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'99 R1 brake failure

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Vin, Oct 30, 2007.

  1. We were half way down this nice winding hill (in Cairns NQ so imagine 30+ degree day as it was) when my b/f on his R1 had to pull off to the edge of the road. Said he's brakes had faded away to nothing so he would have to go slow for the rest of the hill. :cry:
    After a break at the bottom to let the bikes cool off he checked his brakes and all was fine again. So we're thinking he just over cooked the brakes.

    Has anyone incounted this problem before? There was four other bikes there that had no problems.
    What do you recommend we start looking at? The brake fluid, the pads, the disc or the whole set up in general.
  2. Check fluid is to spec, and has no water, as water boils before brake fluid.
    Check disc for size, undersize will heat up more rapidly, and also inspect pads.

    Riding style may well be a factor, if you are constantly on the brakes the whole way down a long hill in that kind of heat, they will cook eventually, be sure to use engine braking, and stay off the brakes where possible.
  3. +1 to what Tweet said.

    If it continues to be a problem, you can get hotter compound brake pads fitted, which work better at higher temperatures at a slight loss of braking power when cooler.
  4. You boiled the fluid most likely, try silicone fluid but check with Yamaha that the seals are compatible. I have had that happen driving rally raid and it is not funny, the other thing it could be is low fluid level and steep inclines do not go together. That is even worse because you have full brakes on one application and all but none on the next application :shock: . Good luck finding the problem
  5. Well we know the discs are still standard and the brake pads we're replaced not so long ago. Pretty sure the last owner probably used cheap and nasty fluid.
    Which brings me to the next question - What brake fluid to use? Brand and type. We've asked the bike stores before and they always try to sell us the most expensive race fluid and our Yamaha store are not the most helpfull bunch.
  6. I use RBF600. If you boil it, it's still rooted just like a cheaper fluid though.

    Check whether the pistons are retracting properly. If they're dragging excessively, that'll cook it in no time.
  7. DOT 5.1 is the higher boiling temp brake fluid. It is compatable with DOT 4.

    Make sure you top up the master cylinder and bleed out all the old fluid, checking the fluid level, so you dont suck air in.

    I use Motul stuff, but its pretty much all the same (5.1).
  8. To avoid the fluid problem if thats what it is my bike is serviced (major) every 12,000 and all fluids are replaced coolant and brake fluid :grin:
  9. RBF600 is a dot 4 but has a higher boiling point than all the dot 5.1's I've seen.
  10. Well fk a duck, that looks like good shyte.

    I might have to chase some down me thinks.......hang on, I dont have brake problems (dont go fast enough).