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99% sure I want a DRZ400SM :)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by christrails, Jul 2, 2012.

  1. Suzuki DRZ400SM

  2. Honda CB400

  3. Other (post in your post)

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  1. Sup,

    I'm 5"11, 85-90KG and I ride dirt bikes and want something that I will still enjoy but wont be so much of a drastic change. Yes I know the road is different from dirt. I love the Motards especially the DRZ.

    Later on I want to get a Street triple R :D love that bike ! sound is just wow anyway back to the DRZ, I heard there are a lot of mods you can do to make it "awake", does any one own a DRZ400SM and have they done the mods to it? what was it like before hand? I don't plan on doing a lot of highway riding though just enough to get used to the roads on a bike and get my full license :D

    Any input for something else would be appreciated :D

    Also are there any upright kind of super motards? or hyper motards? I live the DRZ but if I was to keep it, it wouldn't be enough power after a while and as I said people said its not "awake" until they do the mods, I want something with lots of low end torque :D
  2. Not sure of your price range but have you seen the new Husqvarna Nuda 900?? Very nice bike and I rode one a few weeks back and am seriosuly considering getting one.

  3. It's not learner legal but I will take a look at it for my full license.

    wow! 900cc from 2 cylinders! man the torque on that would be immense!
  4. Also for price it's in the same ball park really of the Street Triple R.
  5. From what I've been told (looking at doing something similar to you) you are better off getting the DRZ400E and converting it to an SM. The E (Enduro) has the power mods already done to it, so, changed gasket, carbs, and some other bits I can't remember. Basically, it has the engine beefed up for power. You then need to convert it to an SM, so, road wheels etc. There are a few ways of doing that I'm told. I'm sure some of the guys will be along soon to give less vague details than me.
  6. Yeah I've heard that the carb is larger on the E model and so are the cams. I just don't know what tyres and rims and brakes to use? I think the E is also cheaper IIRC.
  7. But the forks are so ugly :( oh gosh no way man. If I can get forks and wheels cheaper than the whole SM than I will get it, other wise I'll just go with the SM and then get the power mods.
  8. And I would change the seat and the plastics, might be to much.
  9. CB400 is a better bike, will teach you more about road riding and will be better on the highway with a screen attached, and much much smoother to ride. it also will likely be faster and has way better brakes.

    Highly recommend you ride a CB400, you are a good size for it so it should fit you well.
  10. as above...but if you have a backround with trailbikes and it's the path you want to go down...it's your choice ultimately bud.
  11. I might ride both of them when the time comes to see if I like it more but my trail bike background might edge me towards the DRZ, but your saying the CB400 will benefit me, why?

    I know it's my decision but I like peoples opinions and if people think a CB400 is better for me to ride on the road than a DRZ than I will get that.
  12. you may find the CB400 a little short for you. My first bike was a CB400. AWESOME bike. My wife now has that bike, and I have a ninja. One thing that I notice now when I get on the CB is how short it is. I didn't think so when it was mine, but now, I feel really low down. Coming from dirt bikes, you may find a similar experience. Other than that, they really are a superb bike. (btw, I'm 5" 9)
  13. DRZ supermoto - definitely inspire more confidence in you and teach you to corner better

    a supermoto will go everywhere the cb will go but not the other way around
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  14. I'm 5"10-5"11 so 5"10.5? I'll sit on it when I go to look.

    Yeah thats the thing, I can just chuck on different wheels if i wanted to and ride off road at my track (assuming the suspension is decent). I am getting a WR450F for off road so I'm not looking for a dual sport but I just love my dirt bikes :D can't beat 'em. Any other supermoto's that are learner legal?
  15. Most supermoto's are legal for learners if they are dirtbike based

    I am in the processes of putting the supermoto bits on my wr450
  16. Yea for racing a wr450f is fine supermoto'ed but for daily use nup, way to much maintenance will be needed, i suppose thats why im going with the drz
  17. i will say the CB400 is strangely low compared to other bikes.
  18. CB400 is alright. DRZ400SM is awesome. Just went one from having Ducati Monster 400 (essentially similar to CB400) and can't believe I didn't get one sooner.

    WR450 would be good too, not much more maintinence than the DRZ.

    If you're in Melb, you're welcome to have a sit on the DRZ on Saturday Session.
  19. What the DRZ400SM? It's fun yeah? I'm sure the valves need to be checked more than a DRZ, the DRZ is bullet proof, the WR is a race enduro bike not quite the bullet proof bike but better than a YZ.