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a 39th Birthday to remember

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Sir Skuffy, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. Well well well....... THis will certainly be a 39th birthday to remember.

    8th March
    - Happy birthday to me
    - Left geelong at 5:00am to meet Madhatter for 6:00am departure from Shell Westgate.. :shock:
    - Andy is 30 minutes late :eek: :grin:
    - Ride to Mansfield via the hume, to make up time and meet MStevo in Corryong
    - COLD ride :(
    - Breakfast in mansfield was excellent. Watching a young lady go past with loooong legs, cowboy boots and her dates jumper with DNA alllll over the back of the jumper... :LOL: :LOL:
    - Ride to Corryong via the Twisties - fun fun fun
    - Arrive corryong 1:15minutes late..... To meet not just MStevo but 4 others.,...... Hmmmm, this was supposed to be a small group :LOL:
    - Depart for a ride through roads I never knew.. :)
    - Tight, twisty, sunny day - riding Nirvana
    - Get to the first "regroup point", tyres looking a bit sad :grin:
    - Slow group running slower than usual, turn around to head back and investigate
    - The greaded 4x4 coming the other way signals tyhat one of our group had come off. :( :(
    - Ride back in absolute dread..... One of the ACT riders I only met not an hour ago tried to make a turn tooooo quickly and ended up kissing the wall.
    - Have to wait a total of +4 hours for ambo, police, chopper, bike pickup.....
    - By-pass night in Bermagui and head to Khankoben instead..... Rider is ok just a chipped pelvis. :)
    - Night in Khankoben is fun.

    Sunday 9th March
    - Nice start to a nice day - good breakfast, company still happy and excited.
    - Ride 32.2km down the Alpine to THredbo and there is MStevo standing by the side of the road waving us down...... Madhatter had broken down. :(
    - More waiting and regrouping and deciding what to do then.
    - ACT crew go home and MSteveo, Madhatter and myself decide what needs to be done
    - Tom, the person that halped Mark our during his unfortunate accident, picked up the stricken R1 and dragged it to Khankoben
    - We decide to go for a swim - nice cool break - and have lunch :grin:
    - Time for Andy to ride biatch to Bright......
    - Mark carries Andy and I carry his backpack.....
    - This backpack - I have no idea what is in it but it weighed more than Andy :LOL: :LOL:
    - Stop in Bogong before the Towanga gap for a break and Andy startes calling every person he knows to organise a ride/lift/assistance
    - THis continues through to 9:30pm that night
    - Seems that people dont want to drive allll the way to Khankoben to pick up a bike..... Andy, need to re-evaluate Facebook :LOL: :LOL:
    - Night spent in Bright :)
    - Andy organises for a friend to arrive at 1:15am to drive him to Khankoben to drop off his key and help another mate load his bike

    10th march
    - Ride home..... :)

    We were planning on doing about 2,500km and it turned out we did about 1,300km - short ride.

    So, that is my 39th Birthday weekend.... I had planned on a VERY small group ride and put in some real km's and ride places I had not.... Not exactly to plan.... :grin:
  2. Does ANYTHING ever go exactly to plan??? Well at least your birthday happened; that you could do nothing about.

    I'm still waiting for you to venture further north than Canberra :LOL:.
  3. Sounds like a bit of an adventure Mitch.

    What was wrong with Andy's bike? Or did he just pull a plug lead so he could cuddle you blokes all the way home? :p
  4. LOL usually they go somewhat more to plan than that!

    Glad to see all the smiley faces in there :)
  5. what can I say just another big pot hole in the road of life :mad:
    I'll make it up to you somehow for the next road trip :wink:

    Not the weekend you/we planned but still very memorable. I was looking forward to a longer ride
  6. Comon! Sittin by the side of the road with a camp fire, drinking jimmy's and singing 80's songs was a hooot!

    Ahhh the memories :)

    Andy I hope your baby is up and running again soon!
  7. No Iron Butt award for that ride Mitch. :)
    Happy Birthday anyway it sounds like there was a bit of adventure.

    It's good to see you're back on the FZ1 again Mark. :grin:

    Any ideas of what has happened to the R1?I thought that they were Bulletproof. :?
    Hopefully its not too major Andy and you sort it quickly.

    Its never good hearing about anyone coming off their bike.Hopefully the rider heals quickly.
  8. [​IMG]

    Andy and Tess playing silly bugga's
    Carl on fire duty
    Good for parallel parking

    Yes Pete the FZ1 is back in action. thanks for suggestions about shopping overseas saved me $2500:00 only took 5 days for the parts to get here
  9. Poor little munted bike
  10. certainly sounds like a adventure was had.... hope the rider wasn't to badly injuried
  11. Hey Stewy

    Helicopter ride home with over night accommodation in hospital
    I get home on Monday arvo and here he was at coffee night on crutches
    Story is he has a cracked pelvis 6-8 weeks of taking it easy, I think he would find it hard to throw his leg over his misses, let alone another bike for a while :shock:
  12. hey stevo, will have to come on one of these rides to catch up again soon.

    not good news about the rider, hope they have a speedy recovery though
  13. I think I may do this ride again in June long weekend.

    This time, I will trailer the bike to Bogong - better pub. Start the ride from there - just incase something like this happens again....

    Oh, wait, this could be a problem - snow..... OK, scratch this idea. :eek: :LOL:
  14. what about the ANZAC day long weekend the 25th is a Friday this year

    Bogong sounds GOOD better scenery!!!nice blonde scenery :wink:
    Andy and his new skin coloured leathers for hot weather dinking asking Mitch........ Who dressed you this morning ????
  15. EXCELLENT idea.....Lets do it.....

    I will let you work this one out and invite me..... :grin:

    Can we do the suggested same route - proposed route that is.
  16. Happy belated birthday Mitch. :)