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996 SPS (test ride ) f&^%$ing wow

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Bangr, May 7, 2006.

  1. Today i had the great pleasure in riding a 996 not just any 996 , OH NO this was number 191 from the limited run of 996 SPS's . Some of you would know that I have been blessed with a great friends 916 while the Buell was away at the doctors getting some plastic surgery .

    So I have become a little attached to the finer things in life , thios got me thinking about maybe , just maybe getting a Duke. Silly me mentioned this to Scumbag (from now on in this just called sir). who informs me that at his work there is a lovely 996 , It just happens to be a SPS.

    After a few weeks of saying ti SIR that I should come out and have a look at it I made the call to the shop , "Hi Ian I would like a test ride on the 996 SPS saturday morning , to which he replied we will have it warmed up for you ". (hear goes nad again).

    I rode the 916 over this morning , giving it complete hell all the way , what a great bike , could just do with a little more power . (they say be carefull what you wish for).

    Turned up to the shop, and went out the back to see SIR , couldnt find him but I could hear him , I know that laugh anyware. A little chat with Sir then it was off to see another SIR (lovely 996) .

    Side note here , it was great to walk into a shop , have the bike ready , warmed up and they just about wedge it under you and kick you out the door , They had no of my relation ship to SIR , it was nice , great guys.

    Once out side the guys go over the normal stuff , she has new tyres , dont go out and try and get the knee down on the first corner , me thinking she is all cool , it looks just like the one I rode in on , just a different number on the side and a few more bits of carbon fibre , all is cool . "take her for 1/2 hr , long if you want , we have your number , enjoy it " were the parting words.

    They start it up , my god it sounds very angry compared to the 916 , my nad has already jumped up to my belly for protection , it know what is about to go on. thinking to self , dont stall the bloody thing infront of them.

    Off we go , up Dandy road , nice and gentle , left into warrigal rd. Every thing is very easy , no change at all from the 916 except I run race shift .

    The clutch is a little strange compared to the 916 , but takes no time to get used to , and oh my god this one has a nutraul . The seating is the same , brakes all that gear , It was a little harder to ride around cars (traffic) it just did not want to be doing that in and out of cars , even still it does it very well.

    I went down to a area I new well and didnt have to worry about other cars ect , the bike would handle -brake the same if not better than the 916 that was a given , it was all about that all important power .

    Brendan being a bit of a smart ass at times ,(i have riden a few bikes , what can all the fuss be about) gives it a big handfull , well as fast as it was opened it was closed (f*&^k) , the nad did see it coming , them Duke tanks take no prisoners . the power was just so sudden . next time lets just feed it on . The same , it is the most responsive bike I have ridden , power were ever you wanted it . As I got more used to the way it delivered its power it was more and more fun (Iwant one, bugger it I want two).

    From there i went back up centre road (hell on a saturday with cars) , it was not as bad as I thought . from there back to MOTO ONE . i gave it another hard time back down dandy road , just wanted to keep going , would kill to get it on a track on a set of good tyres.

    Put together the way the 916 handles and the power and extra handling , braking of the 996 , the gear box felt much better as did the hole package ,then how can you not love them , this is the best bike I have had the pleasure of riding (Buell , what Buell ?) I dont know how you would go living with it every day , but hey it would look great in the lounge on the the days you didnt ride it.


  2. Bring out the "SOLD" sticker boys. :LOL:
  3. not yet , still have a few others I need to get the leg over , a few 1L japs and maybe a few others , they are bring out the 1199 duke in the same style , that may be worth waiting for , hmmm , thinking .
  4. Be kind to Mr Nad and do as the Nun's advised their young charges and keep the knees as close together as you can (especially under heavy braking).

    With the potential of a 1200 on the way in the next few years you have time to raise the seed capital.
  5. Flame suit on.

    I don't like the look of it!

    Stackmonkey I was out your way Sat morning, go-karts and paintball, stopped on the Nepean Hwy at the Kwaka dealer, MmmmmmmmmZX10R, now that I like! The dual pipes just look awesome I reckon. I'm sure it's no 'Duke' in lots of ways, but I love it.
  6. Good ride report, Bren!

    Did all the SPS's have the white tailpiece? I like the one-colour look better, but the Duke will be a design classic long after the ZX-10's been forgotten (sorry, but it's true)!
  7. I don't doubt that it will, but I just don't like this 'classic' look. It looks like it was designed 20yrs ago to me, and that doesn't appeal to me. I prefer the 'cutting edge, made for next year, fast standing still' look, just personal taste. :grin:
  8. Gosh Bren, you are getting serious. Funny, I didn't like the SPS much when I rode it - found it a bit snarly, snappish and a little unfriendly. However give you the tip, there are two or three others to consider

    1. A 2002 998S came out with Testastretta engine, sandcast cases, amended fairing (does make a big difference) and power delivery much better making for a slightly easier punt through suburbia (note, some tweaking may be involved depending on the bike - every bike IS different even amongst the same model range).

    2. A 2001 996R this had the Testastretta engine, sandcast cases and fully Ohlins suspension and a carbon fibre airbox.


    3. If you can find the 998S FE (one currently for sale in Noosa - am in serious cases of lust over it) they have everything except the carbon fibre airbox but they don't have the sandcast cases.

    Or, 4. For more acceleration out of a 916 get a lightened flywheel.

    Re: the rumoured 1199 - hmmm. I'd leave that to run a year at least to see what they are like reliability wise (at someone else's expense). Plus I didn't think it looked that pretty.

    Sounds like you are going to have fun with all these test rides.
  9. Lil talks about these bikes a bit, 916 996 999 and it doesnt mean anything to me.
    Now I can read what it means to you bren......She is not getting one.

    If its as big as her 900ss then I wont be able to ride the beast cos i cant touch the ground.

    I rode her Duke and didnt get it out of 1st. Got off it and said never again..... Power may not be near as much as the 996 but enough to scare the hairs of me balls....
  10. :LOL::LOL::LOL:
  11. So Bren, how are you with a steaming latte? :LOL:

    {Good report mate, for those of us who can only look at the pics and lust....}
  12. Hmmm strange, when the Stack Munkey came back to the shop there was a funny look in his eyes. Now I know why. The fact I could here it coming from about 3 blocks away should have given it away though.
  13. AFAIK most SPS and R models come Monoposto with a white tail piece. However, you can buy a standard one, as a friend of mine did, install that and go stealthily amongst the populace.
  14. Sir - that was my nad you saw in the corner of my eye .
    748 girl - hmm more options, no the go harder ? i liked the fact that they are a little snarly - snappy , makes it more fun to hang onto.

    Hmm . can see more rides coming up.
  15. Oh, the agony of choice...

    ...and the pleasure of test rides...

    :grin: :grin: :grin:
  16. Hmm , need to find more to test ride , not many out there .
  17. I thought I was looking at one in Zagame recently. :grin:
  18. Bren........ Latte :shock:
    He's a tea drinker!!!!!
  19. I must go and have a look G. :cool:

    Blow it out your ass Dave - :butt: