm up ride!
  4. No he would never have grugged the front brake in a u turn.
  5. Gentle application of the rear brake in a u turn stabilizes the bike, raven taught me that, but you knew that didn't you Lou?
  6. Don't you just hate the simple drops??

    Glad to hear that there was no serious damage, to you or the bike....
  7. Glad you're ok - glad the bike's ok - we've all done it. That's why it's a good subject for jokes. It touches on many embarrassing memories.
  8. Nor would have Portagrug.. PortaLou is a moron..

    Thanks mate.. And yeah.. ill be there for dinner for sure..

    Portagrug/Grug did .. apparently Lou is a raving idiot!!!

    All i can say is at least i was alone and couldnt see anyone holding back the laughter.. and yeah.. got REALLY lucky with the outcome.
  9. LOL - Of course you're a raving idiot! You not only read what Blabbus writes, you admit to it. How do you think you're going to get him to leave you alone now? Sheesh...!
  10. Why oh why did you grab the brakes in the middle of a u turn... What did you expect would happen? Lol

    Hopefully you'll not do that again.
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  11. I'm like a road accident-you tell everyone you ignore me,but you cant help looking.
  12. Set up early dragging rear brake, and holding higher revs while slipping clutch. More pressure on rear break to control speed, and just push bike over while you remain upright.
    You haven't been practicing it enough. Find a car park.
  13. Or do it how I do... Take off in first, lean over to the right... Accelerate to speed limit??!!

    You shouldnt need to slip the clutch and drag the brake unless you are tyring to turn on a dime...Sometimes I think guys are just over thinking things.
  14. One bloke on here does for sure,thinks he is helping noobs.
    Over complicates everything and confuses them.
    He is probably the cause of most of the noob offs reported here.
  15. I knew exactly what would happen.. didnt expect anything different.. just got it wrong..

    i actually practice u turns every time i ride.. But the problem is is i generally do them in car parks.. which are flat.. and common.. and comforting.. not on a lean. with other stuff to think about.. and other forces of physics at play.. i say practicing in car parks is GREAT.. but practice elsewhere as well..
  16. I'm gonna cop flak for this... but

    When I do a low speed u-turn, I usually hold my inside leg out in case things get a little unstable.... sometimes sliding the bottom of the boot on the tarmac.

    Is that okay too?
  17. When i did this one whoguy.. i didnt even have my feet up on the pegs yet.. so not going to help that much.. and if the inside leg is the rear brake leg (the right one) your gonna have a bad time when you grab that front brake like i did.. :(
  18. You do what with your inside leg.
  19. Yes, practicing in car parks is to give you time and space to get the technique correct. Then when you take it to the streets it's not new, and you know what to do. That's the whole point of such practice.

    You didn't once mention the rear brake. Only grabbing the front. I suspect you are not using your rear brake at all.
  20. So then, what would 'your' advice be to noobs for, doing u-turns?