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a 39th Birthday to remember

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Sir Skuffy, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. Well well well....... THis will certainly be a 39th birthday to remember.

    8th March
    - Happy birthday to me
    - Left geelong at 5:00am to meet Madhatter for 6:00am departure from Shell Westgate.. :shock:
    - Andy is 30 minutes late :eek: :grin:
    - Ride to Mansfield via the hume, to make up time and meet MStevo in Corryong
    - COLD ride :(
    - Breakfast in mansfield was excellent. Watching a young lady go past with loooong legs, cowboy boots and her dates jumper with DNA alllll over the back of the jumper... :LOL: :LOL:
    - Ride to Corryong via the Twisties - fun fun fun
    - Arrive corryong 1:15minutes late..... To meet not just MStevo but 4 others.,...... Hmmmm, this was supposed to be a small group :LOL:
    - Depart for a ride through roads I never knew.. :)
    - Tight, twisty, sunny day - riding Nirvana
    - Get to the first "regroup point", tyres looking a bit sad :grin:
    - Slow group running slower than usual, turn around to head back and investigate
    - The greaded 4x4 coming the other way signals tyhat one of our group had come off. :( :(
    - Ride back in absolute dread..... One of the ACT riders I only met not an hour ago tried to make a turn tooooo quickly and ended up kissing the wall.
    - Have to wait a total of +4 hours for ambo, police, chopper, bike pickup.....
    - By-pass night in Bermagui and head to Khankoben instead..... Rider is ok just a chipped pelvis. :)
    - Night in Khankoben is fun.

    Sunday 9th March
    - Nice start to a nice day - good breakfast, company still happy and excited.
    - Ride 32.2km down the Alpine to THredbo and there is MStevo standing by the side of the road waving us down...... Madhatter had broken down. :(
    - More waiting and regrouping and deciding what to do then.
    - ACT crew go home and MSteveo, Madhatter and myself decide what needs to be done
    - Tom, the person that halped Mark our during his unfortunate accident, picked up the stricken R1 and dragged it to Khankoben
    - We decide to go for a swim - nice cool break - and have lunch :grin:
    - Time for Andy to ride biatch to Bright......
    - Mark carries Andy and I carry his backpack.....
    - This backpack - I have no idea what is in it but it weighed more than Andy :LOL: :LOL:
    - Stop in Bogong before the Towanga gap for a break and Andy startes calling every person he knows to organise a ride/lift/assistance
    - THis continues through to 9:30pm that night
    - Seems that people dont want to drive allll the way to Khankoben to pick up a bike..... Andy, need to re-evaluate Facebook :LOL: :LOL:
    - Night spent in Bright :)
    - Andy organises for a friend to arrive at 1:15am to drive him to Khankoben to drop off his key and help another mate load his bike

    10th march
    - Ride home..... :)

    We were planning on doing about 2,500km and it turned out we did about 1,300km - short ride.

    So, that is my 39th Birthday weekend.... I had planned on a VERY small group ride and put in some real km's and ride places I had not.... Not exactly to plan.... :grin:
  2. Does ANYTHING ever go exactly to plan??? Well at least your birthday happened; that you could do nothing about.

    I'm still waiting for you to venture further north than Canberra :LOL:.
  3. Sounds like a bit of an adventure Mitch.

    What was wrong with Andy's bike? Or did he just pull a plug lead so he could cuddle you blokes all the way home? :p
  4. LOL usually they go somewhat more to plan than that!

    Glad to see all the smiley faces in there :)
  5. what can I say just another big pot hole in the road of life :mad:
    I'll make it up to you somehow for the next road trip :wink:

    Not the weekend you/we planned but still very memorable. I was looking forward to a longer ride
  6. Comon! Sittin by the side of the road with a camp fire, drinking jimmy's and singing 80's songs was a hooot!

    Ahhh the memories :)

    Andy I hope your baby is up and running again soon!
  7. No Iron Butt award for that ride Mitch. :)
    Happy Birthday anyway it sounds like there was a bit of adventure.

    It's good to see you're back on the FZ1 again Mark. :grin:

    Any ideas of what has happened to the R1?I thought that they were Bulletproof. :?
    Hopefully its not too major Andy and you sort it quickly.

    Its never good hearing about anyone coming off their bike.Hopefully the rider heals quickly.
  8. aVlVu49.

    Andy and Tess playing silly bugga's
    Carl on fire duty
    Good for parallel parking

    Yes Pete the FZ1 is back in action. thanks for suggestions about shopping overseas saved me $2500:00 only took 5 days for the parts to get here
  9. Poor little munted bike
  10. certainly sounds like a adventure was had.... hope the rider wasn't to badly injuried
  11. Hey Stewy

    Helicopter ride home with over night accommodation in hospital
    I get home on Monday arvo and here he was at coffee night on crutches
    Story is he has a cracked pelvis 6-8 weeks of taking it easy, I think he would find it hard to throw his leg over his misses, let alone another bike for a while :shock:
  12. hey stevo, will have to come on one of these rides to catch up again soon.

    not good news about the rider, hope they have a speedy recovery though
  13. I think I may do this ride again in June long weekend.

    This time, I will trailer the bike to Bogong - better pub. Start the ride from there - just incase something like this happens again....

    Oh, wait, this could be a problem - snow..... OK, scratch this idea. :eek: :LOL:
  14. what about the ANZAC day long weekend the 25th is a Friday this year

    Bogong sounds GOOD better scenery!!!nice blonde scenery :wink:
    Andy and his new skin coloured leathers for hot weather dinking asking Mitch........ Who dressed you this morning ????
  15. EXCELLENT idea.....Lets do it.....

    I will let you work this one out and invite me..... :grin:

    Can we do the suggested same route - proposed route that is.
  16. Happy belated birthday Mitch. :)