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99 rs250 mods

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by 2banga, Nov 5, 2007.

  1. with the bike needing a rebuild in the not too distant future any tips/recomendations on mod's would be heaps appreciated. i dont own a bank and at the end of the day it is only a 250 so would like too keep cost down atleast a lil bit... am a car mechanic so handy with the tools just need a lil instructions. bike is stock with a set of sprokets

  2. A set of pipes is the best bet....you'll shed some weight of the bike, I think there is only minimal jetting mods to be done.

    Next would be to free up the inflow to the airbox. If you're fouling plugs, down down a heat number (i.e. 8 instead of 9). If you want a bit more fun, and extra tooth on the rear sprocket :)

    Have you set up the suspension properly?

    Other than that, do a compression test on your bike, before and after a top end rebuild.

    Deet from RGVSpares has the best price for a rebuild kit, but make sure you specify the spark plugs you want.

    I have no ideas where Strathmore is, but if it's near Nunawading, more than happy to help if needed.
  3. its near essendon.... i changed plugs the other week there not fouling to bad and would of done atleast 7000 km. i need to adjust the oil mixture but dunno how :( yer been thinking about pipes they just so damn expensive and not sure what to go for (arrow, tyga, etc etc) im new to bikes so playen with the suspension is sounding a lil scary, it deffinatly feels a little to hard for me but havnt got any experience with it any different or on different bikes. feels good goin through the spur but most roads eg yarra blvd the front wheel bounces around a bit and scares the shit outa me lol. its already got +1 on the rear and -1 on the front sprokets but it still slower then mys bros that is stock but rebuilt.... im also starting to have a few problems wit the powervalves and it not coming on band on the odd occasion.... i think she needs to come to bits.
  4. Sounds like ur bike is a bit neglected.

    Oil pump is easily adjuted. U need to line up the carb midpoint with the midpoint on the oil pump.
    If the powerband is coming on slow, it must be out of adjustment. Easy job. Should take out the powervalves and inspect and clean them.
    Just follow what the owners/repair manual says.

    A rebuild will dramatically improve power, response, fuel economy, reliability. Its an easy job. The only hard part is removing all the wires etc. Cost for parts is around 330.

    Mod wise. what i did to my rgv basically rs250. Improved brakes, then suspension, then power mods.
    Pipes wise, tyga seem the best bang for ur buck. I got jolly moto, that are pretty good.
    Ur bike should be pretty quick acceleration wise with +1 rear -1 front sprockets. Should power wheelie in 1st pretty easy. i know mine does with stock gearing.

    Good luck
  5. Definitely give the PVs a good clean out, check your PV cables and what not. Grab yourself the workshop manual (RGV one is close enough) and give yourself a weekend to work on the bike. Let me know if you need a hand with anything.
  6. yer looks like i need to get me a manual..... power wheelies from my bike :eek:........ dreamin lol... thanks for your help and where can i get a manual from :D
  7. http://www.rgv250.co.uk/ do a bit of a hunt around and get the RGV manual from there.

    rgvspares.com is Deet, shop around but I'm guessing he is the cheapest ;)

    There is a link in one of these subforums to a whole heap of manuals, do a search for "workshop manual"

    Get yourself a trackstand as well, it's nicer to work on the bike that way.

    mate if you slowly fix up your bike you'll be power wheeling in no time.....don't forget to make sure your brakes are up to it first!