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A 35 year cycle I hope

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Oskar, Aug 19, 2012.

  1. I guess the planets had to align sooner or later. I suppose everyone momentarily looses concentration from time to time. For me this happened at the wrong time just as I was leaving an exit ramp on the motorway last Thursday. I thought about something other than riding safe when the truck in front suddenly stopped for traffic and I was a tad too close. Fortunately it was a slow speed lock-up and drop, but that didn't stop the high-side. A broken left arm, a cracked bone in my right wrist, a severely dented pride and a few broken bits on my 900 Diversion was the outcome. No-ones fault but my own I suppose. The last serious prang I had on a bike was 35 years ago so I hope the accident cycle is at least 35 years ( I doubt i'll still be riding at 93)

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  2. As I beginner rider I really appreciate reading stories like these. I am so sorry to hear about your I juries but it really opens my eyes to the dangers out their... All my friends ( ex rider friends) have instilled into me that everyone else on the road doesn't just not see you, they are actually trying to kill you, and after hearing what happened to you from a momentary lack of concentration it really brings home that you are on your own out there and you need to look out for number one.
    I hope you heal quickly and get back on your bike ASAP.
  3. Get well, and as for riding when you are 93, who knows, medical science might get you there. :)
  4. It only takes a split second, doesn't it?

    Heal up quickly and get back out there (y).
  5. Don't worry, it's just a temporary diversion.
  6. I appreciate the reflection.....

    One day I hope to be like you: Many more years - still with a healthy respect....

    Get well mate....chin up (y)
  7. i dont follow, you locked and dropped but also highsided? maybe you locked, highsided and then dropped.

    Either way, get well soon and yeah perhaps you will be able to ride at 93, science these days and shit.
  8. Hopefully other will take a lesson from your post/synopsis and heed the warning regarding concentration. Unfortunately, it's all to easy to become blasé and dull the senses after a long day at work and a boring commute home. Keeping your wits about at all times is an essential tool to ensure you come home each night without incident.

    Thanks for your input and as for still riding at 93... who knows, I'd like to think I still be able to (43 years hence) although the incontinent undies might look a little out of place under my track pants!
  10. Such bad taste.

    I love it!
  11. Heal up. 35 years between offs. I could live with that!
    Sorry to hear of your friend.

  13. Sorry to hear about both accidents get well soon
  14. Same thing almost happened to me the other day. I was way too close (in traffic so going slowly) and the truck in front jammed on its brakes. Scared the shit out of me but I stayed upright.

    Consider it a lucky escape (despite the injuries) that'll keep you on your toes when your back on the road.

    All the best.
  15. Thanks for the good wishes.
    The bike is back together with the fairing and its sub-frame welded up and painted, the front engine side case machined to remove the gouges and a new blinker lens. That's about all the damage (apart from the scratch on the muffler).
    As far as my arm goes, I can now wipe my bum without too much pain and, more importantly, I can pull the clutch lever right in also without a lot of pain.
    Back on the road next week and that will be about 4 and a bit weeks.